Medical Coup D’état – The Culling of Humanity

Published on May 4, 2020

In four US state prisons, some 3,300 inmates test
positive for coronavirus — 96% without symptoms.

Health official policy makers were cheered for their swift, decisive action during the beginning of the Corona pandemic. However, the price that will be paid, by humanity, for their actions, will be so high that they will find themselves having to answer for more than their critical lack of foresight. Now that there is growing evidence that the severity of the quarantine regime has essentially zero impact on the mortality metrics, and that death predictions have crashed by a factor of 20, we have reason to seriously doubt the reasoning and motives of the top health officials.

Not only were health officials not prepared medically speaking (no idea how to treat), and complicit in the creation of the virus, but they came on with immeasurable arrogance directing humans to stop whatever they were doing to crush the world economy and life as we know it. It is madness, insanity, a form of collective suicide in terms of civilization, culture, business and even agriculture; a cruelness and we now know who to blame.

When the body count from starvation, increased suicides, and deaths from critical patients, who stay at home out of fear of going to the hospitals, is counted we might find ourselves witnessing new Nuremberg trials; where health officials are accused of pharmaceutical genocide. What they have done is not just going to be bad. It’s going to be worse than any of us think it’s going to be.

How many people died from not receiving medical
care as the fear of going to the hospital kept them at home?

People who intentionally spread the coronavirus could face criminal charges under federal terrorism laws, the Justice Department’s No. 2 official said recently. How about we add to that anyone who intentionally acted to destroy the world, using, a virus as a cover, should also face criminal charges. This lockdown madness is probably going to be prolonged far longer than we can imagine, the economic loss is going to be staggering, the level of human suffering colossal.

What we are living through is a medical coup d’état, which is normally thought as a revolt performed through violence. Typically, it is an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a political faction, the military, or a dictator but in this case its a group of high ranking health officials, with people like Bill Gates participating with all his heart, who are doing the dirty deed.

A coup d’état is considered successful when the usurpers seize and hold power for at least seven days. The anti-human and thoroughly intolerable lock down mentality, imposed on us by officials at the WHO, NAIAD, Johns Hopkins and the IHME, is medicine at its worst. Forced medicine (vaccines) is their end game and that is why I bring up Nuremberg where the Nazi heads of pharmaceutical companies were put on trial for crimes against humanity.

Who Can We Trust?


The US and Canada poured millions of dollars into the experiments at the Wuhan lab and the funding was green-lit by none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci in 2015. Trump’s cabinet is stacked with global elites and people like Dr. Fauci that are intimately associated with the WHO. Just last year, the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the organization led by Dr. Fauci, funded scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and other institutions for work on gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses.

Calls are rising to get rid of Fauci. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. revealed disturbing information about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s medical career in the government, calling out the celebrated physician for a history of disturbing practices ranging from costly cover ups to outright fraud. Top U.S. scientist and research pioneer Dr. Judy Mikovits also paints a disturbing portrait of Fauci, of his stealing research, covering up tainted vaccines, fraud and much more. Dr. Rashid Buttar says Fauci broke the law funding research that led to the pandemic.

In America it’s like a massive political arm-wrestling match between the White House and the Democratic governors and mayors. It is much the same in Brazil between the unpopular president and all the state governors. Seems like politicians have no idea that this pandemic is about medicine, corrupt medicine. Its not about politics, but try telling that to politicians.

Will it take outright food shortages to make
Americans change their minds about
whether the shutdown is "worth it"?

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Dr. David Beasley of the World Food Programme said, “We are not talking about people going to bed hungry. We are talking about extreme conditions, emergency status—people literally marching to the brink of starvation. If we don’t get food to people, people will die.”

“There is no scientific proof social distancing prevents spread of Covid-19,” says Joel W. Hay, PhD., professor of Pharmaceutical and Health Economics at the USC School of Pharmacy. “Why are we shutting down the schools?” asks Dr. Hay. “Kids aren’t affected by this.”

Just about literally everything we think we know about
the virus is contradicted within 24 hours or so
by a different report or group of “experts.”
The Automatic Earth

“And take prisoners: 2.3 million American prisoners … and only 35 deaths? Here we have forced social mixing, and less deaths than the rest of the country. C’mon. How do they explain that?” asks Dr. Hay. “Yeah. If you’re frail, or sick, or have cancer or something, isolate yourself. And make sure those people around you stay isolated. But don’t isolate the young and healthy. That’s how we’ve done it naturally for millions of years.”

Reports are flooding in that America’s food
supply chain is beginning to break
due to
the continued forced coronavirus shutdown.

It will be months before the consequences of the various shutdown and reopen orders are known with many warning us that the lock-downs are not worth it medically speaking. However, America must reopen or face an even greater crisis than the coronavirus, with devastating food shortages in the coming months. And this isn’t affecting America only. David Beasley, executive director of the World Food Program, addressed the U.N. recently, stating that "we could be facing multiple famines of biblical proportions within a few short months."

Many Americans have been absolutely shocked by the meat
shortages that have started to happen around the nation, but
what most of them don’t realize is that the worst is yet to come.
Michael Snyder

“The economy is dead on arrival, the pin to the grenade has already been pulled, the majority of Americans simply don’t realize it yet,” writes Brandon Smith. The extent of the crisis will become clearer soon but it might take years for the full story to appear especially when you consider the tail end to the pandemic will be a pandemic of vaccines. And even if the current trends to reopen the world prevails the damage has been done, collectively we have been hit by the biggest bus they make.

Prime Minister Modi has sent millions of migrant workers
and unskilled laborers into very real danger of starvation.

“The lockdown is making people crazy. It’s one thing to be stuck in the house with spouses and relatives you can barely stand under normal circumstances. But to see all your financial support systems melt down at the same time, along with the implications for your hopes-and-dreams, is a pretty big shock. Naturally so many want to bust out of the waking nightmare and get going, to return to action,” writes James Howard Kunstler.

Some doctors have reminded us that outside in the sunshine
is one of the safest places we can be when an illness like
this is a worry. Fear and misinformation have convinced
people that inside their homes, in closed rooms, they are safer.

“It’s increasingly clear this pandemic is striking powerful blows at the most fragile Fault Lines – within communities, regions, societies, nations as well as for the world order. To see this disease clobber the most vulnerable ethnic groups and the downtrodden only compounds feelings of inequality, injustice and hopelessness,” writes Doug Noland.

Following the pimping of Gilead Science’s antiviral drug
remdesivir on scant and suspect results, it’s hard
not to start asking the question: Are we being played?
Adam Taggart

“The coronavirus crisis has similarities to war. The state mobilizes the people heedless of consequences. The workforce, or a large part of it, is diverted from its work. Schools are closed. Most of all, we are afraid. Even the question of how the virus began has hints of retaliation assigned to it. The enemy is death, in this case from the virus. We duck and cover, and in a war, the rule is that there is no price too high to be paid for victory,” writes George Friedman.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is staring down a rebellion from both her legislature and furious state residents. The revolt comes as part of larger anger focused on how Whitmer has used her coronavirus emergency declaration to enact strict stay-at-home orders. Protests against the order seemed to come to a head at the end of April, as armed activists stormed the Michigan House of Representatives at the state Capitol.

The tone of most world health authorities
are taking is one of aggression
rather than care and compassion

“The establishment NEEDS the pandemic to spread, because then they have a rationale for strict controls of pubic activities and movements. This is the end goal. They have no care whatsoever for public health or safety. The end game is to acquire power, not save lives. It DOES NOT MATTER how deadly the virus is, what matters is that the current government response is unacceptable regardless,” writes Brandon Smith. Does it really surprise us that the people in charge are that poisonous?

They Were Ready To Stampede Us From the Beginning

The current "wave" of the virus is only the first. Expect wave after wave of infections, and wave after wave of lock-downs by complicit government officials. World Health officials are not going to give up their game until the holy grail of vaccines comes out. 

The false dichotomy being constructed right now is that you either believe the virus is a horrible killer plague and that martial law is necessary to stop it, or, you believe the entire pandemic is somehow “staged” and that the whole thing is a hoax, making martial law unnecessary. The truth is more likely somewhere in-between.


One pig farmer in Nebraska said they are
actually euthanizing 500 to 600 head of pigs a week. 

“The insidious agenda of the prescription drug industry is breathing its last desperate gasp. This farcical vaccination gambit is showing how weak and devious they are by attempting to control the world, forcing all humanity to bend to their evil massive death dealing, life destroying, harmful side effect causing will. Hell has no fury like a vested interest acting as a moral principle,” writes Michael White.

It has always been my feeling that the media would fail humanity in a crisis misleading millions, billions of us into the grave of our civilization. Everyone should also be aware how the digital giants are betraying us. One sickening example was the recent censorship on YouTube of ICU doctors because they favored sending everyone back to work. Communication terrorists are in charge of all these companies. Sooner or later they will be seen for exactly what they are and judged in the harshest manner. 

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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