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The Healing Power of Illness

Published on October 14, 2015,204,203,200_.jpg

Thirty years ago, a young German physician named Rüdiger Dahlke published a remarkable book. “This is an uncomfortable book” were the first words of the preface. The author argues that sick people are not just innocent victims of disease but are responsible for the illnesses they take on.

Based on the idea that a patient brings about their own illness, this book suggests that symptoms are expressions of psychological conflicts, and can only be healed when the patient is aware of what is behind the problem. The book covers the meaning of specific symptoms, covering various systems such as respiration and digestion, and illnesses ranging from cancer to varicose veins. In each case, the authors explore the mindset that precipitates the symptom, and suggest new perspectives, which can induce healing.

We are not innocent victims of some quirk of nature, but actually brings about our own sickness or the sickness of our children. When I say we it is a big we (society and institutions) not just our individual self. When we accept vaccines, antibiotics for our children and in general toxic pharmaceuticals we are inviting the poisoning and often catastrophic results of such decisions and practices. Many diseases are a reflexion of the world’s illness! When we buy into the mainstream worldview we buy into the sickness it causes in us.

This book though is focused on symptoms as bodily expressions of psychological conflicts. Our symptoms and diseases are able, through their symbolism, to reveal our true problems that exist deep in us. This book is for people who are prepared to cast aside traditional notions of illness, who long to explore more deeply their inner nature – people whose goal is full eradication of their disease states.

Nancy R. Fenn  writes, “To me, the book says basically that we need to evolve away from hating, disliking, shunning or rejecting certain ideas, people, places, and so on. We need to become whole. Jesus said we should “love one another,” and I believe Paul Twitchell said, “Never find fault, never criticize.” One reason for this is, as Healing Power points out, things we reject/hate just show up in our lives as illness. They show up so we can confront them – because we must! Life wants us to become whole, loving, enlightened – however you like to put it. This book is for the brave few, who want to know why something happens to them, why they get diseases, how to interpret them, and more importantly to take ownership and responsibility for their illness, rather than blaming germs, viruses, genes and the like.”

Moving Your Soul, Another Way To Live With Alzheimer's

We need to look at ourselves but usually we do not want to so used to ourselves as we are. My menor Christopher Hills used to say to his students that even the people who are into a life of change do not really want to change. One of the biggest changes suggested in my Natural Allopathic protocol is in how fast we breathe. The faster we breathe the sooner we die and certainly the quicker we get life threatening diseases like cancer and heart disease. The slower we breathe the more life giving oxygen our cells receive and this is more than important in recovering from disease.

Slow breathing can take us into new territory inside of ourselves and this is important for the resolution of our disease states. In this essay, though, it is implied that we have to go even further and look directly at the mirror that we hold right up to our faces. Disease makes us vulnerable so it is a good time to get directly in touch with our vulnerability of being. It is that place where we feel our feelings, our deepest feelings, and this is not easy for modern people.

The Lüscher Color Test is a good place to begin to see ourselves as we are, not as we think we are. I suggest to everyone who is suffering from cancer and other serious diseases to have one’s loved one’s give them magnesium massages and this is a good time, when one is laying on a table with someone else’s love touching us, to try to center attention in the center of our feelings that come from the heart. When the tears of the melting heart start rolling down our cheeks we know, we are hitting the spot.

Disease is not a mistake, it is a natural consequence of many factors coming together, not all of which we have control over. Disease is often a consequence of mistakes we have made in the past that we have to rectify in the present and in the future.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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