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Published on July 16, 2021

The perfect medical or therapy consultation has to connect all the dots that matter to the patient. No matter who you are and what kind of situation you find yourself in, your emotional needs, physical pain, mental problems, nutritional deficiencies, and even agonies of the soul have to be considered to affect the changes that will lead to a person feeling better.

Whether we are experiencing emotional or physical pain or both, every one of us will benefit from increasing our emotional intelligence. Opening up to the Heart’s intelligence will see healing, increases in love, empathy, vulnerability, intuition and even in the beauty of tears.

There is nothing better
to do in life
than to love.

The Heart is at the center of all accurate perception, at the center of life itself, so it pays to focus on the heart when looking for change and eliminating pain. We all need to grow and change. The entire universe is changing from moment to moment, but we humans seem to avoid change as much as possible.

Now change is being forced on us by Nature and by the nastiness of men, so we might as well embrace it or risk perishing. Adaptation is probably the key to survival and success in the dark ages we are entering at warp speed. It is all fine and good to think we control our reality but there is a limit to that as more and more people are finding out. We are a year and a half into the age of COVID and the threats don’t stop coming.

In therapy, especially in brief treatment, one of the best things a therapist can do is hold up a mirror to the client, after deeply listening, to give feedback and insight on what changes need to be made to reduce stress, suffering, and physical pain.

“Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but
as you touch a human soul, be just another human soul.”
C.G. Jung

In more loving forms of therapy, we see both patient and therapist relating on a heart level. The thrust of a caring therapist is to connect with a patient on the deepest level of being as quickly as possible.

Ryan Howes, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in Pasadena, California says, “The idea with longer-term therapies is that it’s a good thing for people to come to revelations on their own through self-exploration and discovery. But some people find it refreshing to have a therapist say, ‘This is what you’re doing, this is why you’re doing that, and here’s how to get out of it.'”

Life is not Easy

My work targets stress and what to do about it. It is about life’s difficulties and what to do about them. Stress is endemic, with more people than ever reporting being unhappy, unfulfilled, isolated, and alone. Suicide is increasing especially among the young. Many are suffering something worse than depression, something more insidious —demoralization.

So much is going wrong on the outside that we have no choice but to strengthen our inside. We are part of the whole, and sometimes that whole is out to get us, destroy us, and even psychiatrists participate in this by being front-line drug dealers for the pharmaceutical companies. One of the most significant failings of modern psychology is that it does not put individuals suffering in the necessary context of outside influences.

I went over to Psychology Today’s web site and reviewed the flood of articles they release everyday. I swam through the flood and had my concerns of how modern psychology is failing the human race confirmed. One would have to take the same swim but there is no doubt that they are wimps who have not the backbone to finger what real human insanity is and how it is playing out in the full light of day with our politicians, the  media and with health officials who give new meaning to what it means to be human beasts.

What Does it Mean to Work on the Ego?

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Not too many people know the answer to this question. Few people even know what their ego is. We are like fish in water; the water (our egos) is all we know.

No one likes to have their ego revealed to them. The more insecure or blocked up we are, the more it feels like criticism or rejection when someone tries to point out the error of our ways. The list is endless today of those who will take absolutely no criticism, people like Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci and a host of others demonstrate to the rest of us what its like to be one of those who cannot listen.

An easier way to see the ego is to define it as the self. We are our egos because we are ourselves. Yes, everyone has a higher self, something beyond the small self or ego. The ego is our separate self. It is our minds and all the thoughts constantly going through it.

When we let in some light from our higher self, we get insight into our lower egocentric self. When we do therapy with someone attuned to their higher self/heart nature, they can lend us insightful understanding that we cannot channel from our own highest self. When therapists care enough, we can borrow from their consciousness what we need to know about ourselves.

Medical Psychology

Medical psychology revolves around the idea that both the body and mind are one, inseparable structure. Therefore, for best results, all diseases, whether the mind or the physical body, must be treated as if they have both been affected.

Nothing ties the body, mind, and emotion more tightly than our breathing. Therefore, working on and changing how we breathe has a significant effect on how we feel in our bodies, minds, and feelings.


On our life journeys, we naturally go through many trips, fall into many traps. The issues surrounding the Heart, matters of love are painful. Many people are afraid to risk opening to the Heart’s deepest feelings because the predominant experience of life, on the heart level, is the hurting of love.

My approach to life is a bit different. Besides being a doctor of Natural Allopathic Medicine, I am a Communication Psychologist and a Color/Perceptual PsychologistHeartHealth is where it all comes together. I am now accepting patients for long-distance therapy.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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