The Power and Meaning of the Heart

Published on October 28, 2022

In the beginning, we are just beings with the capacity to feel. At the moment of our conception, things change, we grow, we take shape, and destiny awaits us in human form. In the womb, we transverse millions of years of evolution, each second a tremendous wind on our souls.

Then we are born in spirit and flesh, totally open to relate to other hearts with intimacy, love, and joy. As babies, we need a holy touch, affection, and understanding to bathe ourselves in, a space where every remnant of separation is cast aside – looking to unite in bliss with the beings that have brought us into the world. In this, the heart is completely visible, though vulnerable, needing unbreakable bonds of love and trust. But, unfortunately, many don’t find what they are looking for and need.

Deep within is our pure being which
has incarnated into this body.
This being is ultra-sensitive.
From the moment of conception, this pure being
is picking up subtle impressions from the environment
through the heart center of pure feeling.

Increased movements into the depths of heart-felt feelings increase our capacity to care and love and improve our overall state of physical health and sense of well-being. Since the heart is known to be the seat of feelings and the most intense emotions, knowledge of how our thoughts and feelings can be harmonized and balanced is crucial.

Emotional intelligence comes with an appreciation
of each feeling’s role and function in our awareness.

It is unfortunate but true that people prefer to deny their feelings and reality, which is why we have ended up with a world full of dire and seemingly unresolvable problems. David Reynolds, an American exponent of Japanese Morita psychotherapy, said, “People deny reality. They fight against real feelings caused by real circumstances. They build mental worlds of shoulds, oughts, and might-have-beens. Real changes begin with real appraisal and acceptance of what is. Then realistic action is possible.”

Books have been published that speak more and more about emotional Intelligence and that in the heart is a secret power that can transform our lives. We’ve all been told to follow our hearts, but this has seemed almost impossible. So how does one get in touch with their heart and follow its messages?

The head is just a peripheral.
The heart is at the center of being.

The heart offers profound wisdom and intuitive intelligence centered on the heart’s fantastic ability to network with a certain level of life that our regular conscious minds cannot. The heart is the perfect network solution because it is tuned to the universal constant of love, openness, cooperation, caring, appreciation, honesty, and truth.

The heart cannot stand by idly when
others whom it loves are about to get hurt.

The heart has the capacity for clear perception and the power to cut through the dualities and paradoxes of life with a speed and ease that can only be called super intelligent. Heart intelligence is the creative flow of awareness and insight that combines the best mental and emotional feeling processes of human consciousness. The human heart is the center of all true wisdom because it is in touch with what is best and most beneficial for others and us simultaneously. It is in touch with the whole, with three hundred and sixty degrees of awareness. Thus we can easily see that our politicians are seriously lacking in heart.

“Live in the heart and forget the head.
Go down to the center of your being.”

Saint-Exupéry wrote, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” A Cave Dive into the heart opens up a normally invisible world; it broadens our awareness and generally seems to know which way to go in life. The heart seems to be able to see and feel ahead and weigh many things at once in its tiny fist, whereas the mind is flooded by contradictory thoughts that often lead to deeper and deeper confusion.

The awake and aware heart is at the center of
our spirit, it is the home of our humanity.

In the heart is a secret that all ancient cultures, great philosophers, and religious thinkers have constantly alluded to. Though the physical heart is the most beautiful organ, beating billions of times within a lifetime, its non-physical components are fantastic. A heart full of love, beating in joy and harmony with life, is a true miracle and wonder to behold.

 The heart mixes up all the signals in the brain into one
feeling that we largely experience and identify as “me.”

We all have an internal assessment mechanism housed in the amygdala, the hypothalamus or mid-brain, which acts as a central intelligence agency challenging every situation, scanning every perception, and reacting instantly to the one key question, will it hurt “me.” Will it make “me” feel more or less secure? Will it fulfill or deny me my basic needs? Will it enrich my life or lead to separation and life-alienating feelings?

The heart is the center that houses our sense of self, the “me” and the ultimate “I.” In a chapter on emotions and feelings, we will see that it is necessary to differentiate between feelings and emotions because, in the end, it is highly significant to realize that “we” are not our emotions. Still, we are very much “our” feelings. Our feelings tell us who we are in the moment they are experienced.

Inside the purified and free heart is a flow, a river,
a passion for life. Energized and aligned
with its tasks in life, the heart feels a spontaneous joy.
In rapture, the heart becomes utterly absorbed in whatever
it is doing. In moments of ‘flow,’ the heart loses
self-consciousness, performs at peak states while knowing
and experiencing the time frame of pure egolessness.

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