Religious and Spiritual Medicine for Pandemics

Published on December 23, 2020

According to a Gallup Poll released in December, frequent church attendees were the only group in the U.S. that did not experience a mental health decline in 2020. It is Christmas and a very good time for Christians to go to Church and Jews to go to their synagogues if they know what’s good for them, as this poll suggests.


Michael Snyder writes about this, “But of course you never heard that reported by the big corporate news networks, did you? That is because they only want to do negative stories about Christians. Stories about moral failures of prominent Christians fit their anti-Christian agenda, but anything that is even remotely positive about Christians does not.”


This is important because the number of people depressed or considering suicide has soared because of the COVID lockdowns. Mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health is suffering because of the official takeover of much of the world by health officials who think they have every right to enslave the world’s peoples. One should read Gary Barnett’s essay, ‘A Masked Society is a Slave Society.’


Everyone who maintains their prayers, meditations, and yoga will be provided the same protection as the churchgoers in the above Gallup Poll. One can realize even more relief if one tunes out the mainstream news with its continuous narrative that has nothing to do with reality. It is all about censorship, and we should all know where that leads.


It is important to recognize what one’s faith and spiritual practices can do for the individual and the family, especially at this moment in time. The human race is under attack. We read (not in the mainstream press) about the people, the politicians, health officials, CEOs of the media, and social media giants attacking humanity, but that is not what this essay is about. It is about spiritual and religious medicine for our souls, which are being badly shaken up by a combination of world events.


In times of heightened stress, we need anchors to hold the line inside of us. Though this is nothing new, the Journal of Psychiatric Annals just released the following analysis:


The unfolding of the current coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, the worst global public health crisis in recent history, has caused unprecedented medical, social, and economic upheaval across the globe and inflicted profound psychological pain on many people. The rapid spread of this highly contagious disease resulted in a host of mental health consequences: feelings of uncertainty, sleep disturbances, anxiety, distress, and depression. The wide adoption of restrictive measures, although helpful in controlling the spread of the virus, inevitably resulted in psychological and financial costs that may have long-term psychological sequelae.


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I differ in the opinion that restrictive measures are helpful since lockdowns take us out of the sun and the protective effects of high vitamin D. More than several countries like Tiwaiin have done much better at controlling COVID than countries and governors infected with lockdown madness.


However, almost everyone agrees that the addition of dangerous stress, and all the downwind consequences of having one’s life torn apart by viral madness, is threatening every level of our beings.



Having a religious or spiritual backbone will, of course, help us no matter what we are faced with. Certain things do not change. God, or what I conceive as the Light of pure consciousness, remains fixed in the background. No human has the power to warp that level of life, though the power greedy can do so much harm and create so much suffering, it staggers the imagination and pierces our hearts.


There is no substitute for truth’s healing power and being centered on God—the Light of pure consciousness. I published Dark Days Ahead in November, and of course, the answer to darkness is Light. There are many ways we can employ the Light in our lives, and the darker life gets on the outside, the more we need to embrace the Light on the inside.


A year and a half ago, James Howard Kunstler was already asking, “How to account for Americans being the most anxious, fearful, and stressed-out people among the supposedly advanced nations? The sense of gathering crisis persists. It is systemic and existential. It calls into question our ability to carry on “normal” life much farther into this century, and all the anxiety that attends it is so hard for the public to process that a dismaying number of citizens opt for suicide.”


Love Is An Answer


There is a paradise in this world. The Kingdom of Heaven is always at hand, for it is the open and radiating heart shining in all its glory. The endless dream, the depths of love. A heart radiating with unbounded freedom. Open to be, to feel everything that we are.


I once wrote a promise about “a return to a beauty, heaven, and garden that we will create, share, and enjoy together.”


Deep love, intimate love, is a divinely beautiful pathway that can provide a heavenly bliss shared between beings that love each other from the bottom of their hearts and souls. Believe in the garden; it does exist. Its name is love. It is a real place that we can go to when we open our heart and share it with significant others.


The garden represents beauty. Real love is beautiful and is seen in the open heart and the willingness to relate to other open hearts with intimacy, love, and joy. Translated, concentrate on the love you have and can share. Tell the person or the people you love how much you love them. Love will make you stronger and will help all the people around you.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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