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Published on December 23, 2022

I am not sure why it is getting harder, and thus less frequent that I write more personal notes to my readership. Of course, I inject quite a bit of myself into my regular essays, my heart and soul, but only here can I express my appreciation to my dedicated readers. It is one of the joys of my life to receive notes from you all and to know that I have positively affected many people.

My rather sizeable Brazilian family is spread throughout the country, leaving me alone for the holidays, but I do not feel lonely. I am about to be a grandfather and am pretty excited about it. I have no complaints about living the protected life I do, quite the recluse living far from the maddening crowd in a deep valley surrounded on three sides by two rivers.

About two weeks ago, I was awarded a document making me an honorary Brazilian for good deeds done in my local community. It is like having a birth certificate with all the associated legal rights. For example, I have been a principal supporter of the local chapter of Kilambola, a national organization for descendants of enslaved people. I am so lucky to be down here for 31 years, and I do identify more with natives than the many foreigners who live here.

I have many essays ready and will start publishing them after Christmas. But, I can hardly wait to post one about what I see as a medical miracle for a brain cancer patient who I have breathing hydrogen gas 17 hours a day. These pictures were taken one week apart from each other.

I would easily say that hydrogen inhalation machines are the most beneficial medical devices one can own if one plans on living a long and healthy life on this challenging toxic planet of ours. Second is infrared therapy; red light technology will only get more critical in a cooling world. And in an age where infections are jumping out of every corner, it is good to know that body temperature is in a direct mathematical relationship with immune system strength.

I just ordered my battery-operated infrared vest. Though I published about it to keep warm inexpensively in a cooling world, I am starting to hear about the incredible health benefits of being wrapped in infrared all day long.

 “The introduction of our Far Infrared light generating garments sees the dawn of a wellness revolution. It is now possible to infuse your body’s cells with light throughout your day, anywhere, any place, any time. THE RESULT – The body’s healing, repairing, and detoxification systems are activated, and your body begins regenerating without taking any time out of your day. This is the easiest, safest, most economical way to get well and stay well.”

Mark – Get Fitt (Founder)

Perfect Breathing

All of my readers, I am sure, understand what I think and feel about breathing. So in the next two weeks will publish Breathing 2.0 – Perfect Breathing. I cannot say it strongly enough; perfect breathing is one of if not the most potent medical interventions there is. Your next breath can be perfect. It’s not that difficult, but maintaining perfect breathing takes a lot of effort and practice. One of the marvelous things about perfect breathing is that it does not cost anything and is one of the only therapies that affect one’s body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Resisting the Dark Side

I have resisted as much as possible reporting on the increasing insanities of our world and the descent of modern medicine into outright stupidity/pharmaceutical terrorism. Joseph Mercola reports daily on all of this, with the negativity of it all being too much, though justified. That’s why I began publishing simple clues to being in one’s heart a few months ago.

It is exactly three years since we saw one of the first people fall over dead, on live camera, just 17 minutes after an experimental Covid genetic injection. I cried then, and I cried just now, watching again. It was a massive scandal, with the official world being in complete denial and the coverup absurd about a nurse named Tiffany Dover. Yet, hundreds of thousands of vaccine deaths later, they still deny that rRNA shots are dangerous.

Most recent reports are that the vaccines are damaging the hearts of 100% of those injected to one degree or another. But health officials and politicians worldwide still want to vaccinate the entire human race. I would prefer an alien attack to the betrayal of humans against humans. The title of my following essay on this is Lethal Vaccination Sudden Death Syndrome.

Stupid, Dumb, Deaf, and Blind Doctors

Is it possible that doctors are as bad as the government, medical press, and parent medical organizations, including medical licensing boards, make them out to be? Any doctor who recommended and administered Covid vaccines should lose their license. The same goes for hospitals and their doctors who administered remdesivir, which, believe it or not, seems to be a synthetic form of snake venom. Thus many have thought that it wasn’t the virus killing people as much as the treatment, specifically Remdesivir poisoning. That’s the shortlist of horrible medical wrongs.

One of my following medical essays is entitled Why Are So Many People Sick? To read what the medical press is saying about the surge in infections that overwhelms hospital staffs is to sustain the idea that it is better to go to a gas station for medical advice than to a doctor’s office or hospital. It is pathetic to see how low medical thought has become and how blind they are to the multiple causes of infections.

All they have on their brains are dangerous vaccines and viruses. They do not recognize the danger of anything else, including 5G, mercury and lead poisoning, air pollution, and fluoride in public water supplies. That is the shortlist you will read the long list in my essay.

The End of the Road

I am very sorry that it will be the end of the road for many of us over the next two or three years—just the reports of reduced production and availability of fertilizers for crops are telling. As I reported in my last climate essay, Jordan Peterson and Alex Epstein talk about how half of the world’s population, meaning around 4 billion people, depends on the provision of ammonia as a fertilizer to create our food. If we fail to produce as much food as necessary for the world’s population, billions will starve, and chaos will ensue.

According to The Intelligence Ministry of Isreal, the world is at a transition point analogous to being on the verge of a cliff, after which a series of crises striking simultaneously will reorder the planet’s geopolitics, the place of technology, the economic order and a variety of other disciplines from health to energy. According to the report, the world is likely to be struck by various crises affecting all aspects of life.

I know this does not stir up Christmas cheer, but as our families gather, it is an excellent time to discuss the harsh realities surrounding us. There is no one I talk to anywhere in the world that does not feel the wrongness of our times. But, we must meet this wrongness with the right thoughts, actions, and positive feelings and make realistic plans for our futures.

I know this is hard for most people. Our brains are wired for continuity, seeing the future as we have lived in the past. We all want whatever goodness that life has offered us to continue. One test already being faced by millions is the loss of medicines, power, water, and heat due to storms, arctic cold, and war. So be prepared spiritually, psychologically, and physically with appropriate natural medicines, food, and water stores. And love the ones you are with now more than ever before. Everyone is going to need more love!

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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