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Superbug Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Published on July 15, 2014

Issue: The Prime Minister believes he has the agreement of Barack Obama and Angela Merkel for co-ordinated action to find new drugs after raising the issue with them privately at a G7 summit last month

David Cameron “has vowed Britain will lead a global fight back against antibiotic-resistant superbugs. The Prime Minister said concerted action was needed to prevent the world from being ‘cast back into the dark ages of medicine’. The rise of untreatable bacteria is one of the biggest health threats facing the world, threatening an ‘unthinkable scenario’ where minor infections could once again kill. Tens of thousands of people are already dying of infections that have evolved resistance to common treatments. The World Health Organization has warned that routine operations and minor scratches could become fatal if nothing is done.”

The Prime Minister believes he has the agreement of Barack Obama and Angela Merkel for coordinated action to find new drugs. The problem is that there will be no new drugs for there is nothing promising in the pipeline, not from standard drugs and the companies that make them.

These three politicians swallow the pharmaceutical paradigm as a religion without regard to right, wrong, truth, God or Nature. Bacteria are becoming more dangerous, acquiring genetic mutations primarily because doctors took a bad idea (antibiotics) to the extreme. Prescription drugs can kill you. If that is really the case, why are so many, particularly those sixty and older, given so many pills with no regard to how they interact with each another? The Gods of drug companies are false as well as cruel. So false in fact that they have corrupted medical science and created a terrorist organization out of the FDA.

It is only the short-term view, that doctors champion, which sees antibiotics as a boon to modern medicine. In the long term, after less than a century, we are coming to the end of the age of antibiotics. Studies have documented the association between increased rates of antimicrobial use and development of resistant infections thus doctors who prescribe antibiotics irrationally should be rebuked. There is a growing consensus among infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists and control experts from the U.S. and Europe about the dark side of antibiotic use.

Doctors have written enough prescriptions, especially in the United States, to make everyone sick. People die not from surgery but from infections they get at hospitals, which do not reflect very well on what they are doing wrong that harms so many patients. Another problem is there are too many fake and poorly made antibiotics being widely used.

Four years ago the Guardian in England wrote, “Are you ready for a world without antibiotics. Antibiotics are the bedrock of modern medicine. But in the very near future, we’re going to have to learn to live without them once again. And it’s going to get nasty. The era of antibiotics is coming to a close. In just a couple of generations, what once appeared to be miracle medicines have been beaten into ineffectiveness by the bacteria they were designed to knock out. Once, scientists hailed the end of infectious diseases. Now, the post-antibiotic apocalypse is within sight.”

There are new answers already at work. See my recent essay Nano Medicine – Treatments for Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria for starters. Read also Iodine to the Rescue. Dr. Gabriel Cousens wrote, “Historically, as early as 1911, people normally took between 300,000-900,000 micrograms of iodine daily without incident. Other researchers have used between 3,000 and 6,000 micrograms/day to prevent goiter.” Deficiencies in iodine have a great effect on the immune system.


We already have iodine in our arsenals to face the future world, darkened with manmade antibiotic resistant infections. It is not manmade global warming that we need to be afraid of but doctors who still have their heads in the sand writing prescriptions for antibiotics, which of course have no effect on viral or fungal infections, which themselves are getting more threatening.  

Bacteria are becoming resistant to the antibiotics that once dispatched them with extreme prejudice.[1] Antibiotics bring on fungal and yeast infections thus will eventually be seen as one additional cause of cancer since more and more oncologists are seeing yeast and fungal infections as an integral part of cancer and its cause. With upwards of 20 to 40 percent of all cancers thought to be involved with and caused by infections the subject of antibiotics and the need for something safer, more effective and life serving is imperative.

The End of Pharmaceutical Medicine

The end of pharmaceutical medicine cannot happen fast enough for it is a murderous practice of medicine. Most drugs do not work at all meaning they do not cure any diseases. Pharmaceuticals create dependencies, side effects that lead doctors to prescribe even more pharmaceutical drugs until patients are seriously poisoned by combined drug interactions.  Pharmaceuticals are not made to address the underlying causes of disease.

Natural Allopathic Medicine offers humanity a fighting chance against the worst infections. Instead of using pharmaceuticals, we use concentrated emergency room and intensive care medicines like iodine, magnesium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. In Treatment Essentials, dosages, concentrations and methods of application options are covered. When one learns about the above emergency room medicines, and how to use them, one gains a lot of medical power and wisdom to overcome the complications and even discomforts of viral infections. One should pay especial attention to magnesium chloride as a primary treatment for antibiotic resistant infections. 

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Natural Allopathic Medicine also uses light and heat. Doctors severely miss the boat when it comes to employing light in their practices. ”It seems clear that light is the most important environmental input, after food, in controlling bodily function,” reported Dr. Richard J. Wurtman, a nutritionist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Description: hypothermia related to life

According to Professor Abo Touru of Nagata University our immune functions are improved by 40% when we increase our body temperature by 1 degree. Far Infrared heat (light induced heat) relieves pain by expanding blood vessels and increasing blood circulation. Better circulation carries off metabolic waste products and delivers oxygen-rich blood to oxygen-depleted muscles, reduces pain and speeds up the healing process. Bathing patients in light and heating their internal environments boosts their metabolism and improve their immune systems. Patients in bed can use low levels of infrared BioMats around the clock making them comfortable and dealing with the chills that often come with high fevers.

Far infrared treatments reduce the stress on the cells by not only nourishing them with light and heat but also by increasing nutritional sufficiency of oxygen and by increasing cellular respiration so more toxins and wastes leave the cells.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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