Taking Selenium in a Mercury-Polluted World

Published on June 14, 2022

Everyone alive today must be concerned about selenium because it is a partial antidote to mercury contamination. But unfortunately, we live in a mercury-polluted world, and it gets worse yearly because the global coal-fired energy plants put about 15 to 20 tons of mercury into the atmosphere daily. So selenium should be added to the list of minerals chlorine dioxide users need because it is a necessary mercury binder. But not just any old selenium but a very special lipid-based selenium.

In his book “Selenium. Are you getting enough to reduce your risk of cancer?” Edgar N. Drake, Ph.D., states, “selenodiglutathione kills cancer cells so effectively that its sterile solutions have been patented for direct injection into cancer cells.”

Mercury pollution is making its way into nearly every habitat in the U.S., exposing countless species of wildlife to potentially harmful levels of mercury, a September 2006 report from the National Wildlife Federation said. “From songbirds to alligators, turtles to bats, eagles to otters, mercury is accumulating in nearly every corner of the food chain,” says Catherine Bowes, Northeast Program Manager for the National Wildlife Federation and principal author of the report.

“This report paints a compelling picture of mercury contamination in the U.S., and many more species are at risk than we previously thought. Unfortunately, fish, long thought to be the key species affected by mercury, are just the tip of the iceberg.” People forget all too easily that humanity is also an animal species, and the same thing happening to these animals is happening to us. It is sixteen years later, and that iceberg of mercury is crushing down on us relentlessly.

Most of this mercury comes from coal-fired plants. Yet, global warming fanatics never mention anything but the carbon dioxide emissions that do nothing to keep our planet warm with a cooling sun at the center of the solar system. Human destiny is on a collision course with mercury, not carbon dioxide.

One estimate of the total annual global mercury input to the
atmosphere from all sources, including natural, anthropogenic,
and oceanic emissions in 1995 were 5,500 tons.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

With all the climate alarms, coal use is expanding, not contracting, and so are the coal-fired plants in India and China. India and China Coal Production Surging By 700M Tons Per Year: That’s Greater Than All U.S. Coal Output

It takes no stretch of the imagination to understand that what is happening to these songbirds is happening to our children. Because mercury is a neuron toxin that causes neurological problems, it is considered a hazardous air pollutant, which gives it a different legal status. Mercury is a nerve poison, which, even at the lowest concentrations, causes health problems. If one gram of mercury can pollute a 20-acre lake or kill a child, imagine what 8 to ten billion grams of it would do

Mercury soars high into the atmosphere and then around the globe on what has become a transcontinental conveyor belt of mercury-polluted air. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that on certain days nearly 25 percent of the particulate matter in the skies above Los Angeles can be traced to China. Some experts predict China could one day account for a third of all California’s air pollution.

Even regions with no significant mercury releases, such as the Arctic, are adversely affected due to the transcontinental and global transport of mercury,” reports the United Nations Environment Programme. (UNEP) The FDA said almost two decades ago that 2 to 3 thousand tons of metallic mercury are being released into the air from man-made sources. Mercury has spread out into the atmosphere and into the oceans, where it gains strength and toxicity through methylation. Mercury runs up the hill to more toxic levels with the help of fish, mammals, and bacteria. Mercury bio-accumulates and undergoes bio-magnification.

States that are reporting the highest levels of mercury emissions
also have the highest rates of developmental disorders, including autism.
Dr. John Palmer

We have created a chemical hell on earth, a heavy metal hell with promises of constantly worsening radioactive conditions. But getting anywhere near the FDA and you will hear how safe mercury is, so it is totally fine for dentists to put the neuron-toxin inches from patients’ brains and for pediatricians to inject it with their vaccines in third-world countries.

Chemical radioactivity is an appropriate phrase to describe the situation with mercury and other chemicals causing disease rates to soar. Moreover, what has already arrived gets worse with the hundreds of millions of tons of toxic chemicals produced and added to the human biosphere yearly.

Everyone now has to live and breathe in the context of a dangerous chemical cloud with radioactive-like fallout penetrating our human skin. Yet, having failed to destroy ourselves with radioactive clouds from atomic bombs, we have managed to muddle through and threaten ourselves through chemical and heavy metal contamination.

Mercury Toxicity, Enzymes, and Sulfur Bonds

We have to assume mercury contamination and
 nutritional deficiencies are always at play together,

Enzymes are proteins, and like all proteins, they consist of chains of amino acids. These chains must be faulted in a specific way to give the enzyme its activity. The enzyme’s structure is ensured by cross-bonding the amino-acid chains in many enzymes. These cross-bonds consist of double sulfur bonds. Sulfur-bridges are covalent S-S bonds between two cysteine amino acids, which tend to be quite strong. These sulfur bonds are damaged when poisoned.

Mercury binds to the -S.H. (sulfhydryl) groups, resulting in the inactivation of sulfur bonds and blocking of enzyme functions while producing sulfur metabolites with high toxicity that the body has difficulty dealing with. Sulfur is essential in enzymes, hormones, nerve tissue, and red blood cells. These sulfur bonds are crucial to human biology.

Insulin has three sulfur-containing cross-linkages, and the insulin receptor has a tyrosine kinase-containing sulfur bond, which are the preferred targets for binding by both mercury and lead. Should mercury attach to one of these three sulfur bonds, it will interfere with the insulin molecule’s normal biological function.

Thiol poisons, especially mercury, and its compounds, react with
S.H. groups of proteins lead to the lowered activity of various enzymes
containing sulfhydryl groups. This produces a series of disruptions in
the functional activity of many organs and tissues of the organism.
Professor I.M. Trakhtenberg

Mercury is the most potent enzyme inhibitor; it is in a class of its own and deserves its title as the most toxic non-radioactive element. Because mercury and lead attach themselves to these highly vulnerable junctures of proteins, they find their extraordinary capacity to provoke biochemical shifts and morphological changes in the body.

When mercury blocks thiol groups, cellular proteins lose their reactive properties and ability to carry out their routine function. The general insulin activity model indicates that one insulin molecule engages the cysteine-rich domain of the receptor, touching down on both sides of the protein chain that are separated by the disulfide bond. If the receptor’s geometry has been changed by mercury, the message that insulin has arrived to give the cell is not received.

Candida and Mercury Toxicity

According to the research, around 80% of people who suffer from symptoms of Candida show elevated Mercury levels in their bodies. The growth of the fungus is the body’s response to Mercury poisoning because the fungi connect with the heavy metal, providing safe storage. Candida and parasites feed on heavy metals and sugar and store them within biofilms.[i]

Tuna Fish is High in Selenium

Tuna is uniformly rich in selenium. Nearly 300 scientific studies have demonstrated that this essential element protects against mercury exposure. So any group carping about mercury in fish without talking about selenium hides half the story.

When selenium, present in most fish, and mercury are found together, they connect, forming a new compound. This makes it difficult for the human body to absorb mercury separately. Scientists have also tagged cysteine in fish binding with mercury, making it safer to eat. When mercury “binds” to selenium or cysteine, it is no longer free to “bind” to anything else — like brain or kidney tissue.

Still, “evidence of mercury’s health risks is strong enough that people, especially children and women of childbearing age, should be careful about how much and which fish they eat,” declare scientists at the Eighth International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant.

I wrote 15 years ago that the association of mercury with chronic diseases is well documented in the didactic scientific literature. The search for the association between mercury and cardiovascular disease reveals 358 scientific papers exemplifying the relationship; between mercury and cancer. We find 643 scientific papers. The association of mercury with neurodegenerative diseases is the most significant, with the references numbering 1,445.

A thing to remember about mercury is that it is an accumulative poison, so one area of contamination is not separate from another. If, for example, a pregnant woman eats lots of fish, has many dental amalgams, and receives mercury-containing vaccine injections, the risk to her health and that of her developing fetus is greatly multiplied.

First Selenium Doctor

The Revici Method is an unconventional therapy for the treatment of cancer developed by Emanuel Revici, MD. -Revici was the first physician to establish selenium compounds low enough in toxicity to give cancer patients doses far above safety limits for ordinary forms of selenium. He did this by chemically bonding the mineral selenium to a lipid.

Selenium helps stop damaged DNA molecules from reproducing, meaning it acts to prevent tumors from developing. “It contributes towards the death of cancerous and pre-cancer cells. Their death appears to occur before they replicate, thus helping stop cancer before it gets started,” says Dr. James Howenstine in A Physician’s Guide to Natural Health Products That Work.

A 1996 study by Dr. Larry Clark of the University of Arizona showed how effective selenium could be in protecting against cancer. In the study of 1,300 older people, cancer occurrence among those who took 200 micrograms of selenium daily for about seven years was reduced by 42 percent compared to those given a placebo.

Cancer deaths for those taking the selenium were cut almost in half, according to this study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. In addition, the people who had taken selenium had 63 percent fewer prostate cancers, 58 percent fewer colorectal cancers, 46 percent fewer lung cancers, and an overall 37% fewer cancers. Furthermore, selenium was found to reduce the risk of lung cancer to a greater degree than stopping smoking.

Another study was presented in 2013 at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in Washington, DC. The researchers found that higher selenium concentrations in toenails were associated with a substantially reduced risk for advanced prostate cancer, with men with the highest levels having a 63% reduced risk (hazard ratio 0.37). On the 23rd of the same month, another study reported that selenium supplementation reduces and delays breast cancer metastasis but that the wrong type of selenium may exacerbate it.

Revici, who died at a ripe old age of 101, was hounded by the authorities of his time. Dr. Seymour Brenner, a respected radiation oncologist in private practice in New York, testified on Revici’s behalf. He had investigated many patients in very advanced stages of cancer, incurable by conventional means, whom Revici had put into long remissions. Dr. Brenner had an independent panel of pathologists confirm the diagnosis and location of the illness before each patient’s initial visit to Revici. He testified that his personal findings strongly suggest Revici has a cancer treatment deserving further study.

Glutathione and Selenium

“If someone is Glutathione deficient and takes chlorine dioxide intravenously, it will damage them through uncontrolled oxidative stress. This is from a doctor using CDS in patients. The people got worse with CDS when Glutathione was deficient. However, once supplementation occurred, you could tolerate CDS,” wrote Curious Outlier, the owner of the largest chlorine dioxide group on Telegram.

Magnesium deficiencies cause glutathione depletion. Glutathione production depends on magnesium and requires glutamyl cysteine, glycine, ATP, and magnesium ions to form Glutathione. According to Dr. Russell Blaylock, low magnesium is associated with dramatic increases in free radical generation and glutathione depletion. The Health benefits of selenium boil down to its crucial antioxidant role as part of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase (GPx).

Dr. Pedro Chavez recommends three weeks of chlorine dioxide and then a week on Glutathione. Or one does the chlorine dioxide in the first part of the day and the Glutathione in the second half.

In cases of selenium deficiency and the impaired function of glutathione peroxidases, dangerous hydrogen peroxide breaks down into even more hazardous hydroxyl radicals, damaging cell membranes, and DNA, eventually leading to severe disease. Selenium is directly involved in preserving cell membrane integrity and DNA integrity.

The benefits of selenium are the result of the activity of Glutathione in our bodies. Research done with selenium proves this connection – low selenium levels are noted in the health conditions that show low glutathione levels. The progression of all these conditions and success with therapies depend on glutathione levels and proper functioning of glutathione peroxidases:

Other benefits of selenium include this mineral’s involvement in protein synthesis, DNA synthesis, formation of thyroid hormones, maintenance of healthy hair and skin (glutathione peroxidases protect cells from U.V. damage), and protection from anemia (glutathione peroxidases preserve red blood cells from oxidation and death).

As a preparatory protocol, I would advise new chlorine dioxide users to prepare with high magnesium, bicarbonate, iodine, sulfur, and selenium. When I say intake, I am not suggesting normal supplement levels but therapeutic medical levels to induce higher glutathione levels as quickly as possible. 

What Type of Selenium Should be Used?

Revici devised a novel technique to open double bonds in molecules of unsaturated fatty acids to incorporate different metallic elements at precise points in the molecules. His revolutionary techniques converted toxic substances into safe anticancer agents. Revici’s use of selenium in cancer treatment predates mainstream interest in this mineral by more than twenty years. Selenium is one of the major trace elements always found deficient in cancer-prone populations. However, research has shown that it is of value not only in preventing cancer but also in treating it. Revici used a unique molecular form of selenium (bivalent-negative selenium) incorporated in a fatty acid molecule.

In this form, he could administer up to 1 gram of selenium per day, which corresponds to 1 million micrograms per day, reportedly with no toxic side effects. In contrast, too much selenite (hexavalent-positive selenium) harms animals, so human intake of commercial selenite is limited to a dosage of only 100 to 150 micrograms by mouth. Dr. Revici often administers his non-toxic form of selenium by injection, which is usually four times more potent than the form given orally.

By 1948, Revici had begun exploring the use of selenium to treat cancer and render radiation less harmful. His promising findings on radiation came to the attention of United States Navy scientists testing A-bombs in the Pacific. The scientists invited him to join them in studying radiation’s harmful effects.

My book on selenium stands as the only comprehensive medical book written on the subject. Taking between 20 to 50 mg of selenium is possible when one uses a lipid form. Think of these ultra-high dosages when you think of intense radiation exposure. That and sodium bicarbonate.

Lipid Replacement Therapy (LRT) can restore and help maintain mitochondrial membrane function by replacing damaged mitochondrial membranes so the perfect form of selenium would have selenium bonded to a lipid. Revici’s research has demonstrated that lipids have an affinity for tumors and other abnormal tissues. Because of this, the lipids or lipid-like synthetic compounds administered to the patient, either by mouth or injection, travel directly to the tumor or lesion. The cancerous tissue is abnormally rich in free lipids, and the lipidic agents introduced into the bloodstream are readily taken up by the tumor.

Selenium is Basic in Cancer Treatment

One Korean study examined chlorine dioxide’s use for anticancer and antiviral activities. Results indicate that chlorine dioxide possesses anticancer and antiviral activities, probably due to its inducing activity of ROS production.

Science knows that people living in areas of selenium-rich or magnesium-rich soils are often less likely to get cancer. For example, in China, where the selenium levels in the soils vary much more dramatically than in the United States and the population is less mobile, an ecological study in 1985 showed dramatic results in linking cancer with selenium deficiencies. In the low-selenium classification, three times as many people died from cancer as in the high-selenium category.

Cancer deaths were cut almost in half, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1996. In addition, the people who had taken selenium had 63% fewer prostate cancers, 58% fewer colorectal cancers, 46% fewer lung cancers, and 37% fewer cancers. Selenium was found to reduce the risk of lung cancer to a greater degree than stopping smoking.

Data suggests that a diet rich in selenium protects against stomach, breast, esophagus, lung, prostate, colon, and rectum cancers. According to Dr. Harold Foster, cancer death rates in the USA are lower when blood selenium levels are high. One critical study found that high blood levels of selenium are associated with a four- to fivefold decrease in the risk of prostate cancer. Scientists at Stanford University studied 52 men who had prostate cancer and compared them to 96 men who didn’t. One surprising finding was that blood levels of selenium generally decreased with age. It is well known that the risk of prostate cancer increases dramatically as one age.

Those who have studied geographical differences have seen that in low-selenium regions, higher death rates occurred from malignant lymphomas and cancers of the tongue, esophagus, stomach, colon, rectum, liver, pancreas, and larynx, lung, kidneys, and bladder. In addition, cancer patients with low selenium levels tend to have a wider spread of the disease, more recurrences, and die sooner.

In China, where the selenium levels in the soils vary much more dramatically than in the United States, where the population is less mobile, an ecological study in 1985 showed dramatic results in linking cancer with selenium deficiencies. Dr. Shu-Yu Yu measured the selenium content of blood stored in blood banks in 30 regions in China. They classified the regions as high Selenium, medium selenium, and low Selenium. They then compared death rates from cancer to selenium rates and found an exact correlation. For example, in the low selenium classification, three times as many people died from cancer as in the high selenium classification.

The West African country of Senegal is dominated by high concentrations of selenium in the soil and thus in their foods, and as expected, we find that Senegalese males had the world’s lowest rates of cancer of the trachea, bronchus, and lung; stomach, and colon; the fourth lowest for prostate cancer and sixth-lowest for esophageal cancer. Likewise, Senegalese women had the lowest incidence of cancers of the trachea, bronchus, lung, esophagus, stomach, and colon, second-lowest for breast cancer, and fifth lowest for cancer of the uterus.

There is no doubt that selenium is essential for human health and protects against cancer and other diseases. Selenium, primarily when used with iodine, vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene, work to block chemical reactions that create free radicals in the body (which can damage DNA and cause a degenerative change in cells, leading to cancer). Selenium also binds strongly with mercury protecting us from its damaging effects.

None of the Below is True with Lipid Selenium

“Since selenium carries well-documented toxicity called selenosis, adverse effects may manifest at as low as 250 mcg a day and become a serious problem above 1,000 mcg daily. Symptoms include hair loss, nail deformities, breath with garlic odor, and gastrointestinal and neurological disorders. Due to selenium’s toxicity, supplementation with selenium and the doses should be discussed with your doctor.”

The last person you should talk to about selenium is your doctor. The chances of them being aware of lipid selenium are about zero.

Dosing with Chlorine Dioxide

The two-hour rule from Jim Humble is from heaven, not from medicine. Most of the chlorine dioxide one swallows is used up fast. It gets into the blood super fast. It does not like to hang around for too long. Some protocols dose with CDS every 15 minutes. It does not accumulate as these 15-minute dosings suggest.

I would suggest that Tung Oil can be taken as soon as one hour after one finishes their chlorine dioxide doses. Hard to recommend dosages of Tung Oil. It would depend on what you are treating, your condition, and how heavy you are. The first time I took it, I drank 28 drops with no problem. I never counted drops since. I just put it under my tung and then wash it down with iodine in water.

Glutathione Medicine

On my protocol page, I have been recommending three different glutathione products, one for nebulization with sodium bicarbonate and one for oral use, but that is a touch-and-go method in absorption, and glutathione suppositories, which are robust and especially good for intense medical situations.

An exceptional product that naturally helps the body produce more of its Glutathione is called MaxOne. It is ideal for providing what your cells need to replenish Glutathione – naturally.

Dr. Boyd Haley developed the best and safest chelator of mercury. Haley’s chelator NBMI is astonishing and should be near the top of protocols for cancer and neurological patients (think autism, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease) and for anyone who has had mercury fillings in their mouths as well as for those who live downwind of coal plants, town incinerators, and crematoriums. NBMI reaches across the blood-brain barrier and will pull heavy metals out of the brain, bones, and all other tissues. 

Profound Medicine

Selenium improves mitochondrial function even in the absence of oxidative stress. Selenium has beneficial effects on endogenous antioxidant activity via GPx, mitochondrial function restoration, and biogenesis stimulation and may also reduce oxidative stress-driven inflammation. Selenium protects neurons against hypoxic/ischemic damage by reducing oxidative stress, restoring mitochondrial functional activities, and stimulating mitochondrial biogenesis. Selenium restores the activity of critical antioxidant enzymes and decreases lipid peroxidation. Selenium supplementation reduced glutamate-induced ROS production, prevented mitochondrial hyperpolarization, preserved oxygen utilization, maintained mitochondrial dynamic balance, and ameliorated autophagy activation, showing neuroprotection from glutamate toxicity.

Tissue damage in 2,4,6-trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid (TNBS)-induced colitis is accompanied by the arrest of mitochondrial respiration, loss of mitochondrial DNA, and the expression of nuclear-encoded mitochondrial proteins. Selenium effectively protects colon mitochondria and prevents inflammatory and necrotic changes. In a high dose, selenium is a potential therapeutic agent in inflammatory bowel disease.

Dr. R. Donaldson of the St. Louis Veterans’ Administration Hospital reported in 1983 that some patients deemed terminal with only weeks to live were completely free of all signs of cancer after four years; all the patients show

[i] Always start with the base of the problem which in the case of Candida and parasites is the toxic heavy metals. You can’t get rid of chronic candida or parasites if you have heavy metal toxicity. Parasitic infestations are more common than we realize; candida and heavy metals create acidity and an anaerobic (lacking oxygen) environment they thrive in.

A reason for why candida and parasites takeover in the presence of heavy metal toxicity is that these infections actually protect us from cellular damage and potentially fatal complications of heavy metal poisoning. So from this perspective candida and parasites are actually our friends, and although they cause a whole host of annoying symptoms they are actually the lesser of two evils in this sense.

When people kill candida with anti-fungals, the die off symptoms that are experienced are partly the result of the release of heavy metals into the body which overwhelms the liver and cannot be excreted fast enough. This is why detoxing heavy metals first or along with killing candida and parasites is imperative. If you do not, you risk releasing a lot of toxic metals redistributing throughout the body.

Candida is an response to heavy metal poisoning, especially mercury. It absorbs its weight in mercury and prevents it from entering your bloodstream. As long as the mercury is there, you will have a candida problem

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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