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Redlining on Nuclear News

Published on June 21, 2011

A rise in radiation halted the cleanup of radioactive water at Japan’s nuclear power station on the 18th of June only hours after it got under way,a fresh setback to efforts to restore control over the quake-stricken plant.

The situation on the ground at the crippled reactors remains precarious and it will be years before anyone will be able to stop or even diminish the flow of radiation into the biosphere. Present conditions are far beyond what has ever been imagined or planned for. The ground around the plant is getting hotter and hotter and the ocean more contaminated.

Nuclear fuel is just lying on the ground and at the bottom of reactor vessels and containment floors so there will be no letup of the radiation, which will bio-accumulate and end up inside of men, woman and children in ever increasing amounts, not only in Japan but across the west coast of North America and the rest of the northern hemisphere.

"We are discovering hot particles everywhere in Japan, even in Tokyo," said Arnold Gundersen. “Scientists are finding these everywhere. Over the last 90 days these hot particles have continued to fall and are being deposited in high concentrations. Fukushima has three nuclear reactors exposed and four fuel cores exposed. You probably have the equivalent of 20 nuclear reactor cores because of the fuel cores, and they are all in desperate need of being cooled, and there is no means to cool them effectively."

Last week I reported research from the west coast that maintained that death rates of infants went up dramatically after Fukushima. Now in this video we have a mainstream report from the east coast, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that says death rates among babies are up 48 percent since iodine-131 was found in Philadelphia’s drinking water in April. After the explosion at the Fukushima power plant in Japan, radiation circled the globe, all the way to Pennsylvania. No doubt New York too, as well as Boston and Portland and many of my old favorite places, though it seems that Philadelphia had the highest recorded radioactive readings.

Infant death is a sensitive barometer of human vulnerability to biosphere changes.

The implications are serious—radioactivity found in Philadelphia’s water two months ago may already be killing young babies. Public health officials are exceptionally skilled at hiding the sad truth about what the medical profession already does to infants by injecting, as they do, heavy metals like aluminum and mercury directly into their bloodstreams on a routine basis. Though babies do die from vaccine injections and do suffer from a lifetime of pain from neurological and other conditions pediatricians still smile and tell us it’s all worth it.

Pediatricians believe, with all their mind and hearts, that taking the equivalent of a chemical baseball bat (a vaccine) and smashing (injecting) them into their young patient’s lives is not a problem so why would they or anyone else think that a fallout cloud, a measurable one, able to push the dials on Geiger counters, could push the colony of cells that make up a newborn to abort a lifetime on earth?

I don’t want to pop anyone’s bubble or pull anyone’s head out of the sand but looks like nature is already shouting out to us, hitting all the horns, bells and whistles in its attempt to show us what we are dealing with. Most of us think we are dealing with nothing so there is nothing to do and certainly nothing to get excited about.

I have seen someone attacking the doctor who posted about increased baby death rates from the west coast but even they had to admit that the numbers of deaths did in fact go up.

This is not a drill, not a joke, and really not speculative though it is secret, meaning you will not see it in the papers. The newspapers and government have everyone convinced that having the equivalent of 20 nuclear cores burning and pouring radiation into the northern hemisphere in astronomical quantities is nothing to worry about. The spin masters of the world know what dupes populate the horizon. They know they can pull the hood over just about anything shaping public opinion like a sculptor working a block of clay.

The US government already knows that death rates for infants under the age of one year increased from coast to coast.

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We have some measuring stick to compare Tokyo with Seattle with 10 radioactive particles per day absorbed in Tokyo to half of that, or five, in Seattle but we had no idea really of New York or the east coast of the United States until this report from Philadelphia became known. We did have some early reports but then all has gone quiet but it seems like some baby souls are screaming at us from their graves.

Letter: In the last month, five of my coworkers (women in a health care facility) [in a] nursing home have dropped dead, or received the news that they have aggressive terminal LUNG cancer. Most are developing pnumonia (sp) lasting several weeks before seeking treatments. All of them are being offered radiation, and palliative care.

The global nuclear industry and its allies in government are making a desperate effort to cover up the consequences of the Fukushima disaster and they are going so far as to claim that there will be “no health effects” as a result of it­. Thus they believe that they can continue to move forward on a “nuclear renaissance,” whose scheme is to build more nuclear plants that will further risk the future of humanity.

To these insane people it will be absolutely impossible to entertain the possibility that their nuclear power right this moment is killing babies, denying them the right and the pleasure to live a life on this planet. Certainly there are plenty of people who would just rather not know anything about any of this and just let the babies go on dying. Our comfort zones are more important than future generations of sterile and deformed children and people on earth.

The people who write me about my doom and gloom writings are not seeing that the doom and gloom is found in their own ego reactions. They mistake what is truth with their egos. The truth is not doom and gloom or anything else. The truth is the truth but we are free to react to it in any way we want. People who are not living truth are made uncomfortable by the truth and would rather not have it be discussed. Speakers of truth are easy targets for such people and are usually killed in the end for doing something as simple as following and speaking the truth.

In Japan

Fukushima is the biggest industrial catastrophe in the history of mankind. – Arnold Gundersen

Tokyo Shinbun, a local print magazine, reported that many children in Koriyama City in Fukushima Prefecture 50 kilometers from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, are suffering inexplicable nosebleeds, diarrhea, and lack of energy since the nuke plant accident. Worried about the effect of radiation exposure, 50 families brought their children to see the doctor. A 39-year-old mother of two told the doctor that her 6-year-old daughter had nosebleeds everyday for three weeks in April. For one week, the daughter bled copiously from both nostrils. The mother said their doctor told her it was just a seasonal allergy from pollen. Her other child, a 2-year-old son, had nosebleeds from the end of April to May.

The pediatrician from The Bridge to Chernobyl, Yurika Hashimoto, told the mother it was hard to determine whether or not the nosebleed was the result of radiation exposure, but they should have the blood tests done for white blood cells. It was important to keep records, the doctor advised.

Some of the most important signs of radiation are:

Nose bleeding often occurs with radiation sickness. Blood of the throat, bleeding gums or blood from the rectum are also signs that radiation has impacted the body. Bleeding bruises occur, sometimes hematemesis (vomiting blood). The bleeding is caused by the radiation reducing the number of platelets that clot blood in the body.

Diarrhea: Burning, or “hits” are common—“hits” along the body’s cells that rapidly reproduce, including cells in the digestive tract. Irradiation causes irritation of the digestive organs that can cause diarrhea and sometimes bloody diarrhea.

34,000 children between the ages of 4 and 14, are now being issued dosimeters in Fukishima  to keep track of the amount of radiation they have been exposed to but these meters do not assess the exposure and danger of ingested nuclear particles.

In Europe

Two months ago we heard that the risks associated with iodine-131 contamination in Europe are no longer “negligible,” according to CRIIRAD, a French research body on radioactivity. The NGO is advising pregnant women and mothers of infants against “risky behavior” such as consuming fresh milk or vegetables with large leaves. In response to thousands of inquiries from citizens concerned about fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Europe, CRIIRAD has compiled an information package on the risks of radioactive iodine-131 contamination in Europe.

After the radioactive cloud emanating from Japan’s stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant reached Europe in late March, CRIIRAD, a French research body on radioactivity, said it had detected radioactive iodine-131 in rainwater in southeastern France. In parallel testing, the French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), the national public institution monitoring nuclear and radiological risks, found iodine-131 in milk. In normal times, no trace of iodine-131 should be detectable in rainwater or milk. Radiation monitors in Canada—in Ontario, New Brunswick and British Columbia—have also detected radioactive iodine.

In Russia

Drs. A. V. Yablokov, V. B., Nesterenko and A. V. Nesterenko, said, “Data from Chernobyl, which exploded 25 years ago, clearly shows increased numbers of sick and weak newborns and increased numbers of deaths in the unborn and newborns, especially soon after the meltdown. These occurred in Europe as well as the former Soviet Union. Similar findings are also seen in wildlife living in areas with increased radioactive fallout levels.”

“The Ukrainian Scientific Centre for Radiation, which estimated that infant mortality increased 20-30% after the accident, said their data had not been accepted by the U.N. because it had not been published in a major scientific journal. There was burning resentment at the way the U.N., the industry and ill-informed pundits had played down the catastrophe,” wrote John Vidal for the Guardian.

Devastating Conclusion

If everything else was right in the world, this one wrong would still be strong enough to break part of the world’s back.

Dr. Ernest J. Sternglass, who was professor of radiation physics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, in his book, Secret Fallout—Low-Level Radiation from Hiroshima to Three-Mile Island, concluded that all the research led to the most tragic conclusion that the unborn fetus was hundreds or thousands of times more sensitive to radiation than anyone had ever suspected.

Some researchers argue that all humans are regularly exposed to a natural low level of radiation, and that it is not harmful when below a certain threshold, although most would agree fetuses may be an exception. Officials in Japan have been agonizing over what constitutes a safe radiation dose for people who live near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors but there are daunting problems in that nuclear science is retarded by the simple fact that the nuclear industry has not wanted to be honest about the dangers. Studies on the effects of exposure are based mostly on large doses delivered quickly by atomic bombs, while radiation from the Fukushima disaster is resulting in constant low-level exposure that will continually be delivered over many years.

If the very young are already suffering and dying what can we expect for the rest of us? And what about the young who are living through this but will be bombarded everyday of their life with ever-increasing contamination? Diabetes is one of the first stops along the radiation train wreck timeline. Radiation contamination has all the attributes necessary for burning down the cellular house for general inflammation/metabolic syndrome.

So far the debate in Japan has centered on the risks to children. Government guidelines set after the disaster allowed schoolchildren in Fukushima Prefecture to be exposed to 20 times the radiation dose previously permitted. The new levels set are equal to the international standard for adult workers at nuclear power plants. They are leaving the young in hot areas that are destined to get hotter. Those who are in charge have obviously lost their minds and all sense of what is right and wrong in terms of danger and safety.

Government leaders are covering up a crime of such vast and staggering proportion and their names will be remembered in the far future with other political monsters that have populated history. Clearly presented information and nuclear weather reports showing precise downwind fallout patterns would have at least given people a choice and a chance to avoid exposure or treat exposures already suffered.

Usually leaders would have warned their people of invading hordes that threatened a population with massacre but not in this case. Instead of having “only” Hun Hordes of mercury we now have Hun Hordes of deadly nuclear particles that are already chopping off the lives of the very young.

After a huge outcry from parents, the government in Japan promised that it would lower the permissible level and that it would pay to remove contaminated topsoil from school grounds. But that does not address at all the vast amount of nuclear time bomb particles that the children are breathing in every day.

For almost three months the bad nuclear news has been shouting at us, warning us, but even the professionals in the area of toxicity are not abandoning their lives or homes. Is it an everyone-goes-down-with-the-ship paradigm that has a hold on these people? The invisible but hot magna of nuclear toxicity is our latest inheritance and few will escape it though there are many things we can do to diminish radiation’s nasty effects.

It is the young who have the most to lose in all of this and it seems some are already losing their lives over it. For some, evacuation orders are already too late but no official word will ever be said about this silent tragedy.

Murder is a word that comes to mind about the nuclear power industry. Seems like the nuclear industry is already killing a percentage of our young—who are not making it far into life. No doubt countless millions are going to lose their lives and if this goes on long enough that number might be billions.

A heavily nuclear-polluted world is not going to be a joy to live in. There is no taking back a murder when someone kills another and there is no taking back the nuclear industry, which has managed to lie its way to its present state where it threatens humanity will a terrible fall.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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