Living in Truth – Simple Heart Clue # 2

Published on October 17, 2022

To access the universe of the heart, we must be willing to live in truth. We cannot be comfortable in our hearts and cannot remain at peace if we compromise with truth. When we lie, hold back, and fail to communicate the honesty of our feelings and thoughts in any given situation, we become uneasy in our hearts. So, this is another simple clue: Are we living in truth?

It may seem difficult to live in truth. How will they react if I tell them what I am thinking? The truth often wounds us. It can be painful. The truth disturbs those who are not in the truth. The truth also scares us because we might have to change. The truth is as unpopular now as it ever was.

So, if something is troubling you, you must share it. Share your truth, don’t hide your feelings, or you will never be comfortable in your heart. I am in touch with my feelings and expressing them to others easily is a good affirmation in this regard. If one is having an affair behind one`s husband or wife`s back one knows what I am talking about and how difficult it can be. In some situations, the spouse will deny, and they will lie, but our hearts will still be uneasy because deep down we know when we are being lied to.

Finding the truth is not easy, it never was but now it’s more difficult than ever because so many people are saying so many different things. Online you can find someone saying something against just about everything. I am always amazed when I find people and organizations against something as simple as baking soda one of the best and most effective medicine there is. The world is flat, didn`t you know it even though all the heavenly bodies we look up at appear round.

Agreeing on the truth is complicated. We have so many ideas, opinions, and beliefs many of which are not true. Our minds have been conditioned with so much propaganda it’s not funny. Where do we get our beliefs from? Whom do you trust to find the truth? A mistake with trust could cost you your life or shorten it considerably.

What seems to spook people now is the possibility
that everybody in charge of everything is a
fraud or a crook. Legitimacy has left the system.
James Howard Kuntsler

To believe with all one’s heart is a mighty thing but what if we are believing in the wrong thing? To love the truth is wisdom. Sometimes the truth is easy to know and at other times it takes much research and patience and the humility of not knowing the truth for certain. With time, the truth will be known though even though there are people and organizations doing everything they can to convince you of their lies. The mainstream narrative is almost 100 percent deception, yet it is the anchor to reality for most people.

Special Note: In the above link is an excellent introduction from the host Stew Peters then Karen Kingston gives a complicated look at the lie of COVID. They keep calling it a virus even though the consensus is that it was created in a lab, a manmade weapon of mass destruction. Of course, everything is to keep selling vaccines.

Whenever we compromise with the truth
we cannot remain at peace in our hearts
and this is evidenced in the velocity of our mental processes.

If you are a person of truth and you hear the truth it kind of excites you. With everyone else, it disturbs them plenty because they are self-righteously set in their ways, stubborn, inflexible, selfish, and unwilling to change. Such people want to get rid of anyone who proclaims the truth because any such truth becomes a thorn in their side. The truth is unbearable to hear if we are not living it.

The most basic answer to the world’s problems is the truth. Not subjective relative truth but truth itself. All solutions to all problems lie in the truth of the problem. In the truth is the solution. Without the truth, we are lost, swimming in a sea of contradictions and arguments. We have untruths, lies, deception, and a sea of pain without truth.

Most people are terrible at foreseeing the future allowing
it to come up from behind and knock us hard on the head.

The absolute nature of truth is distasteful to those who embrace the subjective nature of perception. For most objectivity ceases to exist. We can believe whatever we want and as passionately as we please but believing something is so does not make it so, though it is true that lies become truth to people who believe in the absolute truth of their beliefs.

Where you choose to get your information and news is a life and death decision regarding COVID vaccines, and it will be about climate change. Whether you starve or remain hungry most of the time, or even whether you freeze to death or not is on the line for billions. Information, communications, and our ability to listen guide the vessels of our lives and society. But since we are so lost in terms of communication and listening skills things are more than shaky.

Are we willing to admit that we might be wrong?
Humble people accept other people’s positions.

Today we need a wide-open mind to discern the truth. Profound listening is what opens the truth to us. But, unfortunately, getting a hold of the truth is complicated because there is a war on truth. War on truth is a war on reality, for truth and reality are the same.

One can easily manipulate the minds of men, but the reality remains firm. Just because we do not perceive reality does not mean it is not there. When lies cover the truth, it hurts the minds and hearts of people and causes untold suffering on all levels of life.

“So, the War on Reality is going splendidly. Societies across the world have been split into opposing, irreconcilable realities. Neighbors, friends, and even family members are bitterly divided into two hostile camps, each regarding the other as paranoid psychotics, delusional fanatics, dangerous idiots, and, in any event, as mortal enemies,” writes CJ Hopkins.

It is one thing to show a man that he is in an error,
and another to put him in possession of the truth.
                                                                John Locke

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

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