To My Faithful Readers About A Trinity of Medicines & A Food Emergency

Published on May 25, 2022

Starting tomorrow, I will begin to publish about combining chlorine dioxide with the second-best medicine in the world and then follow through by including the third-best medicine. There is a trinity of medicines so fundamental to health that nobody should be without them unless they want to suffer and die prematurely. I am talking about chlorine dioxide, the different forms of bicarbonate, and magnesium, a mineral that most people are deficient in.

Used together, one can not go wrong. Together, these medicines stand a good chance of curing whatever condition a person is suffering from. Though these three medicines are not the only ones that can be employed (see below), they provide an operational core that we should bring into focus. My readers are well-versed in bicarbonate and magnesium lore; however, recently, I added chlorine dioxide as the tip of the spear, my Tiger Tank of Modern Medicine.

I was listening to a video where the same claims that I would make for all three members of this trinity are used together, being made for just one arm of the trinity. It is about chlorine dioxide, which is genuinely unique in what it can do all by itself. However, there is no reason for it to be used alone, and that is what the following 4.000 words (Part One and Two) that will be coming from me are about. It is about combining chlorine dioxide with sodium bicarbonate, which has been battling disease and used in pandemics like the Spanish Flu for over a hundred years.

Chlorine dioxide is one arm of that trinity, and it is a magnificent gift from God, miraculous in its deeds, performing miracle after miracle. So it is understandable why there is little hunger for more in the chlorine dioxide community of users, but God gives more, and we should take what is offered.

However, bicarbonates are not only gifts from God, but they are essential aspects of the acid-alkaline balance of human physiology. Deficiencies in bicarbonates and CO2 are telling, and chlorine dioxide does not address acid imbalances as bicarbonates do. The body has to struggle to make enough bicarbonates as it is. But when eating too much of the wrong foods or living in polluted cities, the body gets behind in bicarbonate production and can use a helping hand.

I will leave more discussion about magnesium as part of the trinity to another time. However, below is a listing of my lean and mean full protocol. Commanding these essentials will put a practitioner far ahead of what modern pharmaceutical medicine can do. And, of course, people can become practitioners for themselves and their loved ones.

Chlorine Dioxide
Sun Light
carbon dioxide
sulfur (DMSO & organic sulfur)
Selenium (lipid-bound)
Vitamins C and D (All vitamins and minerals are helpful)
Breathing Retraining (Slowing the Breathing Down)
Superfoods like Spirulina, Chlorella, wheat and barley juices

One can always add more to the list, but it seems a prudent idea to cover the basics.

I have recently entered into more than several Telegram groups and am surrounded by about 25,000 chlorine dioxide users. It’s a world within a world, and it is impacting me quite hard (in a good sense). The main focus of my subsequent two publications is directed at people already in the chlorine dioxide community, but I invite all my readers along for the ride.

Food Emergency – Only Ten Weeks Supply of Wheat

Food and medicine need to be stocked if one wants a chance to protect one’s family from what is coming. My first extensive compendium was called Survival Medicine for the 21st Century. I believe the above are the best medicines to stock up on, and most are very affordable, safe, and easy to learn how to use.

For me buying wheat berries right now is like buying gold. Get as much as you can until it runs out. Meaning get a grinder for those berries before they run out. The world only has 10 weeks worth of grain left, the lowest levels ever seen, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is creating a “seismic” threat to global food supplies, Gro Intelligence CEO Sara Menker told the United Nations Security Council. Droughts, flooding, heatwaves, cold and shortening growing seasons, and war threaten wheat production worldwide, pushing up the price of bread, pizza crust, pastries, and noodles. Just about every major producer is facing some issue.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, David Beasley, executive director at the UN World Food Programme, warned the world’s food security conditions are “worse” than what was observed during Arab Spring over a decade ago. Beasley said even before the Ukraine crisis. A global food crisis was already emerging. Now the crisis is the “worst humanitarian crisis since World War II.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “did not start a food security crisis,” but it did add “fuel to a fire that was long burning,” said Sara Menker. And now it is just starting and going to get much worse than any of us dare to imagine. Droughts, flooding, heatwaves, the deepening cold, and even war threaten wheat production worldwide, pushing up the price of bread, pizza crust, pastries, and noodles. In addition, fertilizer shortages and chemicals needed to control pests are exploding in cost and hard to get.

Cold climate change, the pandemic, and now the war in Ukraine has pushed hundreds of millions of people already to the brink of starvation, and this is before world food stocks run out, as they are already doing in certain regions. Large-scale street protests have been raging in Iran since last week, as inflation and the war in Ukraine have driven flour-based food staples to jump by as much as 300% – this also after the government moved to cut food subsidies.

Andrew Bailey, the Bank of England chief, uses the word ‘apocalyptic’ to talk about severe food shortages. It will not take much for this entire food supply system to come crashing down. “Many are now starting to realize that we’re facing a multitude of catastrophes, sort of pancaked on top of one another,” writes the Automatic Earth.


These are dangerous times. Prepare and take care. Turn up your attention so you don’t get blindsided by events that take you by surprise. The mainstream is going down hard, but many have alternative points of view and life practices. We all have to continue to do the best we can and stay good in spirit no matter how dark it gets out there.

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