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Pediatricians Love of Hurting Babies

Published on September 14, 2017

Pediatricians are probably the most arrogant of all doctors for they have to be to hide the fact from themselves that they are hurting their young patients with both vaccines and antibiotics, which are replaceable by safe Iodine. This doctor, pictured above recently came out of the closet saying, “I have been encountering cases of vaccine injury for over 40 years. In June it was a happy, healthy nearly 5-year-old whose parents were required to put her on a catch-up schedule, in order to get her into kindergarten. She won’t be going to kinder. She’s in a wheel-chair, brain-damaged. Her life ruined. Then came a friend’s father who died after a flu vaccine, and last week a 4 year old boy, made autistic by a catch-up schedule.”

Dr. John Piesse has practiced medicine in Australia for four decades, but now he may have his medical license revoked and could face prosecution for writing vaccine exemptions for children who are at risk of illness or death from vaccines. Dr. Piesse warns that vaccines include additives like aluminum, mercury, polysorbate 80, viruses, and formaldahyde, all of which can cause serious injury. He accuses the US Center for Disease Control for committing outright fraud when it claims that vaccines do not cause autism. He says that, as long as doctors and governments continue to be hood-winked into believing that vaccines do not cause autism, no action will be taken to stop the alarming surge in the autism epidemic.

“Analysis up to the end of 2016 of parent’s reasons for not vaccinating indicated that 64% of 166 parents knew of vaccine-damaged individuals in their own family. The study of ‘Adversomics’ confirms polymorphic and genomic susceptibility factors common to vaccine–damaged individuals and their families. (Poland GA 2015). 40% of unvaccinated children had pre-existing health problems that parents considered would make them more at risk of harm from vaccines. 60% of unvaccinated children were very healthy, but only 6% of the vaccinated children. There were no cases of autism in 212 unvaccinated children, but 8 autism cases in the 50 vaccinated children (16%), and 36% with ASD autism spectrum disorder, compared to 1.4% in the unvaccinated.”

A recent study of home-school students showed a 6.6 fold increase in neurodevelopmental disorders in the vaccinated group over the unvaccinated. Autism spectrum disorders were 4.7 times more prevalent in the vaccinated children (Mawson AR 2017).

Vaccines are an insidious form of Chemical Rape

There is enough information and all logic points to the fact that the practice of pediatric medicine is the practice of medical terrorism. The scum of the earth are those who vampire themselves on babies who are attacked chemically from birth. Vaccines are a form of chemical rape and psychologists just missed by a million miles the diagnosis of medical insanity, which believes we help people by poisoning them. Rapists in prison come up with all kinds of excuses to rationalize their criminal behavior but pediatricians outdo them by a million miles using false science and the arrogance that believes that vaccines are the greatest thing in medicine when there is no real proof to that effect.

Pediatricians deserve all the insults we can throw at them but they do not listen as politicians do not listen and people in general do not listen at a deep level of being. So most of the time we save our breath but when a doctor like Piesse stands up to a tidal wave of medical denial and is attacked, we too need to stand up and shout.

The Terror of Pediatric Medicine

I wrote this book 14 years ago and nothing has changed except maybe matters have gotten worse. The kind of arrogance doctors’ manifest has spread and become the norm in almost every corner of life. That stance of absolute rightness. Many people are being hurt in the war of ideas that touch down into the physical world in terms of violence.

“Let’s face it, our children’s lives have been ruined. Have you ever lived with a family that has a child with Thimerosal-induced autism? It’s not pretty. Not only do many of these children have no lives but they live in a daily hell that many cannot even begin to imagine.They can’t sleep. They can’t communicate. They bang their heads and roll up in pain. Many have eating disorders or cannot tolerate most foods. And many are easy targets of sexual predators.”– Lori McIlwain

No matter how much I and many others have written against the cruelty of vaccine driven pediatric medicine the terror goes on. I have been writing a lot about Islamic terrorism and other horrible things and with all the craziness going on in the world we just tend to forget that we live in a world of rape that is happening sexually as well as in other ways.

We live in an intensely violent rape culture and now Islamic men are taking that to a new level. However, almost 90 percent of children everywhere are attacked with vaccines. Globalism came early to childhood vaccinations not because they are the good idea doctors think they are but because of greed and power that has gone global.


Pharmaceutical terrorism and medical madness is alive and well in this crazy world of ours, and is part of the backbone of our modern civilization. A careful study of pharmaceutical terrorism entails taking a trip into the darkest places that exist in humanity and it is no accident that when we make the journey we find ourselves in places where doctors and scientists work together as they did in Nazi Germany. This subject takes us to the bottom cellars of hell, into the deepest and darkest places and into a type of person that defiles the very nature of beauty, love, a place where all human heart is lost. The Nazi doctors offer us a view of monsters that have remained invisible, dressed as they are eternally in three-piece suits or white lab coats with smiles pasted on their faces as they go about doing their dirty medical work.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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