The Virus Might Go Away, 5G Will Not

Published on May 29, 2020

Jack Hellner writes, “If the media told the truth about COVID-19, the public would feel safe going to work and play. Facts that most of the media will never show because they wouldn’t scare people. Over Half of U.S. Counties Have Had No COVID-19 Deaths. If the public saw the truthful numbers, people would be glad to lead their free lives again.”

Seems like many of the most vulnerable have already been swept away by the virus, especially in nursing homes by their preconditions, the virus, inept medical treatments and possibly by the side effects of 5G. There is very little certainty about the exact cause of death of people dying today but it seems no matter what you die of, gun shot wounds, sharks bites or the regular flu somewhere its been counted as a coronavirus death. The US government has even created financial incentives for this misreporting. Bottom line: Relying on flawed numbers is destroying businesses and jobs and costing lives.

“We have seen over 5,300 nursing home deaths throughout New York State, accounting for nearly 30% of all the total COVID-19 fatalities; a majority of which could have been avoided had the Governor, and his Health Department, used common sense,” said the chairman of the Conservative Party of New York State.

  • 1,603 counties (52%) of U.S total have zero deaths
  • 447 Counties (14%) of U.S. Total have one death
  • 443 Counties (14%) of U.S. total have two to five deaths

30 counties with the most COVID-19 cases account for 50% of all the cases in the U.S. (and 57% of all deaths). That is, just 1% of the counties in the U.S. are responsible for half of the country’s coronavirus cases and more than half of the deaths. Of those 30 counties, 24 are in the Northeast corridor between Philadelphia and Boston,

You will want to see for yourself where the greatest concentration of 5G installations are. The Heritage Foundation reports, “It’s instructive to examine just how concentrated the spread of COVID-19 has been in the U.S. Although all U.S. states have reported cases of COVID-19, the distribution of the cases and deaths has remained heavily concentrated in a small number of states, and among a small number of counties within all states. For instance, as of May 4, just 10 states account for 70% of all U.S. cases and 77% of all deaths. Together, New York and New Jersey alone account for 38% of all cases and 48% of total COVID-19 deaths

Spain’s Health Ministry revised the country’s
coronavirus death toll down by nearly 2,000

It seems that 5G installations are concentrated where there is the highest incidence of coronavirus deaths. Health officials are betraying the human race by not reporting on the correlation between viral deaths and 5G. Just five states—New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, and California—account for 54% of all of the confirmed cases in the U.S. and 61% of all coronavirus deaths. California and Illinois also have a concentration of 5G installations.

5G is about surveillance, data harvesting you are unleashing the devil here,” says Robert Kennedy, Jr. It is about unleashing a high frequency attack on the human race, a frequency high enough that its too dangerous for the telecommunications industry to test for safety.

To assume no negative health effects from 5G is foolish. Might as well assume gravity has no effect. Its the same when we assume vaccines do not cause damage since there is no such thing as a totally safe vaccine. We are sensitive to frequency exposure of all kinds. We tolerate our cell towers, phones and Wi-Fi because we love the technology and we will love 5G even more but will we? If our health deteriorates and we suffer will we still love a 5G antenna in front of our house?

Overcounting Coronavirus Deaths

Antibody tests used to determine if people have been infected in the past with Covid-19 might be wrong up to half the time, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in new guidance posted on its website. The tests are not accurate enough to use to make important policy decisions, the CDC said meaning all the hysteria and all the forced lock-downs were based on faulty information. Testing at this point might result in relatively more false positive results and fewer false-negative results," the CDC said.

The threat of deaths of millions of Americans from the virus
is being used to justify wearing masks, social distancing, contact
tracing, and a possibly mandatory rushed, untested vaccine.

Finland reveals reopening schools has not seen an increase in coronavirus cases and Norway’s PM admits shutting classes ‘might not have been necessary.’ The CDC website says the average US death totals since 2015 from all causes has remained unchanged so far in 2020. That means the huge numbers of reported COVID-19 deaths either never happened or they were deaths from other causes mislabeled as COVID-19. Hospital records show that almost all the COVID deaths were attributed to people with other medical condition. In New York, the 86%. of those who allegedly died of COVID-19, had other conditions that could have been the cause of death.

"Transmission is slowing down, the treatment of COVID-19 patients in intensive care is decreasing significantly, and the rising death toll curve has been flattened," Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde said at a press briefing. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s current “best estimate” of the COVID-19 death rate is accurate, it’s 13 times lower than the initial WHO claim. According to statistics “based on data received by CDC prior to 4/29/2020,” the death rate from COVID-19 could be as low as 0.26 percent.

The coronavirus is not as dangerous as claimed but do not say that to Bill Gates who has been called a “criminal” who must be charged with “crimes against humanity” by the International Criminal Court, according to an Italian Member of Parliament. Other comparable epidemics have taken place with far less fuss, and we have survived them but to someone who wants every soul on the planet vaccinated, the chance of him listening or changing his ways is zero.

More than 1,300 state and federal lawsuits have been filed over COVID-19, including 240 dealing with civil rights, according to Hunton Andrews Kurth, a law firm tracking the cases. There will probably be an avalanche of lawsuits so both governors and Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci beware.


Global health officials are forcing us into darkness, death and despair. “The United States is having a gigantic self-inflicted heart attack and stroke combined. Heaven knows what sort of trembling, weakened shadow of its former self it will be when this is over. I think I can guarantee that it – and we – will need to take many doses of very bitter medicine for as far into the future as it is possible to see,” said Peter Hitchens.

It is not just the United States but the world is having a stroke, millions will die and hundreds of millions will suffer for this gigantic game health officials are playing.  "The United Nations World Food Programme, states that by the end of the year, more than 260 million people will face starvation — double last year’s figures". And this is just the beginning. As I just recently wrote, health officials are insensitive to what they are causing for their arrogance knows no limit. 

“No matter how much we try to spin this in our heads, no matter how much we want to believe that something good has come out of this catastrophe, we are all going to have someday to deal with the terrible but likely reality that it was all for naught,” writes the American Institute for Economic Research.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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