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Needed New Medical System

Published on November 16, 2023

Modern medicine has turned itself into a horror show, so there should be no doubt that we need a new way of practicing medicine. The only thing that does not need to be changed very much is emergency medicine, what they do for you if you get hit by a truck. And even then, ICU and emergency departments could be vastly improved.

Every corner of medicine is a disaster. Dr. Alan Greenberg said, “Despite the investment of hundreds of billions of dollars in research, not even a single degenerative disease has been cured in the past hundred years.” But worse, modern medicine put a gun in its mouth and pulled the trigger with COVID-19 genetic vaccines and their laboratory-created vírus. There is no limit to the arrogance of mainstream doctors and the pharmaceutical medicine they practice.

An eight-year study from Johns Hopkins found that there are at least 250,000 deaths due to malpractice in America each year. Our prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer in the United States and Europe. More than 2 million Americans become seriously ill every year because of toxic reactions to correctly prescribed medicines appropriately taken, and 106,000 die from those reactions. In the age of COVID, these numbers are considerably worse. Psychiatric drugs alone are also a significant killer, mainly because antidepressants kill many older people through falls.

So, how would we approach most patients if we stopped dangerous medical practices? We would start with a simplified and safe approach to diagnosis. The first step is getting a precise diagnosis you can trust when you get sick that gives you some idea of what to do. To tell a person they have cancer or any other disease does not tell a person anything at all about what kind of treatments would be of help.

Western medicine does not look under the hood of a disease; its medical diagnosis is not descriptive; they do not give any view of the underlying dynamics of a person’s illness. To be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s, for example, is to be given a diagnostic label that is rarely helpful and rarely or never does it lead to a cure.

The present diagnostic system is dangerous (think CAT and PET scans), but radiologists will never admit it. It is more for the doctors’ sake than the patient’s because it gives them a medically accepted way of determining which dangerous pharmaceutical with side effects to prescribe. Western diagnosis can be a convoluted medical game that traps patients into a course of treatment that medical boards demand doctors administer.

It is best to bypass the complicated diagnostic gymnastics of modern medicine and go right to a universal diagnostic and treatment approach, to something that everyone can understand and make sense of. It is embarrassingly simple.

Looking Under The Hood

Patients or enlightened practitioners can look under the hood of any condition to start fundamental treatments without delay. One can be amazed at what a few simple, easy-to-administer tests tell you about a person’s condition—starting with breathing rate, core body temperature, pH levels of the mouth and urine, blood pressure, oxygen saturation of the blood, and blood glucose levels. These are easy and inexpensive tests that can be done at home.

For example, no matter if the diagnosis is cancer or neurological disease, if the patient is acidic, you start with bicarbonates and CO2 medicine. If they are breathing way over the medical norm, the patient must slow their breathing down. If they are cold, we increase their core body temperature with the penetrating heat of infrared.

We can ask simple questions to ascertain severe mineral and vitamin deficiencies. One does not need to be a genius or do inaccurate blood tests to diagnose serious magnesium deficiencies. Ninety-nine percent of people with chronic diseases are going to be magnesium deficient unless they are eating spinach five times a day.

The new medical practice I am introducing will save many people’s lives. It will do a much better job of protecting people from sepsis, which is the number one condition people die of in ICU. Indeed, many sepsis patients could be saved if doctors were allowed to come to their senses.

In general, the Natural Allopathic approach will save you and your loved ones from a considerable amount of pain and suffering and help you avoid dangerous pharmaceuticals like opioids and steroids. Heavy magnesium supplementation makes a million times more sense than Statin drugs.

There are extraordinarily simple, safe, and effective ways of treating the diseases of our time that are affordable to most of humanity. In our new medical approach, we use healthy, necessary substances at high dosages instead of poisons like chemo and radiation therapies. In almost every case, natural medicines should be tried before pharmaceuticals, which are dangerous and not to be trusted for their primary effects are their side effects.

Hydrogen, oxygen, CO2, magnesium, bicarbonates, potassium, iodine, selenium, and sulfur are what we should find commonly used in the future emergency and intensive care (ICU) departments we envision. Add infrared, vitamin C and D, and glutathione to the list, and one has an inclusive intensive care protocol, which can be employed once one comes home from the hospital or, even better, to prevent you from ever having to step foot into one. For a look at the total Natural Allopathic Protocol, see here. You will see even chlorine dioxide listed there.

My new bicarbonate and CO2 book is coming in December 2023

In the emergency room, medicines must be safe while delivering instant life-saving healing power. Most of the above-listed medicinals are already used in the best hospitals. If they are safe and robust enough for emergencies, they will also help us with chronic and acute diseases. Thus, what is presented is astounding regarding safety, low cost, and proven effectiveness. The Natural Allopathic Protocol offers a power unequaled in medicine, which we can harness to cure cancer and save people from having strokes and cardiac arrest.

Natural Allopathic Medicine gets away from fanatical claims about individual substances. It concentrates on protocols for using multiple medicinals that address numerous pathology issues simultaneously. It is an answer for orthodox physicians who are tired of seeing their patients suffering and dying. It is also an answer for various alternative practitioners who want more medical firepower put in their hands without getting into trouble with the authorities. How much trouble can you get into recommending someone take baking soda?

These substances all heal through the fulfillment of nutritional law. The protocol is not an alternative to regular medicine but a replacement for a large part of it. Traditional doctors must start practicing this because it addresses the primary causes of most diseases, including cancer.

One key new aspect of the Natural Allopathic Medical approach is a revolution in radiation therapy. We replace dangerous cancer-causing devices currently being used to diagnose and treat disease with the opposite—with infrared and electromagnetic radiation.

Due Early 2024

The Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol focuses on pH management, cell voltage, magnesium and iodine deficiencies, cannabinoid medicine, carbon dioxide medicine, re-mineralization of the body, increasing oxygenation of the tissues, addressing low body temperature, opening up of blood vessels, saturation and healing of cells with concentrated nutrition via superfoods, breathing retraining, emotional transformation processing (contacting one’s vulnerable feelings), necessary detoxification and removal of heavy metals, and radioactive particles.

The primary causes of disease are fundamentally the same for everyone, regardless of the symptoms or how each person’s disease manifests. Nutritional deficiencies, chemical poisoning, radiation exposure, pharmaceutical drug toxicities, emotional trauma and stress, dehydration, high-sugar diets, and lack of exercise are common causes of chronic disease that drugs, surgery, chemo, and radiation therapy do nothing to address.

Special Note: See here for a detailed look at Setting Up Your Home Intensive Treatment Center with an analysis of going to clinic costs versus treating at home. For those who can afford medical equipment, Natural Allopathic Medicine offers the best for both home, office, and hospital use.

If one is considering going to a clinic to treat their cancer, one still has to invest in home treatments. Whether one goes for treatment in a clinic or not, one should start treating oneself at home as soon as one gets a cancer diagnosis. It makes no sense to do nothing while waiting to travel or waiting for surgery and, hopefully, unnecessary chemotherapy. If you choose to go to a clinic, you must also be prepared to treat yourself when you return home.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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