Running Out Of Tears

Published on April 24, 2022

Illustration by Nicolás Ortega. Source: Belshazzar’s Feast, John Martin, 1820.


The world is staggering towards multiple crises. There is “A huge riptide in global events that will carry many people and whole societies out to sea,” writes James Howard Kunstler. Because we cannot apply intelligence and make significant changes, our institutions, political systems, and societies will collapse, so be ready to survive all that will come. Gerald Celente predicts, “We are headed for an economic calamity the likes of which we have never seen in our lifetime.” We’ll soon see financial chaos, which will lead to economic chaos, political chaos, and social chaos.

The International Rice Research Institute warns that harvests could plunge
as much as 10% in the next season, equating to about 36 million tons of
rice, or enough food to feed a half billion people, according to 

We the people of earth are under full scale attack. Unfortunately, there seem to be far too few who recognize what is happening because the powers that be have taken total control of information. They have been infecting almost everyone’s brains with lies; thus, few realize how serious things are and that NATO and the Americans are risking total war. It is sad to say that the news will only worsen, and one does not need to be a prophet to see why.  It’s all shaping up to be a massacre for a good part of the human race. The existing order is in meltdown on multiple fronts.

Sri Lanka fuel crisis: “Only God can help us now.”
Sit back and watch Europe commit suicide.
It’s Time to Consider the Possibility That
Western ‘Leaders’ Are Literal Demons

The mess is everywhere. The war in Ukraine undoubtedly clarifies that large parts of the world depend on Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus for necessities such as food, energy, and other commodities. In a certain sense, our enemies are us, so civilization is shooting itself in the foot, which has become apparent to Europeans and Americans with their self-defeating sanctions. The world will pay big time for all the mistakes and misdeeds, which means we will suffer.

UK’s Largest Supermarket Begins Rationing Cooking Oil

We have the war, a new level of medical violence in Shanghai not even seen in the Nazi concentration camps, an advancing financial meltdown (think bond debt collapse), supply chain chaos destruction, food shortages, and what is shaping up to be hyperinflation, especially in the energy and food sectors, to herald in nasty things for many billions among us. The UN is shouting billions! A great battle for food resources I begining with poorer nations doomed to lose.

Many are already facing difficulties, with an estimated 5
Brits are experiencing fuel poverty from the 1st of April.

The crisis has caused a “perfect storm” of disruptions to global food, energy, and financial markets that “threatens to negatively affect the lives of billions of people around the world,” the UN said in a new report.

The price of eggs has soared in recent weeks in part because of a huge bird flu wave that has infected nearly 27 million chickens and turkeys in the United States, forcing many farmers to “depopulate” or destroy their animals to prevent a further spread.

Much of what is happening seems designed to reduce the human population by force. “Things are getting very ugly very fast.” Germany, along with a host of other European countries — is already experiencing chronic shortages of a variety of products, including flour and sunflower oil, with food manufacturers, in particular, struggling to adjust recipes and production methods to keep factory lines moving with substitute ingredients.

Big Tech is playing God, making life-or-death decisions
about what information people see or do not see.

“There is not a pension fund in Europe that is solvent at this stage of the game. . . . The European government is collapsing.  If they end up defaulting, you are going to have millions of people down there with pitchforks storming the parliament.  So, to avoid that, they need war,” Martin Armstrong says. “War in Europe could break out in a couple of weeks, and the EU and NATO are pushing this.” (I listened to Martin’s entire video.)

Celente agrees, saying, “We are headed to World War III. . . . There is not a peep about a cease-fire.  Biden is only bragging about more weapons being sent in.  Biden says we are going to defeat the Russians.  We are not backing down.  No one is talking about a cease-fire, and no one is talking about peace.”

The Enemy—All those opposed to the exploitative and manipulative
Western/Anglo-Zionist/Nazi/NATO/Globalist/Capitalist ideology and project.

The corpses are littering streets in places like Bucha. Videos that are showing Ukrainians executing Russian prisoners of war are signs of how rapidly these divisions are becoming even more poisonous, deepening the existing trauma of eight years of civil war.

Pharmaceutical Terrorism’s Target? The Entire Human Race

According to the latest UK Government figures, most triple vaccinated people in England have now lost 80% of their immune system capability compared to the natural immune system capability of unvaccinated people, meaning they are now down to the last 20% of their immune system for fighting viruses, bacteria, disease, and cancer. Chlorine dioxide could come to the rescue, but the FDA and the entire medical-industrial complex would rather these people die.

We have a health crisis ushered in by an insane pharmaceutical industry gone full out Nazi injecting billions with experimental vaccines that entirely break the Nurenberg Code. As a result, more cancers are being detected in later stages, reports one top Boston Hospital, and official vaccine adverse event systems are reporting easily a hundred thousand vaccine deaths and millions of people suffering severe adverse vaccine reactions.

In Europe alone, we see:

Doctors Forgot How To Practice Medicine During COVID

Or perhaps they forgot gradually over the last few decades as pharmaceutical interest invaded their brains, teaching them to poison and harm their patients instead of helping and healing them. As a result, doctors are hopelessly lost, and the FDA does not want the public to use anything that will help them. Mainstream doctors should have known better.

“Spike protein is one of the most contrived toxins or poisons that man has ever made. And the aim of this toxin is to kill billions without anyone noticing it.”
—Dr. Shankara Chetty, November 2021 interview

So it is no surprise that hospitals became butcher shops killing more COVID patients than they helped with wrong treatments, deadly treatments like remdesivir, which, believe it or not, is similar or a synthetic form of snake venom. It will kill you every time if you inject enough of it, but now you will see online how snake venom might be used to treat COVID. What a great idea on how to cover up pharmaceutical murder.

Structural Stupidity

US schools are using smart cameras
target students without face masks

We have the fragmentation of everything, with social and mainstream media making everything much worse. People, especially politicians, have inflicted structural stupidity on themselves, so you can continue to expect them to do everything wrong. The Democrats have been hit especially hard by their ongoing efforts to silence and intimidate their critics, making themselves stupider, “almost as if they are shooting darts into their own brains.”

In Shanghai, which is three times the size of New York City, A tragedy of epic proportions is unfolding, and we do not know why. Is it for a mild viral infection easily treated by chlorine dioxide (and other substances like Ivermectin), as Trump inferred at the beginning of the pandemic, or is something else going on?

“It’s actually unbelievable—but true—that the Chinese government has a city of 27 million people locked in their apartments. They can’t even leave to get food. Rotten vegetables are dispensed to them like prisoners or captive animals. Hundreds of thousands more have been placed in gruesome facilities, packed in like cattle if they’re suspected of having COVID. In many cases, people’s pets are being slaughtered. It’s criminally insane,” writes Doug Casey.

The information from Shanghai proves that these drastic lockdowns create enormous damage to the population. Millions of citizens without food or medicine and rising suicides have shown that the infamous “zero covid” policy often disguises mass population control and repression.

Residents have been under strict pandemic lockdown, and now they are jumping out of buildings. More people are committing suicide than are dying from the virus. I would not usually think the Chinese government would be that stupid to believe and act out by killing people to save them, to hurt their own country to protect it.  Something else is obviously going on.

According to an exiled Chinese billionaire, who was an insider in Xi’s circle, Xi personally drafted the zero COVID policy. He explained that China is imposing harsh lockdown for zero COVID policy to force starvation and humble the masses, making them depend even more on the Party for survival. Keep the boot on the neck of the people, and they will be grateful for crumbs.

Under COVID Lockdown, Shanghai’s People Are Running
Out of Food and Meds While Pets Get Killed in the Streets

Certain people do not care for the dead, dying, the suffering and pain of uncountable millions thrown under the bus. Twenty-seven million in total lockdown in Shanghai and the millions of parents worldwide who sit around the dinner table with nothing to give their kids is more than upsetting.

“With residents unable to leave their houses, food supplies are dwindling, and government workers attempting to deliver supplies to homes and apartments, frequently failing to do so in a timely or consistent manner. As a result, people are running out of the medicines they need to stay healthy or alive. Some people experiencing medical emergencies, CNN reports, have died after being turned away; they could not access care without negative COVID tests. “We are not killed by Covid, but by the Covid control measures,” read a viral post on the social media site Weibo.”

Mask Wearing Has Left a Generation of
Toddlers Struggling With Speech and Social Skills

What Do We Do With These Bastards?

“The world is in an epoch battle between the forces of evil represented by the Gang of Weasels led by Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, all of the Davos clowns, the MSM, and the Young Global Leaders on one side and the 99% yearning for freedom from their unlimited government on the other. The battle has been planned and in progress for many years. The Gang of Weasels wants you to believe that all you need to do to change the climate is increase taxes and hand the money to them,” writes Bob Moriarty.

The aid group Action Aid warns that families in the Horn
of Africa are already being driven “to the brink of survival.”

And they could care less if you starve. The fertilizer crunch threatens to further limit worldwide food supplies, already constrained by the disruption of crucial grain shipments from Ukraine and Russia. The loss of those affordable supplies of wheat, barley, and other grains raises the prospect of food shortages and political instability in Middle Eastern, African, and some Asian countries, where millions rely on subsidized bread and cheap noodles. 

A fuel shortage is causing political turmoil and social unrest in Argentina, and is expected to result in food shortages as the South American nation’s grain transporters call for a strike in the face of sky-high fuel prices, reports

The world’s largest fertilizer company said Union Pacific had hit it with railroad-mandated shipping reductions that would impact nitrogen fertilizers such as urea and urea ammonium nitrate shipments to Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, and California.


Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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