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Published on November 9, 2016

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Everyone knows that there are psychopaths everywhere including in the fields of medicine and science. The greatest harm psychopaths as a group have engineered on the human race is through poisoning us. They figured out 150 years ago that they could make staggering amounts of money doing so without being caught. They created elaborate plans to get away with murder while living the good life.

They created an illusion and so many rationalizations that the problem has escaped most peoples’ attention. Their initial goal of poisoning the human race was accomplished one drop at a time. Now it is a flood. Remembering the story with Ketchup highlights how good poisons can be, how common and innocuous they are in our lives. In the early decades, because the toxic exposures were low, the public did not see the changes in health as they occurred. Now chronic disease and cancer is all over us demonstrating how contaminated we are with chemicals, heavy metals and radiation.

The whole idea of poison through the ages was to knock off adversaries without any clear trace back like an arrow in the back gives. What’s the point of an assassin advertising his dirty deed? Assassins who used poison were covered with stealth and so are most of the products, medicines and vaccines we use today.

We never will read that the cause of illness or death of a person is from the use of Heinz Ketchup. However if we read the ingredients and see how much high fructose corn syrup is in it then we turn pale because too many of us still love our ketchup.

In the end though the public today is blanketed with poisons everywhere they turn. The poisons are hidden in just about everything that surrounds us. We drink, eat, and breathe poison. Many highly toxic products like cigarettes were used in films so the public thought it was ok and normal to smoke. And after all Lucky Strike were doctors’ favorite.

It was medical psychopaths who thought up the idea that whenever someone gave birth to a new life they would be there to inject poisons into the blood of the babies and convince the parents it is for their own good. It certainly was not saints who thought of the idea to put highly toxic mercury in childhood vaccines and call it safe. It was the Eli Lilly Company.

There are many people, doctors, dentists, nurses, medical scientists, industrialists, government officials and even farmers who just take it as a given their right to expose us to poison. Not enough to kill us outright, at least, but it is like being cut with many small knives cutting our cellular environments to pieces.

Chemical bleed out, nuclear radiation sickness and heavy metal hell combine to gang rape humanity all for a good reason of course. What we are talking about is one of the principle evils that exist in the world. Most people who administer poison are evil without knowing it. Many of them are even ‘nice’ but that does not change the harm being done.

Without consciousness of the wrongness of what they are doing there is little possibility they or anyone will learn to be right. Nothing changes and so the poisoning goes on and the cancer rates go up dooming more of us to die a horrible death.

In terms of the worst whole cities have been made into toxic hells with pollution so bad people cannot even step outside their door.

However, when we stand naked and vulnerable before this evil, we understand and gain the knowledge and power about what medically we can do about it.

We think we are free and that democracy really means something but few are free of exposure to poison. We have little choice, most of us have to breathe the pollution and we cannot vote it away. In addition, we have politicians making healthy substances like C02 into the evil enemy instead of the countless toxic threats to all of our lives.

Air Pollution

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It really matters where you live these days. Populations where heavy industries are located and population of big cities will have the biggest share of premature and serious deaths caused by Air Pollution but some pollutants like mercury are everywhere affecting everyone. Downwind of coal fired electrical plants, town incinerators, and crematoriums are the worst places to be because of the local concentration of mercury pollution.

It is estimated that 180,000 people suffering from Air Pollution shall be admitted to hospitals, this is an increase of 62% in the last 20 years. Around 6,000,000 visits to the doctors in 2008 are associated to the exposure of Air Pollution.

The WHO has already classified outdoor air pollution as a leading cause of cancer in humans. "The air we breathe has become polluted with a mixture of cancer-causing substances," said Kurt Straif of the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

Air pollution dramatically increases the risk of respiratory and heart diseases. The most recent data, from 2010, showed that 223,000 lung cancer deaths worldwide were the result of air pollution. Cancer is rising alarmingly around the and we do not have to wonder why.

In the State of the Environment Report for 2015, we read that hundreds of thousands of people in the E.U. — perhaps millions, if present trends continue — will suffer premature death in the next two decades because of toxic air. The European Environment Agency (EEA) blames governments for inaction and says that in 2011 alone — the most recent year for which there is a reliable tally — over 400,000 Europeans died prematurely from air pollution.

However, we need our air pollution because we need our industries so we can build our unsustainable civilization only to see it crash, and our health along with it. 

U.S. law leaves consumers vulnerable to poisoning from thousands of unregulated chemicals in regular household products, in dental and medical products, as well as from chemicals in food, pesticides, preservatives, industrial wastes and more.

A lot of it started with Sugar

There was no limit to the harm they were willing to inflict. They targeted children with what children love most, sweet things. When their teeth decayed dentists were standing by to fill their mouths with mercury fillings that leak 24 hours a day. Slavery and plantation life were good places to incubate the evil of the type interested in making fortunes with poison. White sugar is of course one of the most common poisons. It is not quite like cocaine but close but nutritionally it is inflammatory, cause cavities, weakens the immune system, invites diabetes and thus heart disease and cancer.   

When their ability to learn was affected by the massive poisoning that comes from sugar they created pharmaceuticals driving humanity into an even darker place where the majority will now come down with cancer and a host of other diseases that cause incalculable amounts of suffering. People have grown depressed, slow and obese, and when they come to doctors for help, they are given more poison.

These psychopaths control and own the media. Fukushima is perhaps the greatest example of how well these people and the organizations they inhabit can hide the dangers of toxicity. They have used the media to control the flow of information hiding the truth so the public will not be able to focus on it.

Denial is the name of the toxicity game that industry and government have played since the late 1800’s. From the chemical industry, then to the petrochemical one, on into the pharmaceutical universe and then the atomic one, those who make money from toxic substances deny that there are any problems with them in terms of health.

It is the inability to see the effects of chronic, low level
toxicities on human health that has been, and
remains, our greatest failing as intelligent beings.
      Dr. Boyd Haley


When was the last time you read in the media that power plants in the U.S. put 48 tons of mercury a year into the atmosphere through burning coal? China spews 600 tons of mercury into the air each year, accounting for a great part of the world’s non-natural emissions. And the volume is rising quickly with more coal-fired energy plants now under construction in China than exist in the entire country of England. In 15 years we can expect China to be pumping 1,400 tons of mercury into the air or approximately 60 additional tons a year as new capacity comes online. (And this was written almost ten years ago.)

The FDA says that 2 to 3 thousand tons[1] of metallic mercury is being released into the air from manmade sources. Chemical radioactivity is an appropriate phrase to describe what the situation is with mercury and other chemicals that are causing disease rates to sore.

Just the radiation from Fukushima and the mercury from everywhere coal is used is enough to make us desperate, especially for our children who are going to have to live their lives on a toxic planet. There is technology to eliminate most of mercury emissions however; your friendly government is obsessed about carbon dioxide, a very necessary and safe gas.

Human destiny is on a collision course with mercury, not carbon dioxide. Tomorrow we will all wake up to a world with about twenty tons more mercury in the environment, hundreds of pounds of mercury will be put into people’s mouths by dentists, and tens of thousands of little children will receive vaccinations laced with mercury in the form of ethyl-mercury, super-charged with aluminum.

Human destiny is also on a collision course with pesticides. Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are showing up in everyone’s blood affecting people and children’s brains. Children whose mothers were exposed to certain types of pesticides while pregnant were more likely to have attention problems as they grew up. A study published in the August 2010 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives, adds to evidence that organophosphate pesticides affects the human brain.

Researchers at the University of California Berkeley tested pregnant women for evidence that organophosphate pesticides had actually been absorbed by their bodies, and then followed their children as they grew. Women with more chemical traces of the pesticides in their urine while pregnant had children more likely to have symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, at age 5, the researchers found.

Chemical poisoning can make millions of people suffer from respiratory diseases and health officials can call this whatever they like; Spanish Flu, Swine Flu, Influenza A, Bird Flu, Chicken Flu and SARS by the medical scientists. But the disciplined mind has to notice that in the official reports they say this year’s pandemic is striking the healthy and they never make mention of nutritional deficiencies nor toxic loads in the stricken patients.

Instead of assassins who use poison we have psychopathic institutions who use them against everyone. It is a bad situation getting worse and that is measurable in cancer statistics. Evil is poison and using poison is evil. All evil is poisonous but sometimes the attack comes against our emotions, mind and soul.

[1] Last visited November 27, 2004 Mercury in Fish. This article originally appeared in the September 1994 issue of FDA Consumer and contains revisions made in May 1995.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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