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Protecting Life At All Stages

Published on May 22, 2019

This is a noble cause but a hypocritical one because absolutely no one is addressing fetuses, infants, young children or adults. We are not protecting the human race at all from the poisons in our air and water. We do not protect people from a host of things including the nasty side effects of nuclear medicine, chemotherapy and even vaccines that sometimes kill children. The list is endless and there is no wonder we are losing our capacity to reproduce. Severe anti-abortion laws are not protecting life at all stages.

Liberals and progressives have forced me to become conservative but when I read about the new abortion laws and the barbarity of stripping women of the reproductive rights, and even threatening their and their doctor’s lives is a little too much to bare. Personally, I am against abortion but totally for women’s right to decide over their right to have one.

For sure I am against forcing women to carry and deliver a rapists baby. That is a rape of human consciousness, something anti-abortion advocates know nothing about. It is the cruelty of the devil working its way through using God’s will as an excuse. They are willing to penalize doctors with life imprisonment but do they do that to rapist who causes a lifetime of suffering in their victims?

Was reading in the mainstream press that one woman who was raped said that if she could not get an abortion she would either have killed herself or gone to a butcher to get a clothes hanger abortion, which of course would have risked her life. Anti-abortion people do not care. Their principles about life take precedence over life itself.

One thing is for sure. Many of us humans really get off on thinking they have the right to tell others what to do. Conservatives love this with their antiabortion efforts and liberals love it with the socialism and communistic thinking. Both Islam and Christianity, in the 21st century, still have men telling woman what to do.

The totally out of their minds global warming crowd are perhaps the most aggressive in telling us what we all need to do. They want to change everything about modern life for their notion that the sun does not matter in climate. They believe that they can ignore what is going on at the center of our solar system and get away with it.

The Pope and Church in Galileo’s time thought the same. All that said, we do have to change but that is not going to happen. One each side of every question there is not a shred of interest in listening to the other side. Each side thinks it is right so everyone loses. Each side insists the other side bends to its will.

There is not one global warming or anti-abortion person who is really interested in life or truth. It is their visions and beliefs, right or wrong that matter. In the case of climate it is cooling and very damp conditions that is threatening civilization and our agricultural system already in the year 2019.  However it is the poisons which are bring us to our knees. Warming periods in history brings stronger civilizations and food production and the cold undoes all of that.

For antiabortionists its save the fetus and then let the doctors butcher them making childbirth a disease and then its OK to clobber the kids on their first day with toxic vaccines they do not need (Hep B is not a childhood disease). Lets save the fetus but do nothing to protect them from the man-made conditions that will end their lives with cancer.

If people were really interested in life, in God, in love then they would learn to listen but that is not what is coming from any corner of the planet. So in the end I imagine we will get what we deserve.

In regards to my above video, it speaks about the violence of religion, against homosexuals and against women and children. The Catholic Church is doing its best to do itself in through their priests doing outrageous things to children and even their own nuns. Celibacy leads to sexual violence but the Church would rather their priests continue than bring any reform.

Outside the church protestants are hurting the beauty of Christianity with their war against women’s reproductive rights. Islam is very clear about the place of women and why western liberals defend Islam is beyond comprehension. This above video in Polish (English subtitles) takes one on an emotional trip through the inner world of a woman who was abused by a priest. It shows her confronting the priests many years later. It is unique and in the first three days online had millions of views.

Human sexuality is a huge subject that touches upon all of us. Yet we are still being influenced by Moses’s attitudes toward it. Most Muslims, too many Christians and orthodox Jews put too much faith in a man who butchered his wife’s entire tribe.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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