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Treachery, Lies and Naked Truth

Published on May 26, 2010

Franciszek C. Kulon

The American implosion will now be repeated in Europe. The green shoots of recovery have now turned into poison ivy. The abyss has again been filled with more debt and more fiat currency. Bob Chapman

We have been sold out. We have been told almost every day for the last year that the economy is getting better when in reality it has been getting worse. Twisted men have turned events into a general rout against mankind sucking their wealth, health and very sense of being from them. And if worst case scenarios occur and there is a war that goes nuclear what are they going to do but go underground to further develop their beastly natures. We live in a failing civilization that does not want the answers. So rotten are our core and principle institutions that we turn from what is right and true to what is most foul and that is war.

The fundamentals have never stopped deteriorating – the debt has never stopped expanding – and civilizations ability to pay has never stopped contracting.

The lies are getting thicker (actually thinner meaning it’s easier to see through them) yet many intelligent people have bought the lies hook, line and sinker. The truth is shining through to more and more people though, especially in Europe where social unrest is spreading from one country to another.  As things deteriorate expect this to spread and become increasingly violent. We know that police and security forces around the world have been trained and equipped for crowd control and martial law. They are ready, are we?

In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell

People are not happy and no one expects them to be. Ironically it’s the people in government who are rising up against the establishment because it is on their necks that austerity’s ax is starting to fall hardest. What this crisis has at its heart is a devastation directed towards hundreds of millions of people who are used to comfort and a very reasonable level of wealth. From the third world point of view the middle and upper middle classes are rich and they, the baby boomers have had a good life having what they both want and need and then some. The problem is that these riches have been dependent on debt that is unsupportable so the entire house of cards is threatened with a crash. One so powerful and devastating that it will demand a new system install.


Clarke and Dawes ask billion dollar questions – ABC News Video.

The European crisis is both a continuation and an extension of the financial and economic turmoil that has ravaged much of the world over the last three years. Worldwide governments have borrowed and spent huge percentages of their GDP in a puerile attempt to protect criminal bankers that have looted the public and bribed the legislature. Beyond the mobs wildest dreams the bankers have held a monopoly on the creation and use of money. They have had the biggest racket going charging compound interest on money they have been creating out of thin air. A lot of dirty words have been used to describe the big bankers who are expert terrorists at using money and debt as their weapons.

Meanwhile Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz and Harvard professor Linda Bilmes estimated that the long-term costs – taking into account the costs of taking care of wounded soldiers and rebuilding the military – of the war in Iraq will ultimately cost three trillion dollars. Intriligator suggested that a similar calculation for the costs of the war in Afghanistan would indicate a long-term cost of 1.5 to 2.0 trillion dollars. "Why are we putting money into Afghanistan to fight a losing war and following the Soviet example rather than putting money into [our] local communities?" he asked.

While throwing trillions out the window with war we find that across the western first world nations’ lifestyle assumptions and gains accumulated since the ending of World War Two are coming into doubt. The deficit crisis is undermining the sustainability of social welfare standards. Everywhere in the top economies there are big budgets, falling tax revenues rising deficits, low growth projections and longer life expectancies; the first world can no longer afford its comfortable lifestyle. The easy days are over and hard days are beginning with the worst yet to come.

Casey Research predicts, “I suspect that in a relatively short period of time – three months? Six months? – it will become clear to absolutely everyone that the U.S. has no intention of changing its spendthrift ways, making it no safe harbor, at which point the show for tangible assets – gold, above all – will really get moving.” Bob Chapmancries out, “As a result of this monetary and fiscal profligacy we have a global financial breakdown in the works that no one will escape. Worse yet, no one has offered any solutions other than to throw money at the problem. Funds have been tunneled to the very parties that caused the problems in the first place.”

We believe stocks have entered catastrophic wave down, which should be the third and most devastating phase of the Grand Supercycle degree wave Bear Market. This decline has the potential to be a nation changing economic meltdown, concludes Robert McHugh, Ph.D. “I guess what I am suggesting, is that the technical charts and patterns are warning that a complete economic collapse is approaching the point of inevitability.” McHugh believes the elite will have their way, at least in part of the world if there is still a world after the next few years.

We have madmen ruling the world, madmen who love their wars and the money spent on them.

The only thing a peace loving person can do today is pray for a collapse of the system whose cruelty knows no limits or bounds. The system has been very busy for a hundred years destroying the environment and now new wars threaten the horizon. Pray and prepare should be the new watchwords of the day. A total collapse is the only way the insanity of man will be curtailed and yet the chances are overly great that the insanity will persist as it has always persisted down through the corridors of history.

This is all of course very difficult. I for one am relieved that the final collapse is still out there somewhere in the fog giving us more time to prepare our families for what is to come. It’s a psychological torment having to eye the wrecking train coming down the tracks right at you and know that it is not only fate coming but a necessary fate born out of consequence for what we have done and allowed to be done to our fellow man and to our precious planet.

It is hard not to be selfish while living on planet earth, hard not to think of one’s self and personal private interests. Imagine if the collapse had already happened a year ago instead of us muddling through green shoot La-La land. Where would we be as individuals now trying to sift through the rubble of a destroyed economy and collapsed financial system?

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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