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Making Medical History

Published on October 18, 2017

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“The quest for a health is a natural human response to illness, but medical history provides plenty of reason to think twice before you try that miracle cure,” writes Time Health. It is true; the cure for disease is health so the obvious key to recovery from cancer and other diseases is to employ life giving healthy substances not poisons that do much more harm than good.

Perhaps every great physician has had a great patient that makes him a great physician. I have had some interesting cases through the years and I even brought myself back from the edge of life back to reasonable health and high levels of creativity.

The most dramatic medical cases are the ones where death is imminent. In these cases when a patient is not only saved but brought back to shining health we can rejoice. When we achieve such medical heights and do it by employing solid medical science, using medical gases and necessary natural substances we have a chance of turning the practice of medicine in a new direction.

My Natural Allopathic protocol has attained an unheard of medical power to reach into the cells with life force that comes from a walls of oxygen, hydrogen and CO2 descending on the capillaries as they join up with magnesium, selenium, iodine and other powerful medicinals to do a job that is dependable and replicable.

A few weeks ago I published a story about Alison, a late stage cancer patient who has made a remarkable recovery, which is still in progress.

“I had a mastectomy back in 2010 at UC Davis Hospital, as I was diagnosed with DCIS on the left breast. They told me it would never ever come back! Surprise! It came back not only across the left breast but into the chest wall as well. I did all the chemo and the 33 rads suggested as treatment. Then about 9 months later UC Davis checking on a thyroid cyst saw enlarged lymph nodes in mediastinum. I went to Reno and did low dose chemo and the Xeloda. When I read Dr. Sircus’ book, Sodium Bicarbonate Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment, I immediately did more research on him and started using his full protocol. At the time I was walking, swimming, cooking, and doing everything a normal mother does. But within two weeks I discovered the cancer had already spread to my brain.”

“I spoke with Dr. Sircus because I could not keep food or water down and I began walking like a crab. After a few visits to the ER, I found out I had a tumor on the cerebellum that was blocking fluid from draining down the spinal cord. I urgently Skyped Dr. Sircus and informed him of the dire situation. He was very concerned about what was happening and quickly changed the protocol to help me be able to recover from this new development. Due to my critical condition, Dr. Sircus added hydrogen tablets along with a hydrogen inhaler. Every so slowly, I stopped vomiting, my walking began to stabilize, I gained weight, and I even began to feel normal.” Allison J.

Continuation of Allison’s Testimony

On the 9th of September 2017 she wrote, “After a few visits to the ER, I found out I had a tumor on the cerebellum on the base of my skull, which was 2cm in size. It’s making me vomit and walk sideways.”

Understanding the severity of the situation I took a long shot and recommended not only hydrogen water but also a hydrogen inhaler for the first time. On the 26th of September she wrote, “So I walk now! Eat like crazy, gained 10 pounds, and feel better every day. Don’t drive yet but I walk in the neighborhood. Not far. Have not thrown up. Feel stronger ever day! Just hope to keep going!”

On October the 4th she wrote, “I continued with the protocol having added the hydrogen tablets and hydrogen inhalation and within a week all the nausea, vomiting, crab walking, neck stiffness, brain fog faded and better my memory started returning. I had better skin color and even the whites of my nails are returning. My body is feeling so much stronger. When I switched up my protocol to include the hydrogen I was like a fish. My daughter had to stick with me while I was in the bathroom and dry me, cloth me, and walk with me. I was bedridden. I just can’t believe the change in me with the hydrogen. I can now do things on my own when two weeks ago I felt like I was dying. I am walking in the neighborhood, stationary cycling. I normally weight about 106 at 5 foot. So at the time of ER 84. Now back to 96. This is a whole turn around mentally, physically, and emotionally. My face was thin and drawn with dark circles, wrinkles and now my face is starting to fill in. The bruises under eyes are greatly improved.

On October the 10th she wrote, “I am feeling better each day, certainly more cognitive, better movement, more functional, more in the moments, more alive!”

On the 17th of October she wrote, “I am doing great! However, I was very bad today! The problem is I have gained too much weight for my clothing! I went shopping today with my friend because my pants are too small! I can’t fit in my clothing anymore! Then, we went to lunch. I have been out all day enjoying myself. Happy now because I have clothes that fit!”

We Know Cancer Can Be Cured

Two years ago, before I even had heard about the miracles of molecular hydrogen I got a letter from another patient also on the verge of death. This patient reported, “Significant metastases in my spine, hips, ribs, neck, lymph nodes – and my PSA was 2,080,” I entitled my essay, ‘One foot in the grave when I found Dr. Sircus. He wrote, “I wanted to contact Dr. Sircus when I was completely healed and tell him my story. My PSA is now 2.1. If his protocol plus my work and the grace of God could get me off my death bed, and dancing all night with my family well maybe people should consider this wonderful protocol and try it.” I share these cases to show what is possible if people work hard enough doing the right things.

Allison is using the Breathslim, which is now going back to its original Russian name, the Frovlov device, 4 hours a day with the hydrogen. She says, “It is a lot of work slowing my breath down. However, I can feel my oxygen intake increase as well as lung capacity. Counting breaths now without using the Breathslim is 12 but it was 15 when I started.”

Both of these patients showed extraordinary will successfully and willfully doing the most difficult part of the Natural Allopathic protocol, which is breathing retraining. Another groundbreaking case, written up in my bestselling book Sodium Bicarbonate, was Vernon Johnston, who breathed his way back to life by using sodium bicarbonate perfectly while breathing consciously four hours a day.

Alison reported protocol:

20 drops of Selenium Tung Oil (Each drop a milligram)

6 to 8 droppers of iodine (I do not count the drops)

4 pounds to five of bicarbonate in baths

Half bag of magnesium flakes in bath

Mag spray on body and mouth

20,000 units of Vitamin D

Health protector (Vitamin C) 12

Vital Reaction Hydrogen tablets 12

Inhaler 4 hours

Cancer Hates Oxygen, Hydrogen and even CO2 Will Do It In

Stopping metastasis is a great achievement. This is can be achieved, we already knew, if enough oxygen is present. Cancer hates oxygen! Enough oxygen will cause cancer cells to die. Administering enough oxygen will remove the low oxygen areas, those corners or browned out tissues, which are vulnerable to cancerous invasions. Enough oxygen will fire up the white blood cells and put them into a killing frenzy. And now cancer has to face another deadly enemy in the form of hydrogen that will reach into every area of the body to vanquish oxidative stress.

Oxygen can be pumped into the body with more pressure through a variety of means. Yet oxygen can be tricky due to several factors. One basic thing to watch out for is CO2 levels remembering that oxygen is more toxic in the presence of bicarbonate deficiencies. Meaning when the body is too acidic (too many H+ in the body) oxygen utilization in the cells diminish.

The reason the H+ carries a positive charge is because it has lost an electron. It is effectively dead, acidifying, damaging, and degenerating. Not good news at all for the body when acidity builds because of all the H+ ions flying around. If a body is in an extremely acidic (low voltage) state, it is forced to take minerals, including sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium, from bones and vital organs. Scientifically, pH means potential hydrogen and measures the H+ (hydrogen) ions in the body—which measures voltage at the same time. 

Molecular hydrogen, containing two protons and two electrons, is neutral so it does not take up as much space electromagnetically meaning it will slip into cells more easily than electrons, which are much smaller. The cell will resist any charge but not hydrogen so these small neutral molecules of hydrogen will get into the cell and into the mitochondria with ease and with speed where they do a whole lot of good.

My soon to be finished book Hydrogen Medicine concentrates on the three primary gasses that can be applied in all dire medical situations. Any new medical approach needs to incorporate the primaries of life to great effect. Oxygen remains the most prescribed medicine in hospitals yet little to no attention are paid on carbon dioxide (bicarbonates) and in the West no attention is paid to Hydrogen but that is changing rapidly as more studies shows that it has potential to positively affect every organ in the body across 170 different diseases and the list is growing.

Low voltage (high acidity, low pH, low bicarbonate and low oxygen) means that nutrients cannot cross the cell membrane and wastes cannot leave easily. Oxidative stress usually is at a maximum under such conditions. If the tissues are drowning in waste and cannot utilize vital nutrition, they cannot perform correctly and eventually degrade.

Once pH is restored to normal the tissues, the intercellular pump starts working, nutrients enter cells and wastes leave, the cells’ pH becomes balanced, the oxygen supply to the tissues improves, and inflammation decreases. In short, you have more optimal cell function. The easiest and quickest way to do this is with administration of bicarbonate, which turns into CO2 in the stomach, which gets driven into the blood in the form of bicarbonate.

Every cell in the body is like a little battery. To successfully bring nourishment in, and take poisons out, it has to be fully charged so we can see why pH and voltage is so important. The further the voltage drops the fewer nutrients can get in and when the voltage falls to a minimum only water, sugar, potassium, cesium and rubidium can get in. Even oxygen cannot easily enter a cell with too low voltage and we call that a cancer cell.


Medically speaking Alison is an exciting case because for the first time we get to see the full power of cascading massive amounts of hydrogen on end stage cancer with a person who is also suffering from the after effects of toxic Chemo and radiation treatments. However, as my book Hydrogen Medicine insists, it is not hydrogen acting alone as a miracle cure. No such single element or medicine exists. Medical miracles are possible when we do everything right and that translates into employing a full protocol based on rational insight backed by scientific evidence.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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