Personal Note From Dr. Sircus

Published on July 20, 2020

I have received interesting feedback from some of my readers that I would like to share with you. It is not often that we receive a soul mirror from others that we can internalize and use as forward-moving guidance. My most important mirror, of course, comes from my wife, with whom I share pure love. After that, it’s the children and the people who work for me who matter and give the most in this regard.

I was trained, though the fires of Creative Conflict, to see myself through the eyes of others, which worked out fine for me since I was, 40 years ago, a self-obsessed egocentric person. Today I like to think about myself as little as possible, if not at all, and go about my day.

Dear Dr. Sircus, “Your work has been so helpful. More than the others, your research seems to have an artisan quality to it, colorful and creative. Over time more will realize that the niche you have developed will become a cornerstone.”

Never quite thought of my work becoming a cornerstone, though it deserves that place for it is a humane, logical system of medicine that is still able to honor the ‘physician do no harm’ dictum. You cannot say that about modern pharmaceutical medicine, which is failing us miserably. 

I am a colorful personality and even claim to be a color psychologist though most people do not know what that is. I am also a communications psychologist, but again most have no idea that it has something to do with listening and training people how to do that.

I came late to the party of a creative life. I did not open my imagination and intuitive centers until I was 37.  After training my intuition with pendulums for 15 years, the answer started coming before I asked a question, so do not need any amplification of that capacity to think and feel into the future.

I have focused my most in-depth attention, for almost 40 years, on God, which I perceive as the light of pure consciousness radiating through every cubic inch of our vast universe. I start my day with yoga, meditation, and solar gazing before I take a look at the news though I try my best not to bring that disturbance into my communications with my wife.

She has been challenging me to get more into the spiritual side of things in my writings, and perhaps this represents my first attempt. She and probably everyone is sick and tired of hearing about the virus.

It has been 40 years of ‘seeking first the kingdom,” and I have done that, and have received everything, as was promised. I feel a little shy to share my good fortune, though, my luck, happiness, and all the love I am so graced to give and receive every day.

With the world darkening so much, I think it needs more light. Too bad we are not reading in the news that love has gone viral. Though my life is quiet, and beauty surrounds me, I can feel the stress rising in the world, and it shows in my blood pressure. Of course, being the colorful personality type, I would never use a pharmaceutical drug to bring my pressure down. But I do use medical marijuana, which does a marvelous job, and I do enjoy the side-effects.

“You are such a joy, Dr. Sircus. I just needed to take a moment to tell you so, and to say thank you. The thanks are certainly for all of the intelligent, factual data you share among people who actually discern & read comprehensively.  But the thanks also, is, just for being who you are.

You are so caring and generous with your time and talent, and I know countless people like myself treasure you. I say ‘thank you’ for the collective bunch of us – too tired and on task with the ever-growing challenges to take the time to tell those we hold dear how very precious they are to us.

But I can’t fail to let you know what you mean to me. When I see an email in my box from you, I notice I actually really do, sigh a relief sigh, knowing it’s a letter filled with truth and hope and compassion, and useful information I can put into practice – even if it’s a simpatico from your thoughts to my thought life – as you remind me I’m not alone in my train of thought.

You also may be the only person with notoriety in natural health who doesn’t use that platform to seek sales with every single solitary email continually, and, it says a world about your priorities in life, and, your trust in God to provide what you need, without the shameless emotional marketing ploys of all of the ‘others.’

We notice, and we have deep gratitude for your strength of character.”

What leaps off the page from these words is the excellent sense in telling those we hold dear how very precious they are. I do this every day, and my recommendation to everyone is to appreciate the love we have and deliberately make that love expression deeper. We can begin to listen more deeply to those around us even though that is the last thing modeled in modern society. The world can go into the trash bin, but that does not mean we have to.


There have been many times in history where people have had to run for the hills and even move to other continents, to have a better chance for life. In the States, many are leaving the cities for more rural settings because of the viral lockdowns. There was the famous underground railroad for the black slaves to run for the north, and the Jews had to escape Germany and many parts of Europe to escape death. None of that was easy.

The pandemic is closing down our freedoms, including our ability to travel freely. Only the very fortunate can afford to move and start over again, which, of course, is difficult when we are on the cusp of a financial and economic collapse. Anyone who perceives the threat and has great courage and resources and wants to move to the interior highlands of Brazil to live in a virgin forest, write to my customer support department, and I will get back to you.

After Thought

Adam Taggart wrote, “We want to help people live with abundance and be happy. That’s our simple goal. Sitting in the warm sun next to a fruit-laden apple tree (as I just did moments ago) and taking a moment to appreciate all that nature rewards you with in return for living in harmony with it — beauty, peace, healthy food, fulfilling work, a place to gather with those you love — helps ground us in what’s truly important. And it reminds us that it’s much more useful to focus on the good we are creating in life, rather than get mired in the negativity we seek to escape. The former inspires us; the latter just saps our will.”

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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