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People in Trouble

Published on July 12, 2011

Cracking under the strain: Japan suicide rates jump after disaster.

The Japanese Government has warned of an epidemic of depression and suicide as a result of mental trauma caused by the earthquake, tsunami and ongoing nuclear disaster. The country already has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, but new figures show that the number of deaths has risen by almost 20 percent compared to a year ago. In Miyagi, the region worst hit by the March 11 tsunami, the figures are especially alarming with suicides up 39 percent.

What is happening in Japan and around the rest of the world is presenting new levels of difficulties and challenges and not everyone is up for such tests. Depression and a collapse of the international financial system come with some pretty nasty side effects. Humanity has painted itself into a corner and just about everything is threatening to blow up or fall down. One has to be prepared or one risks getting swept away by events. I think it will be a time for heroes who will protect their families and loved ones from many threats. One has to be prepared mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well as have some preparations for ones physical wellness of being.

Remnants of the old social order will disintegrate. Political and economic trust will implode. Real hardship will beset the land with severe distress that could involve questions of class, race, nation and empire. The very survival of the nation will feel at stake. – Strauss & Howe

The Japanese are not the only ones having serious problems. In the United States, “The unemployment payments, for most, have run out. People’s safety nets are destroyed. Housing is collapsing again. Inflation is ravaging what is left of our money. Now we are seeing a rash of violence all over the country, Miami, Myrtle Beach, Rochester, Long Beach, Charlotte, Nashville, Chicago, and Boston. All of this while things are still working. What is going to happen when the dollar collapses?” asks Silver Shield.

The supports that are holding up the American economy are slipping away as federal aid to the states, the Federal Reserve’s program to pump money into the economy, and the payroll tax cut are all expiring. An extraordinary amount of personal income is coming directly from the government with close to $2 of every $10 that went into Americans’ wallets last year were payments like jobless benefits, food stamps, Social Security and disability. This is not good news because the United States government is already in technical bankruptcy and is so desperate it has even stolen the pension funds of its own employees. If that is how it is treating its own, what can the rest of Americans expect from its government?

It’s Not Looking Good

It is not looking good in Europe today and New York is set for a plunge. The next few days will be telling. What is happening now has been heralded by many with events from everywhere pointing in one direction—down. This year, all hell has broken loose in downtown Chicago. “Years of under-hiring has resulted in a police force that is unprepared for wildings and gang violence. Moreover, concealed carry in Chicago is illegal unless one follows the Constitution. Tourists and residents have been attacked by mobs of youths on buses, on beaches, on bicycle paths, near the shops of the Magnificent Mile, and outside their homes. Mobs of shoplifters plagued “Mug Mile” stores, writes Janet Tavakoli for the Huffington Post.

Anarchy in Vancouver

Roving bands of anarchists whipped up booze-fueled mobs to create the worst riot in Vancouver’s history. The mayor said there was no advance warning of the strategy, which caught police and city officials off guard. It left more than 150 people injured, more than 50 businesses damaged, 15 cars destroyed and at least 14 officers nursing cuts, bites and, in one case, a concussion.

This is of course just the beginning. None of us are calculating what is happening in the mental health field and what will happen as thousands and then millions of unstable people are abandoned by society as the budgets of mental health services are cut to smithereens. And when millions of patients cannot get the pharmaceutical drugs upon which they have become totally dependent, how many more will go completely berserk and start shooting?

People are growing angrier as they become more aware of what’s going on. “It’s because the system is falling apart and growing more obviously unfair at the same time. The anglosphere power elite has taken complete control of the U.S.—of the entire West, as a matter of fact. Of course it’s always been that way to some extent. Despite what I consider an awakening, we still have large number of people who don’t understand what’s going on and maybe never will. Some of them are barely capable of critical thought. But those who are aware are growing too and at a faster rate than ever before. What gets people’s attention is when the economy is not working. And today there’s nothing left to milk in the West. The cow is dry and the cream has been siphoned off,” writes Ron Holland.

“People are waking up from a bad dream—or at least beginning to understand why their lives are as they are. They’ve been robbed, and it’s better to live with that knowledge than without it. Once people start to see this gigantic cage of world government being built around them, they will start to do something,” continues Holland.

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The Floods Few Are Talking About

city underwater.jpg

This is the worst flooding in over 500 years for the Midwest. The Army Core of Engineers has opened floodgates not used since 1937. This is a huge tragedy that will continue to take place throughout the summer months, destroying a tremendous amount of cropland; it’s a disaster of massive proportions. True to form, the government does not want us to focus on problems like this, so stay tuned to more honeymoon news of the young royal couple.

houses underwater.jpg

This is suffering—no doubt about it—when your entire neighborhood gets flooded out. People are suffering terribly all over the planet and in some places they are dropping like flies.

War and drought in Somalia are leading an unprecedented number of people to flee across the border into Kenya, an aid agency says. Save the Children is reporting that every day about 1,300 people—at least 800 of them children—are arriving at the Dadaab refugee camp. Aid workers at the camp say the children are exhausted, malnourished and severely dehydrated.

Anglican bishop Reverend Victoria Matthews is seeing a “deep weariness of soul” among Christchurch residents. A business leader is hearing accounts of exhaustion, trauma and stress. A clinical psychologist says some people are at breaking point. The two big aftershocks that rattled Christchurch a few weeks ago—magnitude 5.5 and 6—have heaped another layer of anxiety on to those trying to survive in the earthquake-ravaged city.

A heat wave is building and could reach dangerous levels in parts of the Midwest, the Plains and the Southeast this week. Fifteen states are under heat advisories, which means temperatures are expected to exceed 105 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s hot, uncomfortable and dangerous, and just one more way extreme climate change is putting a world of people in trouble.

The heat and the drought are so bad in the southwest corner of Georgia that hogs can barely eat. Corn, a lucrative crop with a notorious thirst, is burning up in fields. Cotton plants are too weak to punch through soil so dry it might as well be pavement. “It’s horrible so far,” said Mike Newberry, a Georgia farmer who is trying grow cotton, corn and peanuts on a thousand acres. “There is no description for what we’ve been through since we started planting corn in March.”

Preparing for Change

The season of change is upon us and it is accelerating. The climate on the planet is in chaos. Economic upheaval threatens to unravel financial institutions across the planet as sovereign debt mounts. Tensions are rising among ethnic groups. Social unrest is unraveling government institutions throughout the Middle East.

Is it time to make emergency plans like the people are doing at NASA? I recommend that people stock their medical cabinets with medicinals that will see them through most unforeseen medical circumstances they might have to face. Put together a basic first-aid kit for emergencies. Include bandages, magnesium oil for pain relief, plenty of sodium bicarbonate and iodine as well as clay, cold packs, and alcohol. Knowing that you have your first-aid kit ready in your home will give you peace of mind and you can merge survival foods and medicines to make your kit more flexible. We need to secure our water supplies and its quality. And we no doubt need to grow our own food. Look into the exciting technology of earth boxes for growing your own food anywhere.

Most people don’t want to know what’s coming so they can get on with the business of “living life.” But maybe we’re supposed to know what is going on and finally look at ourselves for the choices we’ve made individually and collectively. And as Louis Pasteur said, “Fortune favors the prepared mind,” so it does serve us to take a perceptual sweep across the landscape of reality. Gerald Celente has been warning the people and has urged them to forget about hope and change and immediately switch into survival mode.

Special Note: For those interested in what is going on in our solar system, a reader sent me the following which leads to an interesting page on the subject:

“This increase in the annual precession rate is exactly what we would expect from a binary star system, however. In a binary star system, both stars oscillate towards and then away from each other, all the while spinning around some imaginary center of gravity. As the stars approach one another, their velocity accelerates until they reach perihelion (or the closest point of approach), then their velocity decreases until they reach aphelion (or the furthest point of separation). This means that, based on the increasing trend shown in the graph above, we should expect the two stars to be somewhere on the path approaching perihelion. Crutenden believes that the companion star must have just turned the corner at their aphelion point and is now beginning to approach Earth. However, we suspect that it may be the opposite: that the hypothetical companion star is actually close to (or at) perihelion based on the bizarre changes taking place in the Solar System. Either way, this trend of the annual precession rate increasing is exactly what one would expect to find from two stars in a binary orbit following Kepler’s law.”

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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