The Basic Causes of Cancer and other Diseases

Published on May 16, 2018

Of course, if we know the cause of our disease/pain we stand a much better chance of successfully doing something about it. There is an epidemic of chronic disease, autoimmune conditions and cancer around the globe, specifically in industrialized societies. Toward the end of this essay we will look at something new in terms of cause. We will look at the deficiency of carbon dioxide/bicarbonates as a main cause of disease, the excess of H+ atoms (acidity), and what should be obvious about most diseases, which are oxygen deficiencies, caused in great part by CO2 deficit and H+ surplus.

When given a diagnosis, one might find themselves asking why, but rarely we see doctors offering up answers or suggesting tests to find out what is underlying a person’s condition. They are too busy trying to put a label on our disease, so they can legally prescribe the appropriate pharmaceutical, surgery or deadly radiation for more diagnosis and eventual treatment.

One of the last things the medical profession will admit is that doctors are one of the main causes of death and disease. You will not find any online symptom checkers listing the cause of your problems as being caused by your doctor or the drugs he is prescribing. What you will find are the disease names that your doctor is looking to slip around your neck. Disease names might tell you what ballpark you are in but they will not give you much of a clue as to why you have what you have or how to cure it.

Dr. David Brownstein presents an appalling example of what doctors will not tell us about Statin drugs. A new 2018 article in Drug Safety looked at the diagnosis of ALS for each statin drug being used. The authors relied on the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) data to compare the relationship between statins and ALS. The scientists found statin drugs were associated with a 9-107-fold increase in ALS diagnosis, depending on the type of statin drug. For example, Crestor had a 9-fold increase, Lipitor a 17-fold increase, Zocor a 23-fold increase, and Mevacor a 107-fold increase.

ALS ranks up there as one of the worst illnesses. Also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, ALS is a rapidly progressing neurological disease where nerve cells in the muscles are attacked. This leads to progressive weakness and disability. Eventually, a patient with ALS will be unable to move his/her arms and legs and, in later stages, the breathing muscles are affected. Death usually occurs from two to five years after the diagnosis. Over the last few decades, ALS is occurring more frequently and in younger patients.

Dr. Brownstein reports that a Canadian article about ALS states, “Physicians are uncovering surprising links between ALS and other diseases, like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and frontotemporal dementia, which were once thought to be completely unrelated.

The popular conception of Alzheimer’s disease among doctors is as an inevitable outcome of aging or bad genes. In an age of inexpensive personal genomics, there’s a general and persistent sense that as with cancer, Alzheimer’s is an essentially genetic outcome. But, less than 1% of the population develops the disease due to genetic mutations in their DNA.

Doctors around the world have been considerably shaken up by the breaking news linking cancer to processed foods. In a large-scale study, researchers found that a 10% increase in consumption of ultra-processed foods led to a 12% increase in overall cancer events.

Ultra-processed foods are the extreme in the scale, and by some measures account for half of the American diet. These include mass produced, packaged foods, as well as foods containing manufactured substances like hydrogenated oils (aka trans-fats), modified starches, and protein isolates. In plain English, this means commercial breads and buns; packaged snacks; industrialized confectionery and desserts; sodas and sweetened drinks; meat products like cold cuts and chicken nuggets; instant noodles and soups; frozen or shelf stable ready meals; margarine, processed cheese, and most creamers.

Lousy food translates into poor nutrition, which translates into deficiencies of vital nutrients. Doctors, who are not trained in nutrition, must know that these nutrients can be made into medicines, and they are in emergency rooms and ICU departments.

After years and years of eating white foods (foods stripped of their minerals and fiber) doctors can prescribe magnesium supplementation or even magnesium IVs if the deficiency is great enough and there is an immediate threat to life. Selenium, iodine, bicarbonate, potassium and sulfur also can be administered in much the same way. Nutrients make the best medicines, even under emergency conditions because they address the immediate needs of the body. If we give water to a man dying of thirst, we see the immediate results and it is much the same with minerals.

However, the fact of the matter is the root cause of disease is almost always multifaceted. Seemingly healthy, nourished, happy people may become diagnosed with cancer or multiple sclerosis and others living life in excess may escape it all.

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These men should be paid a fortune because they are breathing poison. It gets into their systems directly through the skin and breathing in through the lungs. It would be highly unusual for any of these kinds of workers to not eventually come down with serious diseases for pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are highly poisonous. Doctors have not learned that poisons poison people because they define everything as a poison and treat diseases using pharmaceutical poisons almost exclusively.

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Here is where it begins to get complicated because we ourselves are often our worst enemy. Our own consciousness, when out of control, is one of the greatest causes of disease. Just being in the mind and out of the heart center of feelings will wreck havoc on our physiology sooner or later. We were born vulnerable and it is the vulnerability of our beings that gets run over by modern life and this is not good for our health.

A more traditional though still alternative way of looking at the basic causes of disease is:

  1. Nutrient Deficiencies – The body requires specific vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and proteins for optimal function.
  2. Undiagnosed Food Sensitivities – Gluten sensitivity is the most common food sensitivity in western society mainly because natural slow fermentation is not used so the gluten is not broken down.
  3. Chemical or Heavy Metal Toxicity – It is safe to say that most people living in the industrialized world eating modern foods, using modern medicine, drinking the water and breathing the air are exposed to toxins.
  4. Excess Stress –  The body is designed to manage short bursts of stress, but ongoing chronic stress can lead to hormone issues and chronic inflammation, causing dysfunction and damaging the cells.
  5. Lack of Sleep – We need 6-8 hours of restful sleep each night. Loosing hours of sleep increases the stress load on the body and deprives the body of time needed to rebuild and repair.
  6. Lack of Exercise – Our bodies are designed to move. The role exercise plays in overall well- being is massive. It reduces inflammation, increases blood flow, oxygenates the cells, improves energy, mood and more.
  7. Radiation Exposure – Background radiation has increased significantly thanks to above ground nuclear testing, Chernobyl, Fukushima and other nuclear accidents. However the nuclear prize goes to doctors who expose their patients to CAT and PET scans, radioactive iodine and x-rays for diagnostic testing and even more massive exposures when nuclear radiation is used to treat cancer.

New Ways of Diagnosing

Underlying Levels of Cause

  1. We can easily measure our breathing rate per minute and find out a lot about our health, CO2 and oxygen levels. Bottom line: the faster we breathe the less CO2 and bicarbonates are in the blood and thus the lower our oxygen levels are driven. Cancer and all other diseases love low oxygen conditions.
  2. pH: Excessive H+ ions in the body’s fluids is the broadest cause of disease. The lower our bicarbonate and CO2 levels go the higher the excess in H+ ions, which is the most direct measurement of pH acidity. Acid conditions drive down oxygen levels. One can measure blood oxygen concentrators with an inexpensive oximeter however blood levels of oxygen can be good and yet certain parts of the body are deprived.
  3. Low Body Temperature is dangerous because for each degree lower we lose 30 percent of our immune strength. One can treat low body temperature with iodine and with infrared therapies. Body temperature is the foundation of good health. The ideal core body temperature is around 98.6-degree Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celsius.
  4. Hydration Levels are easily measured by looking at the color of our urine. The darker the more dehydrated. Chronic dehydration is a disease in and of itself and leads to malfunction of all systems and processes in the body.
  5. Blood Pressure, Heart Rate Variability and Stress: What is your blood pressure? Blood pressure is an indicator of the body’s internal condition. What is your heart rate variability (HRV)? The more variability, the healthier we are.
  6. Color Test: The online free Lusher color test will pick up some of the main stress points and conflicts in your life.


Natural Allopathic Medicine

Reclassify cancers to improve treatment, researchers say. Cancers should no longer be categorised by where they are first formed in the body, but instead by similarities in tumour types. A US-led study of 33 cancer types from more than 10,000 patients found they could be reclassified into 28 clusters. Reclassification would ultimately lead to better, more targeted treatments, said the researchers. "It’s time to rewrite the textbooks on cancer," one of the authors said.

If we treat cancer according to the above parameters, then we can see how reclassifying cancer into a universal disease makes sense. It really does not matter what cancer you have when treating with oxygen, hydrogen, CO2, a host of minerals and infrared to increase body temperature.

It has only been ten years since I first developed Natural Allopathic Medicine as a distinctly new medical approach. Recently in the medical news there have been calls for a universal approach to medicine, which is exactly what I have developed. Its most recent evolution is witnessed in my work Hydrogen Medicine – Combining Oxygen with Hydrogen and CO2. There is nothing more universal to life than these three gases.

Natural Allopathic Medicine is medical science at its best; though its delivery system is all natural, nothing pharmaceutical about it. The pharmaceutical companies have corrupted medical science trashing safety and effectiveness in favor of profits and greed. Heavyweights within the industry have chimed in on this, leaving doctors hanging in the air, but bound by their own industry like slaves forced into a lockstep of harm.

Instead of managing symptoms with pharmaceutical mitochondrial poisons Natural Allopathic Medicine heals/cures through the application of vital substances and gases every cell needs for health. All are nutritional in nature. The approach is all about delivering medicines in concentrated forms that have the power to save lives in a heart beat (as they are presently used in ICU and emergency rooms) but instead of a one-shot deal when on the edge of death this new approach administers high dosages for days, weeks and months, intensely, via mostly oral, transdermal and gases administered directly into the lungs.

Looking at the top ten items in the Natural Allopathic protocol we can see that they are so basic to life that nothing replaces them, and that is why the approach is universal and will stand the test of time. There are many people promoting so many solutions to health and disease one can get dizzy but if we stick with the basics we can be secure that we are doing the right thing. There are always things we can add to the basics from the Natural Allopathic protocol or from other approaches including special diets.

Top Ten

  • Hydrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium & Potassium Bicarbonate
  • Frolov Breathing Device
  • Iodine
  • Selenium
  • Glutathione
  • Far Infrared

Other important universal medicines

  • Medical Marijuana
  • Sulfur
  • Oral Clay

Hi, I'm Dr. Mark Sircus, AC., OMD, DM (P), a doctor and writer of more than 23 books that have sold over 80,000 copies all over the world. I've been on of firsts to publish on the medical and well-being uses of hydrogen, and I wrote a book about it called - "Hydrogen Medicine".

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