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Personal Communication to Dr. Sircus Readers

Published on May 2, 2024

It has been a long time since I wrote a personal note to my readership. I guess I got out of the habit. Plus, I am a certified recluse living deep in nature in my self-created Paradise at my Sanctuary. I succeeded in creating heaven on Earth here—as close to perfect as possible, and of course, people are now invited here.

I guess my motive in writing this is that my life’s work is complete, though, of course, there is always more to do. I have put together a comprehensive revolutionary system of medicine that is as polished as it needs to be, for it covers much basic ground in priority order. It is not easy to finish something; it leaves one in the air, and I’m not too fond of the feeling. (Also, I am very sick, so there have been no newsletters lately. Possible case of dengue.)

I Waited Six Months to get my CO2 Inhaler

One day on Carbogen, I was addicted. Not often does one get the chance to feel so directly the effects of a therapy. I always remind myself and my patients about the subtitles of my Hydrogen Medicine book, Combining Oxygen with Hydrogen and CO2. The CO2 part just went ballistic with the reintroduction of Carbogen inhalation machines to the public. It’s been part of mainstream medicine for over 120 years, but modern medicine uses only one percent of the potential carbon dioxide as a potent, commanding, easy-to-administer medicine. CO2 commands oxygen, and every cell in the body benefits from it.

My book Medical Miracles with Carbon Dioxide and Bicarbonates explores many ways to harness the power of CO2 Medicine. The least expensive way is to employ baking soda and slow breathing retraining to maximize the CO2 content of the blood. However, few patients have the patience to spend hours a day consciously slowing their breathing down.

Bicarbonates can be leveraged for dramatic pH changes, but breathing carbon dioxide directly is terrific. My protocol contains other helpful and often necessary equipment, but I have to say that my new Carbogen inhaler takes the cake for the experience of immediate healing. We are not talking about a cure to anything but a noticeable experience of feeling better without effort other than lying or sitting down with a mask on for 10 to 20 minutes. If five percent CO₂ has a fast and potent anticonvulsant action, it will lift all boats in all medical situations.

Moaning and Groaning About Censorship

The world is talking about increasing censorship, and that began for me four or five years ago when Google cut my virtual legs off. Instead of moaning and groaning, I just kept on keeping on, yet it is no fun for me to do a search for bicarbonate or baking soda and not find one listing, but if you put my name in, then all my writings and books on the subject show up.

One of the most perplexing aspects of my life is that the mainstream completely ignores me (I have no complaints) and everyone else except my loving, devoted readers. What concerns me is not that I am personally ignored but the conclusions of my medical approach. I know my readers agree with my work, but now I have the feelings that the allies in Normandy had in WWII needing to break out of the hedgerows so they could race across France as General Patton did.

Joseph Mercola completely ignores me, as does the health ranger Mike Adams and even the host of new COVID medical warriors. Sometimes, I feel like Hungarian physician Ignaz Semmelweis, who, after observational studies, first advanced the idea of “hand hygiene” in medical settings in 1847.

Surgeons did not start to scrub up in the 1870s, and the importance of everyday hand washing did not become universal until more than a century later. It wasn’t until the 1980s that hand hygiene was officially incorporated into American health care, with the first national hand hygiene guidelines.

It is all a Matter of Priorities

Establishing priorities based on the body’s real, not imagined, needs is at the core of my work. ICU and emergency doctors understand and practice this, but everyone promotes their products or favors pharmaceuticals in medicine and health care. If one reads Mercola, with everything he promotes, one must take hundreds of things to remain healthy and treat disease.

However, what is important are the essential things one must take on almost the same level as water and air. Water is necessary for a severely dehydrated person. But after that, doctors lose their way and prescribe all kinds of medicines, anything but magnesium, which every chronically sick person in the world needs, like a person coming out of a desert needs water. I give a big fat F to doctors for this reason alone. Modern medicine has not the slightest interest in tuning into the real needs of their patients.

It makes absolutely no sense for doctors to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs before giving water to a dehydrated person coming out of a desert, and that logic applies when a patient is deficient in magnesium and bicarbonates, which describes just about everyone with chronic diseases. The same applies to iodine and probably selenium, too.

Hi Dr Sircus. I have bought and read quite a few of your books and did the Forbidden Health course with you. I believe this course saved my husband’s life. He is now cancer-free. Long story for another time. I am a severe asthmatic on monthly Xolair injections and daily inhaled steroids, I took your advice from a newsletter last week and now taking magnesium with bicarbonate, it’s amazing, I can’t believe I can take a deep breath for the first time in too many months. Now I would like to take the next step and buy a hydrogen machine. I am sure this will be the icing on my cake. Please can you guide me with this as this is an extremely expensive outlay and I must get it right. My protocol now is magnesium bicarbonate in the evening and CDS first thing in the morning for 2/3 hours and I’ve managed to keep off antibiotics which is a miracle. I have been singing your praises to all my clients for the last ten or more years and I always have a reason to mention your name when talking about which books to read and how your protocols might help them. You, Sir, are my number one go-to for my health.
Many thanks, Linda Nuttall

Not All Experiences Feel Good

I recently had a bad experience with Joseph Mercola, who seems to be struggling. Even his sister, who worked with him for 40 years, was fired by him, so something is up. He sent me this response after sending him a copy of Medical Miracles with Carbon Dioxide and Bicarbonates. “Collaboration with you would not be beneficial for me at this time. I can strongly assure you that within the year, the world will know about CO2 through my contribution. Everything is currently being carefully orchestrated so you can just relax. No need for you to do anything else.” One of my friends who has been in contact with Mercola said, “He told me he thinks he’s the most important person in the medical field for the 21st century.”

Another friend I did moan and groan to said, “It seems like Mercola has gotten quite a reputation. When I mentioned to a friend that I was talking to Mercola, he advised me to watch out as he had a reputation for stealing people’s ideas.” Mercola made it clear in his communication that he plans to steal my work on bicarbonate and CO2 without mentioning me.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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