Marijuana Now Officially OK To Use?

Published on October 12, 2022

The president of the United States now says it is OK to use marijuana as he opens up the jails and frees marijuana-possession inmates. Isn’t it nice to have someone to tell us what we can and cannot do? Millions of people have had their lives destroyed by the war on drugs. It can actually be framed as a war against people who do not want to be told what to do. Marijuana prohibition was the canary in the coal mine for human evil, an advanced indication of civilization-destroying behavior.

Marijuana is a natural drug, a gift from Nature that the pharmaceutical companies cannot quite compete with. Hemp oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-epileptic, soothing, and neuroprotective actions. It is also a potent antioxidant, protecting against chemical damage due to oxidation. Marijuana compounds effectively prevent seizures and convulsions while having fewer side effects than epilepsy drugs.

Cannabis can realize its full therapeutic potential
only when it is completely legal and people
don’t have to go to their doctors to get it.

                                                                    Dr. Grinspoon

The active ingredient in marijuana cuts tumor growth in common lung cancer in half and significantly reduces the ability of cancer to spread. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and natural cannabinoids counteract cancer and chemical toxicity from drugs and environmental sources, thus helping to preserve normal cells.

“If used prudently medical marijuana offers a new road to therapy against lung cancer,” said Anju Preet, PhD, a researcher in the Division of Experimental Medicine. Acting through cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, endocannabinoids are thought to play a role in a variety of biological functions, including pain and anxiety control and inflammation.

As the world comes apart at the seams, it seems like we will need the healing, soothing power of marijuana more than ever. One does not have to get high when one uses marijuana for its healing and calming effects but getting high is a side effect that can be quite pleasant. But not everyone wants to get high. Only about half the population.

When combined with high-dose magnesium administration, especially with magnesium bicarbonate super water, we have essential health and healing medical protocol to treat the stress increasingly overtaking more men, women, and even children than ever before. Add some chlorine dioxide, what I call the Tiger Tank of Modern Medicine, to your water to revitalize your red blood cells, and you are off to the races regarding your health.

Rates of anxiety and depression worldwide increased dramatically in 2020. Estimates suggest the COVID pandemic resulted in an additional 76 million cases of anxiety and 53 million cases of major depressive disorder, over and above annual norms, with women and younger individuals being disproportionately affected

Mental health referrals among children have doubled in the U.K. since the
start of the pandemic; 16% of children between the ages of 5 and 16 were
diagnosed with a mental disorder in 2020, compared to 10.8% in 2017.

Is It Safe?

Medical cannabinoids have a remarkable safety record, particularly compared to other therapeutically active substances. In 2008, investigators at McGill University Health Centre and McGill University in Montreal, and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver reviewed 23 clinical investigations of medical cannabinoid drugs (typically oral THC or liquid cannabis extracts) and eight observational studies conducted between 1966 and 2007. Investigators “did not find a higher incidence rate of serious adverse events associated with medical cannabinoid use” compared to non-using controls over these four decades.

Marijuana has remarkably low toxicity, and lethal doses in humans have not been described. This is in stark contrast to a number of commonly prescribed medications used for similar purposes, including opiates, anti-emetics, anti-depressants, and muscle relaxants, not to mention legal substances used recreationally, including tobacco and alcohol,” writes Dr. Gregory T. Carter, Clinical Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine. Notice Dr. Carter said low toxicity, not no toxicity.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens writes, “While marijuana may have many palliative qualities, the psychoactive species have some serious downsides. These are well outlined in the 800-page book titled Marijuana Syndromes by John Mini. His research validates what I have observed since the ’60s. As he points out, “Marijuana’s side effects increase over time” and are cumulative. He has observed that “marijuana’s effects can have a drying and toxic quality. They tend to take a general progression from the lungs to the digestion and immune systems, then to the blood, heart and circulatory system, then to the liver and nervous systems and finally to the sexual, endocrine systems and brain over time.”


The bottom line to marijuana—it mitigates human suffering. It is the best and safest pain medication. It is very cheap if you grow it yourself. It is better than any pharmaceutical on the market and treats cancer. It is a beautiful drug and can be used by healthy people to reduce stress.

The highest use of marijuana is to enhance beauty. Marijuana opens doors in consciousness. Some people make a holy ritual when smoking pot. What you intend, you tend to get. Intention matters much in life though some use the divine impulse for evil purposes. However, there is no evil in God’s gift of marijuana, the almost perfect medicine. However, we should take care and beware because though natural, it is still a drug. And not a weak one at that, so at least cancer sufferers can be glad for it offers an alternative form of chemotherapy.

There are many options for the administration of medical marijuana. You can smoke it, eat it raw (and not get high), use it transdermally, and concentrate it in oil form to treat cancer. You can even take it without THC, which is called CBD.

Warning: Marijuana is 1 million times safer than COVID genetic vaccines. However, no matter how you look at marijuana, it is addictive. For most, it is a benign addition, but for others, it can stop life in its tracks. However, it is not such a strong addiction that one has to worry about from day one like one would with heroin. It is subtle for most but a car wreck for precarious people.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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