Saving The Human Race, Is It Possible?

Published on September 8, 2021

From the heart space we are a race, a unified spirit. We are one whether we like it or not and that is no fun since there is no shortage of psychopaths and sociopaths on the loose. We are in this life on this world together and that is what love is all about, but would you believe some people hate love and love hurting people. It makes sense to want to love and be loved yet too many choose to rape. And remember there are many kinds and levels of rape including chemical rape.

For anyone not understanding the nature of human vulnerability and how one person can hurt and cause great suffering in another, meditate on rape and child sexual abuse, which demonstrate the deep hurt humans are capable of feeling – that too many men dish out to others without remorse.

One of the most basic ways of hurting someone is to not listen to them. Listening to the being of another is an act of caring. To listen to the level of being or soul we must be “feeling” with the other person. We must be “feeling” one with their inner world. This is the essence of empathy. Empathy is the pure understanding of what others are experiencing and feeling. When we have shed our preconceived ideas and judgments about life and people, we open the heart that has this special capacity to empathize with another.

The individual cannot completely escape collective events and the collective is the sum of all individual components. Though we can build illusions about the supremacy of our individualities, and the individualities of others, however, there is a level of reality that cannot be divided. This is the true and ancient meaning of individuality, “that which cannot be divided.”

The Darkness of The Uncaring Mind

The uncaring mind is having a field day in the Age of COVID, and people are being crushed financially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Many are having their lives taken from them with vicious vaccines and denial of rational treatments that would have kept millions out of the hospitals and on this side of deaths door.

In a lot of my writings through the years I have attempted to shine a mirror on the uncaring mind that has raped the heart out of humanity. It has been easy to highlight this against the backdrop of modern medicine where pharmaceutical terrorism dominates not health and caring.

Slaughterhouses exist in too many places to count, in hospitals, vaccine centers, radiology departments and chemo clinics where people are chemically raped. Our civilization is about rape, about pharmaceutical companies chemically raping people with their poisonous drugs, how companies rape the environment for profit and so on. Rape is the annihilation of love. That is what rape is.

Sexual rape is a crime that is relatively easy to get away with. Rape envelops the whole world of its victims; it turns their world into living hell and children who have been abused sexually live a life of strange shadows. There are no words strong enough to describe the way rape victims feel. They are locked in a nightmare that seems to have little relevance to the outside world. Having had their bodies violated and their minds tortured it is almost impossible to communicate the feelings to others who have no real perception of the depth of physical and psychological abuse a person can suffer through.

From the point of the pure heart, that is not separate from itself and what it feels, we can see almost all human life as manifesting different degrees of uncaring, rejection, and denial of feelings. At one end of the spectrum, we have the pure heart that cares totally and at the other, the sociopath and psychopaths who have clearly lost all capacity to feel, all capacity for empathy. And the rest of us are somewhere in-between.

Saving The Human Race

From the highest avatar who thinks he is God to the most humble and simple, there is not a soul who does not need to enter his own heart and feel more and care more. From the psychiatrist who prescribes medicine instead of caring more, to the religious fanatic who thinks his truth is the only truth, from the husband who cannot and will not listen to the being of his wife, to the totally selfish industrialist who pollutes the river stream, to the guru who sucks up the attention of devotees, to the politicians who have criminalized much of society, to the father, brother, uncle or neighbor next door who abuse or rape little girls, it’s not just the other person who needs help and more attention, it is all of us. Who is so good that they could not be better? Who does not need to grow?

Even those of us who are not suffering still need to grow and evolve. Growth does not come easily for those who are too content. That is why the saints talked about a divine discontent. Evolution is a non-stop process for humans.

The closer we get to a pure heart the more sensitive we get to all the imperfections and flaws both in and outside of us. This is connected to that part of the heart that just wants to make things better, purer, and more harmonious. The heart just cannot help but be sensitive to all the problems, to all that which creates separations from it.

Healing the flaws and separations in human consciousness is the mission of the heart and we will start that healing when we realize that we are all in the same boat, the same ship of humanity sailing on the same prevailing winds. As a race we need to find our healed, healthy, and happy hearts, or as I wrote many years ago, we will find ourselves headed for what all the prophets have heralded, another dark night of the collective soul of humanity.

Is There Hope?

Asking is there any hope for humanity is a good question. Not easy to answer. We like to think good of others but too many of us are bad. One of the biggest problems is that good people do not have a clear channel to confront and deal with the bad, even in many marriages. Another problem is the bad people think they are good, which confuses good people.

We must understand at this point that there are natural consequences to our collective mistakes. Also, the leadership of the world is dragging humanity in a dark direction. Our religions still separate us, science has been trashed in the field of medicine, the climate is changing violently, water is running out in too many places, food prices are racing up as shortages threaten, and total economic and financial calamity threaten while medical maniacs run around injecting everyone with experimental vaccines. All intelligence has left the political sphere so we will have a dark night for humanity.

Meaning, and some are warning, that we might see one of the biggest human die offs of all time in the next few years. If the theory that the mRNA vaccines may cause antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) proves correct, a lot of people could be killed by viruses this winter as a direct result of being vaccinated. So be strong, get smart and love the one you’re with.

Special Note: Instead of having vaccine centers funded all over the world I would be spending the billions in resources on setting up learn to listen and care centers everywhere.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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