Same Old Conclusion: There’s No Benefit To Using Supplements Or Vitamin D

Published on March 17, 2021

It gets tiring to read over and over again that supplements are of no use. It is a favorite refrain of the medical-industrial complex. This time, they cut down the apple tree of vitamin D as if it were worthless in the fight against COVID. They might as well say against all viruses and all disease.

Who needs the benefits of the sun? That useless ball of light in the sky is even discounted in terms of climate change, and dermatologists want you to have nothing to do with it. When it comes to the mainstream narrative, nothing matters except their fantastic vaccines that are perfectly safe even though thousands die of the various COVID vaccines.

Italian prosecutors have opened a manslaughter
today after a music teacher died
a day after receiving AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine.

The sun is the fountain of life. Its physical benefits matter. Vitamin D status matters. Breathing matters. Magnesium, selenium, and iodine status matter. Being obese in the Age of COVID matters! Never before in modern history does health status matter as much as it does with deliberately made viruses running amok in the world. Oh, I forgot, they come from bats, or is it mice or monkeys?

"It seems clear that light is the most important environmental input, after food, in controlling bodily function," reported Dr. Richard J. Wurtman, a nutritionist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "Sometimes I get the impression my dermatologist colleagues would be happiest if we lived in caves," continues Wurtman, who recommends daily 20-minute walks at noon to get the Sunlight we need.

"Sunlight dominates the chemistry of the blood. People who do not get Sunlight do not have the same richness and redness of blood as do those who secure plenty of Sunlight. There is not a tissue nor a function in the body that is not benefited by regular and judicious sunbathing," writes Herbert M. Shelton, author of Fasting and Sun Bathing.

I, of course, would put CO2, hydrogen, and oxygen before light, for we can live for quite a while in darkness but only for a few minutes at best without the essential gasses of life. However, Dr. Wurtman is correct if you include the full spectrum of light in the universe because that light is the backbone of existence. Remove that, and everything drops dead instantly. Remove that, and everything ceases to exist.

The Vitamin D apple tree was cut down by two separate non-peer-reviewed studies looking into Vitamin D’s use and effectiveness against Covid infection. There’s no clear benefit to using supplements. Please note that these are non-peer-reviewed studies. These studies contradict a preprint study released in mid-February by researchers at the University of Barcelona, which suggested that giving high doses of vitamin D to Covid patients in a hospital could cut deaths by 60 percent. Another study featured below claims that 100 percent of deaths could be avoided if D levels are high enough.

It is well known in science that researchers can find exactly the conclusions they want. Forever the medical-industrial complex has been putting down supplements and nutrition even though there is a direct connection between immune system strength and nutritional sufficiency.

According to a recent review published in BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health on nutrition and COVID-19, "Existing micronutrient deficiencies, even if only a single micronutrient, can impair immune function and increase susceptibility to infectious disease." 

Nothing is a Replacement for Health

Vaccines are not a replacement for health. Nothing is a replacement for health. So, it matters what it takes to remain healthy. We need all the vitamins and minerals, fats and proteins, and even some carbohydrates to stay healthy. We need to breathe correctly, get exercise, have meaningful work, and believe it or not, we even need love, touch, and sex to be completely healthy.

We need to be in touch with our feelings and express them to others easily to be perfectly healthy, but today never more than before, people are holding everything in. And we need light. We need the nutrition that light provides.

In the world of demented public health officials and mainstream medical scientists, we only need vaccines to be healthy. So, get yours now and rest in peace. Sure, for some, that might mean being six feet under the ground, as the Centers of Disease Control, the VAERS vaccine reporting system, and news reports from around the world indicate. There have been dangerous vaccines before, as Robert Kennedy Jr. keeps reminding us, but the highly rushed experimental vaccines for COVID seem to be setting new standards in terms of dangers.

So, forget about taking vitamin D even if you have no access to the life-giving rays of the sun. Don’t you dare take magnesium, selenium, or iodine. No matter how acid (low in oxygen and low in cell voltage) you are, do not even think of taking any bicarbonates, but for sure get your vaccines? So what if it is like playing Russian Roulette. Just don’t act surprised if you or a loved one keel over, suffer a disability for life, or die.

Vitamin D – Is It A Matter Of Opinion?

Vitamin D Insufficiency May Account for Almost Nine of Ten COVID-19 Deaths: "Evidence from observational studies is suggesting that the majority of deaths due to SARS-CoV-2 infections are statistically attributable to vitamin D insufficiency and could potentially be prevented by vitamin D supplementation."

You can see this in English, with complete information from Lorenz Borsche and Dr. Bernd Glauner from Germany. It’s clear, no death from the coronavirus at vitamin D blood concentrations above 34 ng/ml. Vitamin D sufficiency is a good marker of health status.

The Guardian published that scientists are calling for ministers in England to add vitamin D to common foods such as bread and milk to help the fight against Covid-19. According to some studies, low levels of vitamin D may lead to a greater risk of catching the coronavirus or suffering more severe infection effects. Researchers in Spain recently found that 82% of coronavirus patients out of 216 admitted to the hospital had low vitamin D levels.

In the National Library of Medicine, we read that A Single Large Dose of Vitamin D Could be Used as a Means of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Prevention and Treatment. It has been shown that low Vit D levels are associated with a viral infection, and Vit D supplementation is beneficial for people infected with viruses, such as HIV and hepatitis C virus. Although COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, the morbidity and mortality of this disease are driven by coagulopathy. Clinical studies have shown that Vit D can exert anticoagulant effects. Vit D, a lipid-soluble vitamin, can be administered as a draught. Vit D supplementation is safe and has rare toxic events. Besides, the cost of Vit D is pretty low. Based on these observations, we speculate that a single dose of 300,000 IU Vit D may have a role in preventing and treating COVID-19.

One study on vitamin D used as high as 540,000 units for severe lung disease. High dose vitamin D administration in ventilated intensive care unit patients has also been studied using 50,000 IU vitamin D3 or 100,000 IU vitamin D3 daily for five consecutive days (total vitamin D3 dose = 250,000 IU or 500,000 IU, respectively) without a cause for alarm.

One company in the USA makes tablets that are 50,000 and once recommended as high as four a day (200,000 units for four days) for at-risk patients. Now because of the FDA oppression, they will not make such recommendations.

According to the Mayo Clinic: Vitamin D toxicity, characterized by hypercalcemia, hyperphosphatemia, and suppression of parathyroid hormone, is usually observed when intakes are excessively high, in the range of more than 50,000 to 1 million IU of vitamin D per day and are maintained long-term for several months to years.

A cancer patient, who is desperately trying to reverse their spreading cancer, could safely take 500,000 units a day for the first week, 400,000 units for the second week, 300,000 units for the third week, and 50,000 units a day from after that without even touching the toxicity of any form of chemotherapy.

Taking one 50,000 IU capsule of Vitamin D3 every two weeks will result in 80% of adults bringing their blood levels to above 40 nanograms/ milliliter, which is optimal for good health. A 50,000 IU capsule is the equivalent of the amount of vitamin D from sunbathing for three days in a sunny climate. The skin produces approximately 10,000 IU vitamin D in response to 20–30 minutes of full-body summer sun exposure—50 times more than the US government’s recommendation of 200 IU per day.

Vitamin D – Increased Immune System Strength

Over the past fifty years, thousands of studies have informed the public about the positive relationship between vitamin D, sun exposure, and the immune system. COVID-19 is being treated wrongly due to a severe diagnosis error. World health officials do not listen to doctors on the front lines, and because since forever, they have been dead set against natural medicines, even if they are used every day in ICU departments. It is helpful to read about doctors’ most recommended treatments.

Vitamin D has a prominent role in the body’s innate immunity as it is vital in the maintenance of macrophages and monocytes and its function in defending against infections. Anything that helps strengthen our immune system is going to be helpful in our fight against cancer.

Research findings that show that vitamin D can speed up the antibiotic treatment of tuberculosis (TB) have been revealed by scientists at The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. The study — which gives fresh insight into how vitamin D may affect the immune response was published January 6, 2011, in The Lancet. Scientists have shown that a single 2.5mg dose of vitamin D may be enough to boost the immune system to fight against tuberculosis (TB) and similar bacteria for at least six weeks. Their findings came from a study that identified an extraordinarily high incidence of vitamin D deficiency amongst those communities in London most at risk from the disease, which kills around two million people each year

Sunshine is healthy for us and our immune systems. The sun’s ultraviolet rays, or UV rays as they are commonly known, are needed by our bodies to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential, as it helps keep our immune systems strong and helps strengthen bone and muscle. Sunshine also helps improve our general mood.

Dermatologists have demonized sun exposure. They prefer you cover up with solar protectors whose chemicals are now officially known to get into users’ bloodstreams. The sun and vitamin D are essential if you want to avoid cancer, yet mainstream medicine suggests avoiding the sun and increasing your chances of coming down with cancer.

In the winter, the sun in Britain is barely strong enough
to make the vitamin, and by spring, say scientists, 60% of the population
>is deficient (defined as a blood level below 30 ng per milliliter).

For most people today the answer is no, you are not getting enough vitamin D which is the same thing as saying most people are not getting enough sun. A new study has found that the number of people being diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency has tripled from 2008 to 2010 in the United States. Some researchers believe that up to 75% of the United States population may not be getting enough vitamin D (levels below 30 ng/ml). This is an expanding problem, especially for children who are spending most of their time in the digital world instead of playing outside.

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