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Most People Are So Easily Led By the Nose to Believe Anything

Published on November 10, 2023

Yes, the mainstream narrative is an endless series of beliefs that most people are supposed to swallow. To those who make up the stories, it does not matter whether they are true or not. Those at the top of the human heap are evil because the source of all the big lies comes from the top. We would have a different world if they were truthful, loving beings. It would be a lovely, loving world full of truth and wisdom. It would be a world of peace, not war. But that is not what we have.

Yet we can go down from the top to the everyday doctor, journalist, and most politicians whose brains are impregnated with falsehoods that run a mile deep in their brains. Almost everyone is caught up in the brainwashing. Perhaps not as many as the top would like with climate change, where we find at least fifty percent doubting the scam. After last week’s record cold in Canada and the United States, many more will question whether record cold means global warming. In Russia, it is so cold that many of us would not survive, and in Mongolia, both men and their animals are already freezing to death.

Last week was probably the coldest end of October and beginning of November in modern American history. However, the media has no shame when it reports global heating is accelerating faster than is currently understood and will result in a critical temperature threshold being breached as soon as this decade, according to research led by James Hansen, the U.S. scientist who first alerted the world to the greenhouse effect.

Now, that is the easy one. How about all the viruses that virologists say are real are real. And that vaccines are the best thing that ever happened to the world of medicine? We can see that at least six billion of us believe this travesty. Probably more, but that is how many of us rolled up our sleeves to take experimental genetic shots. And perhaps at least a billion or more of us had no vaccine access. This means most people in the West, in the more affluent countries, are like hooked fish swallowing whatever garbage is given to them. They are led by the nose into danger and death.

We now read that nearly 1 in 3 COVID-19 vaccine recipients suffered neurological side effects. Can you believe that? And can you believe people like the President of the United States and almost everyone who supports him would like you to continue to take the genetic injections? Brazil just mandated these required shots for babies at six months old, and their congress is playing with the idea of forcing everyone to take the experimental genetic shots, ushering in an age that the Nazi concentration doctors would drool over.

In the U.S., many are aware of what is going on, and we read in a Rasmussen poll that a stunning 42% of Americans would likely join a class action lawsuit against COVID-19 makers if it were lawfully permitted.

Though it deserves its own essay, we are constantly led to believe that one form of terrorism is much worse than another. In reality, the good guys are the worst terrorists, and those who attack babies, for me, are the worst. That is why I wrote a book 20 years ago entitled The Terror of Pediatric Medicine. If these doctors actually had blood in the veins, you would think the guilt would keep them up at night. But so strong are their beliefs it does not matter how many babies die from injections or get autism and other sufferings.

The Intercept just said it would report on war crimes no matter who commits them. It is disgusting to read about the terrible crimes committed by Hamas; unspeakable! But what is the real difference between a family being tortured and massacred and a family blown to smithereens by a missile? Or of Hama raping a woman or the guy down the block, which happens many times a day. Get the point? Or doctors killing COVID patients in the hospital with totally inappropriate toxic treatments with the full support of the government.

Or the estimated killing of 17 million people with genetic death shots. How about that a Palestinian American family had to mourn 42 relatives killed in a single day in Gaza? Really, if we ever came to our senses, we would start by bombing Pfizer out of existence. But no, our politicians would rather destroy the people of Gaza and the Ukraine and all Russians if they could.

Over 1,800 Jewish Writers, Artists, and Professors Sign Open Letter Saying Criticism of Israel Isn’t Inherently Antisemitic. Last week, I wrote about how the Israeli government betrayed its people by welcoming Pfizer to vaccinate its entire population. And now many Israelis believed its government officials invited the massacre of its men, women, and children to a non-contested invasion by Hamas. People just don’t get it. They don’t get who the real enemy is. Do I need to spell it out? Its government!

I do not know why they doubt what happened about the last presidential election when judges are finding that elections in America are a shameful con. A primary election in Connecticut has just been overturned by a judge who said the evidence presented was “shocking.”

Now we have to wonder if President Biden is inviting terrorist attacks on Americans with his open border policies now that Republicans are raising the alarm over a possible terror threat to the country after Border Patrol agents caught illegal border crossers carrying explosives. Open borders are an open invitation to terrorists and a massive destabilization of American society. You just have to love those Democrats. Look what they are already doing to their cities. Do you think when the inevitable terror attacks begin, the media will blame the President?

We are a world going mad. So, where are the good guys? Edward Curtin writes about the good guys. “The United States government exists to wage war. In its present form, it would crumble without it, and in its present form, it will crumble with it. Only a radical structural change will prevent this. War-making is at the core of its budget, its raison d’être – 816.7 billion for the Fiscal 2023 National Defense Authorization Act alone – a deficit-financed sum that tells only part of the story. This amount that finances the military-industrial complex and its blood money is for a country that has never been invaded, is bordered by friendly neighbors, and is oceans away from the multitude of countries its leaders attack and call our enemies. The U.S. wages wars around the world because killing is its lifeblood, its structural essence.”

“The people in charge have absolutely zero fiscal restraint. Zero responsibility. Zero sense of how destructive their actions are. They spend money and go deeper into debt as if there will never be any consequences, ever, until the end of time. They’re disgustingly ignorant and dangerous,” writes Simon Black.

Caitlin Johnstone writes, “The response to the Gaza crisis from Western leaders and media outlets and celebrities shows very clearly that we really are led by the least among us. The least wise. The least intelligent. The least compassionate. The least insightful. Sociopaths and morons rule us.”

Even from the mainstream, we read incredible stuff. “In short, the situation is dangerous because America has lost authority – it is not seen as decisive and willing to commit – at the same time as it has failed to be ruthless about what conflicts it can and cannot afford to wage. This is end-of-empire stuff. We have a nation trying to protect several frontiers – Europe, Middle East, East Asia – while burdened with massive debt and weakened internally by the culture wars.”

Mark Spitznagel, the Universa Investments founder and chief investment officer, told investors we’re living in “the greatest tinderbox-timebomb in financial history,” even worse than the late 1920s run-up to the Great Depression. Ignore what he says at your peril.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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