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Love Is What We Need

Published on August 9, 2023

The question being asked with increasing frequency is, can a man and a woman really love each other for the rest of their lives? In today’s world, this is an appropriate question and there are increasing doubts about the possibility of such love. Yet for some, true and pure love can be experienced, and marriage can work, though it is an institution overdue for some major overhauls, which we have seen as homosexual love has been embraced in the West, and now the transgender population is asserting their rights. But no matter what the sexual orientation it is love that everyone needs and seeks.

Marriage on a soul level is the deepest commitment one human being can give another. It is the kind of love and trust that can occur under the right conditions between people, where each person cares as much for the other as they do for themselves. Marriage on a soul level is something quite different than legal or religious marriages where the quality of love can be in doubt.

Soul love is free but intensely committed, intensely loving.
We humans need to love and trust deeply.
There are many beings walking this planet with beautiful hearts
that is deserving of our love but the secret of course
is to become one of them, a being with a love light
shining out of our hearts. We need to give
what we would want to receive.

Today many people are in crisis with themselves and their relationships with others and thus transformation is being demanded on many levels. We all need love and the comfort of relationships but how to enter and maintain an independence of spirit in the context of our intimate relationships is a difficult question, but one that is vital to answer. I have found it possible to be totally independent and totally dependent on my significant other and it is an amazing space of love and grace.

The time is ripe for revolutionary changes. The social systems and ideologies that for many generations have held people together and provided security and sanity are now displaying alarming degrees of bankruptcy. Marriage and the family for too many have betrayed their promise and no longer provide the anchor to maintain mental and emotional stability.

All over the globe, the young are demonstrating ever-increasing cynicism, dissatisfaction, and disillusionment. There is a sense of doom in the young that the older generation is largely responsible for. This has grown exponentially since the COVID lockdowns and as the mental illness of climate change is spread daily in the news. And environmental desecration on an enormous scale strip the young of hope.

For two thousand years we have given the churches their opportunity but there is a desert sweeping the inner worlds of our race consciousness as the background anxiety is going off the Richter scale. And there seems to be a deafening silence among Christian churches when it comes to the political and social climate today.

Same with modern psychology which is unable to finger the massive insanity of both politics and medicine. Social psychosis is widespread. In the words of the British psychiatrist, R. D. Laing, “The condition of alienation, of being asleep, of being unconscious, of being out of one’s mind, is the condition of the normal man.” The only answer no matter what is happening is love and even then, the desperation is creeping upward as our leaders can only show off their insanity.

Marriage in its most idealistic sense is the total bonding of two being for life. It is a total commitment. For way too many today, divorce, separation, pain, insecurity, broken homes, and parentless children are much more the norm than happiness and fulfillment.

However, love surely is one of the best reasons for living. But what is love? We need to know that. Some people see love as a decision, the kind that has the power to carry us through all the difficulties and mistakes. For sure love is represented by our emotions, feelings, and passions but is love only this? We do know that it is a feeling that shapes the most important decisions and actions in our lives.

Love is that feeling of just wanting to do something, anything for the one we love. To love is to care and to care is to give. Love and will are intimately connected for what we love to do we have basically unlimited will for.

Love is the heavenly force that binds all as one,
two as one, three as one, and so on.
Human loves are necessary as a step toward the divine.
Love is the power that closes the circuit between beings.
There is nothing more beautiful than true love,
nothing more needed, nothing more hoped for.

Love is something we feel when we are close and feeling one with another being. Therapist M. Scott Peck defined love as the willingness to go out on a limb, to truly involve oneself, and struggle at an emotional level with another in a relationship for the purpose of shared growth. But all of this is missing:

Communication is love. Listening is love.
Perfect love is perfect communication.
Without perfect communication, there is no perfect love.
That pure love makes our relationships perfect,
even if we, as individuals, are not.

These two most practical definitions of love combine to form a context in which love can be understood, measured, learned, and practiced. The above prose about communication listening and love lays the foundation for the creation of Communication and Listening Psychology. In Marriage of Souls, it is the communication dynamic that reflects how deep and pure our love is.

Our pure beings need pure love, deserve pure love,
and live on pure love. The Marriage of Souls is about
pure being sharing pure love. The pure light of pure being,
perfectly vulnerable, perfectly feeling, perfectly real.

Love is more than acts, deeds, words, or feelings. To love someone is to give part of our heart to them. And how do we do this? It is through our willingness and openness to communicate and listen to someone that we most readily can demonstrate the truth of our love. It is impossible to have much love, compassion, and understanding for another unless we are in touch with their world through deep listening.

The more we love another the more we share worlds with them through strong and open bonds of communication. True listening is love in action for it demonstrates our willingness to pay attention and love the other.

Those who really understand love know that love is the greatest thing one human being can give to another. If you truly love someone you are giving him or her your very best. And our best is seen mostly clearly in our willingness to communicate and pay attention to others’ vulnerabilities even through any difficulties or conflicts that arise.

The most important key to finding love is found
in our willingness and ability to be vulnerable.
To treasure vulnerable love is the first law of a pure heart.
The purpose of our life here on earth is to contact our being,
expand and grow our being by coming into
a direct relationship with the essence of our heart’s true nature.

And what is this true nature? The Heart is the Vulnerability of Being.

Twenty-eight years ago, on the central highlands of Brazil, I wrote the Marriage of Souls. The way that I see the Marriage of Souls—it is about creating heaven on earth together. I had that vision and have lived a life of love ever since. From my perspective there is nothing more beautiful than true love, nothing more needed, nothing more hoped for than love, intimacy, and understanding from one another. Everyone on the planet secretly hungers for love but few find what they are looking for.

When the vulnerability of a being meets up with an equal vulnerability
of being a strong bonding force is naturally set up between these
two beings. Open hearts can do nothing but love and when two
such hearts meet explosions of love are made manifest and
there is nothing we or anyone else can do about it. No power
on earth can dissolve the love of two persons if that love is true.

The Marriage of Souls concerns itself with the quality of our love, its depth, and purity, the openness and honesty, with the quality of our communications and listening. The Marriage of Souls is about relationships between souls and as such transcends the sexual issue that so obsesses human consciousness.

The Marriage of Souls is a divinely beautiful pathway that leads us to an eventual return to complete Oneness with one, and then with a greater family of beings. The Marriage of Souls is about a heavenly bliss shared between beings that love each other from the bottom of their hearts.

The mirror of God’s love is found in the love of many.
We learn this love when we open our hearts
and learn love in its many forms.
Each being offers us a unique opportunity to learn love.
The more beings we truly love the closer to God we become
for God loves all beings.

The expansion of human love into divine love is paralleled by our expansion past the limits of the possessive couple bond. The more beings we collect into our hearts the greater and nobler our souls become. The Marriage of Souls is learning the way God loves. The basic tenant of the Marriage of Souls is openness on a heart level. It is about the openness of the heart coupled with the freedom to love and communicate with other beings.

By their openness, people dedicated to the truth
live in the open and through the exercise of their courage
to live in the open, they become free from fear.
M. Scott Peck

This is all very important today as the world slides into darkness. Read a short piece by Paul Craig Roberts entitled Totalitarianism Has Metastasized. Love, listening, and freedom are in full retreat so we must look for and embrace the sanity of love.

I am consciously expanding my love and this essay today marks a new chapter in my life. I never published The Marriage of Souls whose subtitle is The Second Coming of Pure Love. It is badly in need of editing and this piece today is the new introductory chapter. However, my book shown above, Love and Sex Medicine has much of my writings about the most intimate issues of life.

It is interesting that this is all coming in the middle of a mighty effort on my part to finish editing the greatest work of my life, which is my new book on bicarbonate and CO2 medicine, Medical Miracles with Bicarbonates and CO2. In a carbon dioxide demented world, it is an expression of my love for the world of medicine. It is an expression of my love of life and health.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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