Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment 3rd Edition

Published on June 22, 2023

This is the introduction to the third Edition of my bicarbonate work. The first Edition was entitled Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment. Then my New York Publisher created a version titled Nature’s Unique First Aid Remedy. Miracles happen when you give the body exactly what it needs, something that mainstream doctors do not believe in or practice. Come out of a desert and drink some water, and the miracle of life continues. Give bicarbonate to someone low on oxygen (acidic), and oxygen and energy will flood the body.

This volume offers critical new insights into using bicarbonates for cancer patients, people dying of or treating viral infections, and other diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and neurological disorders because bicarbonates treat one of the underlying causes of most diseases, which is low cell voltage and hypoxia, which is the medical term for low oxygen conditions, which is quite common.

Bicarbonate can play a role in managing kidney disease, particularly in cases of metabolic acidosis. Metabolic acidosis is when the body has an imbalance in acid-base levels, leading to a lower-than-normal pH in the blood. In individuals with kidney disease, the kidneys may have difficulty effectively removing acid from the body, resulting in metabolic acidosis. Bicarbonate is an alkaline substance that can help raise the pH of the blood and body tissues and correct acidosis.

Unfortunately, contemporary oncology cannot give us the answers we need and the necessary therapy for cancer patients that will win the war on cancer. Oncologists cannot even give us a coherent picture of what cancer is and how to avoid it. Thus it is our moral and ethical obligation to find the best solutions for the gravest and most painful disease of our time without oncologists’ oversight or approval.

In reality, oncologists are morons meaning they have it all wrong. Cancer is not a genetic disease. It is a metabolic disease. Calling them morons is being nice. What would not be nice is to call them psychopathic mass murderers who use poison and deadly radiation to, sooner or later, kill their patients. Emerging evidence indicates that cancer is primarily a metabolic disease involving disturbances in energy production through respiration and fermentation. If one searches, one will find mainstream oncology finally beginning to admit, in numerous publications, that evidence suggests cancer is not as purely genetic as once thought. How gracious of them. With just a tiny shred of intelligence, we can conclude that poison will only worsen metabolic disturbances.

Bicarbonates and CO2 are the best metabolic medicines,
so oncologists will never use them because they
are stuck on their erroneous ideas of genetics.

The Western medical-industrial complex is corrupt to the core, so dark and black it staggers the soul to contemplate its evil misdeeds. Covid was deliberately created with the gain of function research as a medical weapon of mass destruction to attack humanity. It was not threatening enough, so they had to develop genetic Covid vaccines far worse than the original spike protein developed in the laboratory. All medical ethics was cast aside to produce and administer the most deadly vaccine in history. Anyone with sense would not trust anything medical organizations and health officials have to say today.

It is unknown how many Covid patients were killed in hospitals, but we know that the top 20 hospitals pocketed $23 billion in Covid-aid from taxpayers. They profited from the pandemic while administering harmful medical procedures and drugs like Remdesivir.

A new analysis suggests that many people who required help from a ventilator due to a COVID-19 infection also developed secondary bacterial pneumonia. Moreover, this pneumonia was responsible for a higher mortality rate than the COVID-19 infection. So while COVID-19 may have put these patients in the hospital, it was an infection brought on by using a mechanical ventilator that was more likely to cause death—just about everyone put on ventilators died.

Millions worldwide consume bicarbonate in drinking water or have been treated clinically in hospitals, medical centers, or emergency units to prevent and treat clinical acidosis and numerous other conditions. It is even administered in ambulances. However, only one hospital worldwide used bicarbonates to treat severe Covid patients even though sodium bicarbonate has helped save countless lives daily for over a century.

Sodium bicarbonate is the time-honored method to ‘speed up’ the return of the body’s bicarbonate levels to normal, which is the same thing as bringing up blood CO2 levels, increasing oxygen delivery to the cells. Bicarbonate is inorganic, very alkaline, and supports an extensive list of biological functions like other mineral-type substances.

Sodium bicarbonate is one of our most valuable medicines because bicarbonate physiology is fundamental to life and health. So helpful and elementary that it’s instrumental in helping sperm swim up and enter the cervical canal.[i]

Like magnesium chloride, administration possibilities for bicarbonate are versatile: intravenous, oral, transdermal, and via catheter; it can be vaporized directly into the lungs and be used in enemas and douches. In addition, one can take intense baths with baking soda and spray it on the skin.

Bicarbonate Chemotherapy

Sodium bicarbonate is the least expensive, safest, and perhaps the most effective cancer medicine there is. By the time one finishes the first fifty pages of this book, I believe that most cancer patients will need no more convincing. No more than a thirsty person needs convincing to swallow water when coming out of the desert. There are other inexpensive, safe, and effective treatments for cancer, but bicarbonate and CO2 are the most basic, fast-acting, and indeed the cheapest.

When I started writing about bicarbonate and cancer many years ago, it was pioneering risk-taking research because it was inconceivable to the mainstream or anybody else that something as simple as baking soda could save thousands of cancer patients’ lives.

Now it’s a slam dunk. We are now on the level of saying EVERY cancer patient should be doing bicarbonate medicine, and only medical terrorists would hold people back from using baking soda and other bicarbonates. If you did not understand what I said, this is a take-no-prisoners edition of Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment.

Saying that every cancer patient should take bicarbonates is on the same level as every cancer patient should stay fully hydrated, warm, and breathe correctly if they want to survive. You might as well deprive a baby of a mother’s milk as deprive cancer patients of bicarbonates.

Sodium bicarbonate cancer treatment focuses on delivering natural chemotherapy that effectively kills cancer cells or, at a minimum, will put their harmful activity on freeze. It will starve them, make them less aggressive, and will neutralize the deadly acid they put out in the form of lactic acid. This is especially true for cancer stem cells and the meanest, nastiest cancer cells at the heart of tumors which are the most hypoxic.

The primary reason why conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy have failed to produce any significant improvements in cancer survival rates is that cancer stem cells are resistant to these interventions. Chemotherapy and especially radiation are capable of increasing the number and virulence of these cells in a tumor while at the same time having the well-known side effect of further damaging the patient’s immune system.

Chemotherapy can actually cause cancer-at least in the long run, admits the American Cancer Society (ACS), the US’s most conservative cancer organization. “Of all the possible late complications of cancer treatment, developing a second cancer is one of the most serious.”

Stem cells, currently touted as the miracle cells for regenerating everything from corneas to livers, are highly potent-and cancer stem cells are just as powerful. They’re cancer’s foundation stones: cancer can’t develop without stem cells. Worse still, cancer can’t spread without stem cells, and the spread (‘metastasis’) is the killer of the disease.

Nothing will get under the skin of cancer cells faster than good old baking soda. And I mean quickly. In 48 hours, one can speedily increase their urine pH to 8.0 to a max of 8.4, which will fundamentally change our physiology to a condition that is hostile to cancer cells, whether they are free-floating cancer stem cells or the deadly ones in tumors. For pennies, one has a nothing-to-lose-everything-to-gain-cancer treatment.

Most thought it was strange when Dr. Tullio Simoncini showed up on our medical radars. He is the oncologist from Rome who pointed to using bicarbonate as a mainline cancer treatment, and he was persecuted for it. However, sodium bicarbonate is one of the oldest workhorse medicines. It was commonly used during the application of some types of chemotherapy. In addition, some studies have shown how manipulating tumor pH with sodium bicarbonate enhances chemotherapy.[ii]

Sodium bicarbonate, potassium chloride, and calcium maintain
pH and electrolytes within normal values in intensive care units.

We are talking about serious medicine when we talk about sodium bicarbonate. Earlier and more frequent use of sodium bicarbonate is associated with higher early resuscitation rates and better long-term neurological outcomes in emergency units.

Sodium bicarbonate is beneficial during CPR.[iii] Bicarbonate lessens the development of polycystic kidney disease in rats. Chronic administration of 200 mM sodium bicarbonate to rats inhibited cystic enlargement and prevented the subsequent development of interstitial inflammation, chronic fibrosis, and uremia.[iv]

Cancer treatments, including the most commonly used chemotherapy agents and the newest biologic and targeted therapy drugs, can harm a patient’s heart – sometimes fatally. Cardiologists at The University of Texas found in their review of 29 anticancer agents that no class of cancer drug is free of potential damage to the heart. The heart seems to be very sensitive to the toxic effects of anticancer agents. Even the newest targeted therapies, designed to attack only cancer cells, can cause cardiotoxicity.[v]

We do not have to fear bicarbonate intake. And in fact, people who live in areas of the world with high amounts of bicarbonate in their drinking waters have a decreased mortality rate and a decreased prevalence of diseases. Sodium bicarbonate, though often used as a medicine, is unlike pharmaceutical compounds. It is a natural, non-toxic substance that does not require clinical trials to assess toxicity. Spring waters contain bicarbonate ions coupled mainly with sodium, potassium, calcium, or magnesium ions. A deficiency of bicarbonate ions in the body contributes to various diseases and medical conditions.

Prof. Bernard Paul said, “I have used the baking soda to stop the spread of the “powdery mildew fungus” on the grapevine when the disease was going out of control! It did not cure the grapevine but did stop the spread of the disease.”

Sodium bicarbonate is a powerful, natural, and safe antifungal agent, probably covering the entire spectrum of microbial organisms when combined with iodine and chlorine dioxide. The efficacy of sodium bicarbonate against certain bacteria and fungi has been well documented. However, its role as a disinfectant against viruses is not generally known. Sodium bicarbonate at concentrations of 5% and above was adequate, with a 99.99% reduction in viral titers on food contact surfaces within a contact time of 1 min.[vi]

This logo of the Arm & Hammer baking soda is not a joke. Sodium Bicarbonate is as advertised. It comes into any job wielding a heavy mallet. Bicarbonate is a powerful universal concentrated nutritional medicine that works effectively in many clinical situations. For instance: The treatment of Interstitial Cystitis and Painful Bladder Syndrome depends on “rescue” instillations (or cocktails) of customized solutions that can be placed in the bladder and immediately help reduce pain and discomfort. Likewise, suppose the anesthetic is alkalinized with a precise amount of sodium bicarbonate. In that case, it dramatically improves its ability to pass through the mucous to reach and soothe the irritated nerves and tissues beneath.

Sodium bicarbonate is only classified as a medicine if it is in injectable form or administered in IVs. Otherwise, it is a legal food item in every supermarket, useful for hundreds of applications. For example, the National Cancer Institute recommends sodium bicarbonate to treat oral mucositis, an inflammation of oral mucosa resulting from chemotherapeutic agents or ionizing radiation. Chorine dioxide is also excellent for this and is legally used by dentists for this purpose.

Special Note: One of the best forms of bicarbonate is magnesium bicarbonate drinking water. Thus, this book must include some in-depth information about magnesium because it is the perfect help mate to bicarbonate. Magnesium bicarbonate is the best form of magnesium and the best form of bicarbonate. It is the ultimate mitochondrial medicine.

Personal Note: About forty years ago, someone told me that being nice is often not real. It must have taken me a decade to understand what they meant. When I said above that this is a take-no-prisoner document and confronted oncologists with not-very-nice words, I was being authentic and honest. The entire medical establishment has come off the rails. The mainstream of life has turned into one big lie. Life has always been difficult, but now it and medicine have become unbelievably insane. There is no being nice to organizations and people hurting so many men, women, and children.

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Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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