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One Foot in the Grave when I found Dr. Sircus

Published on September 2, 2015

This is one of the most outstanding testimonies I have ever received, about the ability of the Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol to bring someone at the edge of life back to vitality:

“A few days after my 60th birthday, I was in the emergency room because I had so many muscle spasms and pain I could not breathe.   I ended upon Oxycodone and .got worse and worse.  Soon, I could hardly get out of bed. I had a biochemical re-occurrence of my prostate cancer 6 years, earlier. I had my prostate removed due to cancer, but they did not, apparently “get it all.” All summer I failed to get better.  

I finally got an MRI right after Thanksgiving in 2014. The MRI showed evidence of significant metastases in my spine, hips, ribs, neck, lymph nodes – and my PSA was 2,080.  A PET scan later confirmed all of this. My MD brother in law said, “I didn’t know PSA could go that high.” Neither did I. People with PSA that high, are gone in less than a year. 

Well, since I could hardly move, was close to being hooked on painkillers – it was time to quit and die or do something different.  I found some hemp oil and started taking it to get off the pain meds.  I started to sleep a LOT better and within a few nights, I was off painkillers. My PSA two weeks later had dropped to about 1,700. I then tried the Lupron shot and my PSA continued to drop fast.

I learned about the hemp oil from Dr. Sircus but it was not so much his protocol that attracted me, it was his “give-a-shit-attitude,” which many doctors do not seem to have anymore. I Reached out to Dr. Sircus, and he told me to SLOW MY BREATHING WAY DOWN! And do his protocol. Therefore, I purchased the Breathslim.  

Cool device! At first I it was a gimmick. I mean it looks meager. However, it really does train your breathing rate over time.  It has made me breathe consciously slower and this had all kinds of ramifications for me emotionally and mentally.

The MRI showed a lot of spinal stenosis.  So here is the short story, I was out by a bon-fire, and noticed that when I turned and put my back to the fire, it felt quite different to me than sitting with a regular heating pad.  I noticed my back felt very comforted by the fire. I surmised it was due to infrared waves.  Therefore, I set out to find a good infrared system and guess what I found from my regular doctor that the Biomat would be helpful for this. Dr. Sircus had that on his protocol as well.  Hmmmmmm!  Starting to see a pattern?  Maybe I should look to Dr. Sircus’s protocol to help make me better than I had hoped would ever be possible again.

The magnesium oil helped my pain. That was enough to sell me on the wisdom of reading Dr. Sircus’s Magnesium book.  I knew when I took pH strips out and checked my urine that I was very acidic.  I mean, a PSA of over 2,000 one is going to have some serious acid problems. Baking soda and Magnesium baths were on the docket. Made sense to me.  Once again, I noticed that Dr. Sircus’s protocol seemed to have just what I needed, at the time when I needed it, and it was something I could “do” at home. At the time, money was very tight. However, this is not a costly therapy to begin.  

My first experience with the Biomats sold me that I had found a way to get far infrared into my body. The Bio-Mat “Cancer Sandwich” (using a Bio-Mat mini on top and Bio-Mat pro, underneath) turned out to be a great time to meditate. I needed to change my life. Turn it inside, out. Well, the first experience of combining meditation and mats was transcendent to me. This helped me get my mind out of the cancer funk. Amazingly, as the mats helped me, I got better every day.  

It was at this point when I ordered the Live O2 system based upon Dr. Sircus’s recommendation.  I was “all in,” as they would say in Vegas, when it came to the rest of the remaining protocol elements.  When I purchased a Live O2 system – I added glutathione and other items and started drinking magnesium bicarbonate.

I could not do one pushup when I started; and I could hardly walk due to the numbness in my legs. I had developed a “dropped foot” that I would catch my toe and I would stumble; I had to spend a month on the mats, so that the tingling and numbness in my legs and hands ended enough so that I could keep my balance to get in and out of the bathtub.

The Live Oxygen system puts a smile on your face like being 16 again! That is how powerful that system is. By the way, I just did 70 pushups and sprint in place.  Lupron has taken a lot of muscle mass off me and made me feel very weak. The Live O2 system has blasted through the weakness.  

I had a spot on my lungs that showed up on the MRI and scan, which they said they did not know what it was. Right after starting the O2 treatment, I started coughing one morning and I coughed up a lot of phlegm in my throat on night. I coughed up some grey, gooey mass and from then on, my lungs felt like they were Teflon coated!! WOW!!!!!!  

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At the beginning of August, I was able to drive a car for more than 12 hours, attend a wedding, dance with my granddaughters, my wife, my two daughters, be with my son, etc. ALL NIGHT LONG! (Until the band quit).  After, I cried tears of joy. 

And what a joy! I thought that my days were all gone. I owe Dr. Sircus a deep debt of gratitude for bringing forward such a synergistic and helpful protocol that let me live as I never thought I would live, again.  

I have stayed on the hemp oil. The full spectrum oil, not just CBD.  My numbness and tingling on my whole left side has virtually gone.  According to my Oncologist, this is very rare to have it “come back” once feeling leaves. Why? Dr. Sircus is my answer!   

Rick Simpson’s oil instructions are clear.  Of course, I presumed I was able to start faster than the average person – besides I justified trying to go faster, because I was very sick.  So, I ramped up the use/dose quickly. WOW! You had better warn your spouse not to call the ambulance if she cannot get you to wake up! I slept like I was out cold because I was! Once I slowed down, and ramped up as Simpson suggested, I could function if I moved my timing during the day to fit what I needed to do.

I wanted to contact Dr. Sircus when I was completely healed and tell him my story.   My PSA is now 2.1.  If his protocol plus my work and the grace of God could get me off my death bed, and dancing all night with my family well maybe people should consider this wonderful protocol and try it.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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