Rotten American Society & Government

Published on April 24, 2023

Sick societies produce sick people. Sick governments produce sick societies. Sick people do incredibly stupid, dangerous, and often violent things. The mainstream paradigm of life does not want people to be healthy or happy. It is willing to turn humanity into evil winds for the buck and for the sake of power. So, the evil rich of our world keep twisting civilization into darkness and it is the individual and families that pay.

We read every day about the insanities of American life. Kids pull into the wrong driveway looking for a party and a girl is shot and killed. South Carolina wife and mother shot to death in front of young children in Kroger parking lot after a fight with a woman she didn’t know. Virginia school bus video shows a student choking a 7th-grader in a bullying incident. Man and 15-year-old arrested in shooting of 9 children at Ga. gas station. A Wall Street Journal revealed that the traditional forces of social cohesion are collapsing before our very eyes.

There have been 376 school shootings since 1999.
More than 348,000 students have experienced
 gun violence at school since Columbine.

Back in 2011, I already wrote about both the visible and invisible violence going on everywhere. However, that violence is spreading and is plastered almost every day in the mainstream media, and it’s quite disturbing.

My wife keeps telling me our hearts and minds are not wired to take in such rip tides of negative information from our local environments and around the world. In this essay, you are getting this in condensed form to make a point. We are entering or are already in an apocalyptic age and we can see that clearly in the Western world but especially in America where they would not know the forest from the trees in terms of anything. There is no joy in reporting on the sorry situation and my wife just knocked me in the head for writing and publishing such an essay as this today.  

 Only 25% of Americans believe the
news media acts in the public interest
50 percent do not believe in the lies of global warming.

Four people, including three teenage girls, were shot, and killed in an apparent murder-suicide in Texas. When deputies arrived, they found three teenage girls – ages 13, 14, and 19 – along with a 37-year-old man unresponsive with gunshot wounds. 3 teens were arrested after a 15-year-old girl was murdered in her bed in Peachtree City. Three children were killed after a Texas caseworker said they should be removed from the home. Florida 8-year-old accused of cutting the throat of another child. An eight-year-old shoots and seriously wounds his teacher.

The U.S. has seen a deadly start to 2023, including six mass killings in a three-week period in January, according to an Associated Press/USA Today database. It defines a mass killing as four or more people dead, not including the perpetrator. But already there are more.

Six people were killed in a mass shooting  in Mississippi and there have been a number of mass shootings in which fewer people were slain, such as the shooting at Michigan State University in which three people were killed and five were wounded.

A Texas woman accused of abandoning her two young children in Houston for weeks was arrested in South Alabama. A California mom was hospitalized over the weekend after a group of boys put a bucket on her head while she was shopping at a local Target in what police say was a social media prank. Meanwhile, things and people are so fragile that we read a United plane turned back 3 hours into the flight after a ‘disruptive’ passenger sat in a crew seat while waiting to go to the bathroom and got into a shouting match with a flight attendant. The cost of six hours of fuel and time lost to hundreds of people is just one price paid as things turn more rotten.

We could go on all day reading such horrific news. It never ends. But America is a wonderful country according to politicians but ask anyone outside of the country what they think of the United States of America. Americans are in danger, and they don’t seem to understand that. They have never understood what America has done and continues to do in the world but now the trouble is at home.

“The real problem is that the moral fabric of the US and many other Western countries are torn. There’s not much of a moral compass left. It’s no longer clear to the average American what is right and what is wrong. Right, and wrong is now viewed as arbitrary social constructs,” writes Doug Casey. How many Americans can handle the truth remains to be seen.

Texas Medically Kidnaps Newborn Baby Born at Home
Because the Parents Refused to Bring the Baby to the Hospital.

America leads the world in sickness and insanity, and it is getting worse, especially in the Democratic-controlled states but mass shootings and murder for sure are not exclusive to those populations. America is in decay. Just take a walk in San Francisco to see how bad things are.

But the country is fine according to the president who cares more for Ukraine than he does for the American people, probably because he is being blackmailed because of all the dirty business he and his son Hunter conducted in that wonderful country that is as democratic as Hitler’s Germany was.

Damning report reveals there are NO students proficient in either math or reading at 60 different public schools in Illinois: Lawmaker slams pandemic policies for ‘serious’ academic decline. Oh yes, we did just live through three years of Covid insanity run by the rottenest health and medical officials alive on the planet.

Mike Whitney asks, “Are the mandated injections, the forced lockdowns, the aggressive government-implemented censorship, the dubious presidential elections, the burning of food processing plants, the derailing of trains, the attacks on the power grid, the BLM-Antifa riots, the drag queen shows for schoolchildren, the maniacal focus on gender issues, and glitzy public show-trials merely random incidents occurring spontaneously during a period of great social change or are they, in fact, evidence of a stealthily orchestrated operation conducted by agents of the state acting on behalf of their elite benefactors?” Whitney asserts that it’s a deliberate plan to wreck America.

When Sophie Nystuen created a website for teens who had experienced trauma, her idea was to give them space to write about the hurt they couldn’t share. The Brookline, Mass., 16-year-old received posts about drug use and suicide. But a majority wrote about sexual violence.

“Every time I’ve tried, my throat feels like it’s closing, my lungs forget how to breathe,” wrote one anonymous poster. “I was sexually assaulted.”

These expressions of inner crisis are just a glint of the startling data reported by federal researchers. Nearly 1 in 3 high school girls said they had considered suicide, a 60 percent rise in the past decade. Nearly 15 percent had been forced to have sex. About 6 in 10 girls were so persistently sad or hopeless they stopped regular activities.

The new report represents nothing short of a crisis in American girlhood. The findings have ramifications for a generation of young women who have endured an extraordinary level of sadness and sexual violence – and present uncharted territory for the health advocates, teachers, counselors, and parents who are trying to help them.

The reasons girls are in crisis are likely complex, and may vary by race, ethnicity, class and culture. Harvard psychologist Richard Weissbourd points out that “girls are more likely to respond to pain in the world by internalizing conflict and stress and fear, and boys are more likely to translate those feelings into anger and aggression,” masking their depression.

She said part of the problem is that digital media has displaced the face-to-face time teens once had with friends, and that teens often don’t get enough sleep. Adding to those influences are the hours teens spend scrolling social media. For girls, she said, this often means “comparing your body and your life to others and feeling that you come up wanting.”

That’s not to say everything that people do on smartphones is problematic, Twenge said. “It’s just social media in general and internet use show the strongest correlations with depression,” she said.

Two UN bodies have published a report that outlines an agenda to decriminalize all ‘consensual’ sexual activity, even between adults and minors. The report outlines a strategy that would effectively make Pedophilia legal.


“So far, everything we’ve done to promote the conflict in the Ukraine has backfired on Western Civ. Most of the rest of the world recognizes that the US has gone insane and they are taking careful steps to decouple from us — mainly to stop using our money for international trade. Really, would you want to have anything to do with a crazy person? No, you’d put as much distance as possible between you and this lunatic and stop even trying to communicate,” writes James Howard Kunstler. 

“When you are locked in your home, your business is closed, your church is shut, your neighbors are screaming at you to mask up, then the doctors come at you with shots you don’t want, and you are further prevented from leaving the country to anywhere but Mexico, and the president calls the unvaccinated enemies of the people, sure, one can imagine that affections (patriotism) for the homeland decline,” writes Jeffrey Tucker.

Kunstler also says, “You might be among those who have noticed that the people in authority in our country appear increasingly insane. It ought to be self-evident that this is deeply disturbing, but I will explain anyway to allay any residual mystification. In a sane human society, authority is granted to those who are trustworthy. People earn trust by demonstrating their allegiance to reality. Things generally work better when the people running them maintain cordial relations with reality. Now, you understand why so many things don’t work in the USA. What more subtle minds are asking these days is this: when does this insanity tip over into evil?”

Something Good

March 23, 2023, Barbara Loe Fisher, cofounder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) unveiled a public Truth and Freedom monument outside the Mercola office in Cape Coral, Florida.

The monument is dedicated to the casualties of one-size-fits-all mandatory vaccination policies. It also celebrates civil liberties and human rights, the first of which is the right to autonomy and protection of bodily integrity.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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