Treating Clinical and Subclinical Myocarditis

Published on November 27, 2022

Every single person who has been vaccinated for COVID or has been infected and are suffering what is called long hauler effects needs to pay attention. Though we will focus on dangerous widespread vaccine driven heart inflammation we are reading that just about everyone is feeling under the weather and it probably is going to get worse as winter bites hard. In the mainstream we read:

Why does it feel like everyone is sick right now? Can anyone honestly, truly say they feel their best right now? Whether you’re dealing with one of the many viruses currently surging or you feel mentally drained, down, or just off, you’re not alone.”

Myocarditis is a leading cause of sudden death in competitive athletes. Myocarditis in its clinical and subclinical forms is a gathering plague among the vaccinated. Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle (myocardium). Inflammation can reduce the heart’s ability to pump blood. Myocarditis can cause chest pain, shortness of breath, and rapid or irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias). Severe myocarditis weakens the heart so that the rest of the body doesn’t get enough blood. Clots can form in the heart, leading to a stroke or death from cardiac arrest.

Don’t tell your doctor, because he will not understand,
but the best medicine for heart inflammation is magnesium.

Myocardial inflammation is known to occur with SARS-CoV-2 and to occur from the genetic injections that are the greatest horror ever known to mankind. There is not a great difference between the laboratory created spike proteins that generate infections and the vaccine generated spike proteins the body produces after injection. Both are manmade. Both are creating vascular damage, and both are affecting the heart, the pump that our lives depend on.

Medical scientists using multi-parametric cardiac magnetic resonance imaging revealed a classic myocarditis-like pattern of injury in COVID patients approximately 6 months after infection. However, many drop dead quickly after injection. Others were outright murdered in hospitals where doctors deliberately got everything wrong and continue to do so.

Myocarditis is a silent killer. “There is no heart damage that’s mild or inconsequential,” writes Dr. Peter McCullough. “American children who are getting the vaccine, some of them have no symptoms, yet they’re sustaining heart damage. I can tell you as a cardiologist, heart damage causes scarring, and when there’s a scar, that’s a setup for an abnormal heart rhythm, and that abnormal heart rhythm can lead to a cardiac arrest. The reason why myocarditis is so important in children is that when there’s superimposed adrenaline and noradrenaline in exercise, it is the trigger for cardiac arrest. So, we take this degree of heart damage seriously. And there are papers now by Jenna Schauer showing it doesn’t go away.”

Dr. Vinay Prasad, in the above video reports from Basel Hospital in Switzerland that everyone vaccinated with genetic materials are getting higher troponin than normal levels with the inference being that all have been injured. Troponins describe a group of proteins that are normally only found in the skeletal muscles and heart but can leak into the bloodstream if the heart becomes damaged.

The first two prospective cohort studies, where blood cardiac troponin level was measured before and after receiving mRNA injections, both demonstrated unacceptably high rates of troponin elevations indicating predictable heart damage.

Heart cells do not replicate. Once they are killed, they are lost forever. The more cells that die, the more likely is the person to have clinical myocarditis to one degree or another. Since doctors are miserable failures in terms of knowing how to treat inflammation in the heart most of these people could end up being part of a holocaust of death.

The latest information leads us to believe that 100 percent of the vaccinated are having some level of heart damage/inflammation making the mRNA shots into the most dangerous vaccine ever conceived.

Politicians and public health officials have turned medicine into an abomination and doctors into the least trustworthy professionals on the planet so they are the last people one should go to if one is feeling bad. COVID shots are not vaccines, they do not stop transmission and do not prevent infection. The only thing that can explain them is hate for humanity and the desire of some to make a lot of money.

No matter what, it is clear that they still want to vaccinate everyone despite the fact that for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, a majority of Americans dying from the coronavirus were at least partially vaccinated. “Fifty-eight percent of coronavirus deaths in August were people who were vaccinated or boosted,” the Washington Post reported.

Clinical Myocarditis in kids under 18 cases up by over 100X in Canada

Myocarditis is categorized as clinical or subclinical. No matter how slight, heart inflammation and damage are telling. Even with the slightest damage it is like a time bomb that can cause sudden death quickly or slowly through the month and years ahead.

There is a host of people, including almost 100 percent of politicians (who know nothing about medicine and health), all health officials, most doctors and everyone who works for the FDA, CDC, NIH, most medical organizations, and medical boards who could not care less how many people’s hearts and vascular systems are being damaged and how many are dropping suddenly dead.

Modern medicine is simply falling apart. Though it has been rotting from within for a century its decline has turned into an avalanche of evil intent, plain stupidness, arrogance, and ignorance of the most basic tenants of health. Noble medicine dedicated to doing no harm is dying a horrible death.

There is no forgiving anyone involved in propagating a vaccine that is hurting one hundred percent of the injected. They went way too far, there is no coming back. History itself cannot go on until an incredible wrong is made right.

As I reported last week the CDC’s own reporting system stated that 800,000 vaccine recipients went to the hospital after the first shot. However, they hid this data until now. They were forced by a judge to release this data and now we can only conclude that they are barely human at the CDC. That number, 800,00 was from the CDC’s ten million sample size which means more than 18 million people were injured so badly by their first COVID shot from Pfizer or Moderna that they had to go to the hospital. Who should be shot first for this?

Treating Myocarditis Inflammation with Magnesium

This old edition, that badly needs updating and editing offers the only significant answer to myocarditis. In the old days, pre-COVID genetic vaccines, I would say magnesium offers a substantial breakthrough in cardiac medicine that could positively impact the lives of thousands if not millions of people and their families. Now with COVID infections and billions of doses of mRNA vaccines we are talking about billions of lives.

Don’t expect your physician to recommend magnesium but that does not change the fact that when someone is in cardiac arrest or is having a stroke, having panic attacks with heart palpitations, the first thing, the very first thing we should reach for is magnesium. When our heart engine is seizing up (heart attack) what do we inject? For the next million years there is going to be only one answer and that answer is magnesium.

The rejection of magnesium and other natural substances like bicarbonate and even chlorine dioxide does not make modern medicine look good. Natural medicine is real medicine, and it is modern pharmaceutical medicine that is blind, deaf, and dumb. There is no short supply of medical science to back up my position that magnesium is the ultimate heart medicine that should be applied liberally to almost every person on the planet. Before you read the science, please understand that magnesium deficiency is present in the vast majority of populations today.

The Science

Because magnesium is essential for healthy control of blood vessel function, blood pressure regulation, and regular heart contractions, a deficiency in magnesium increases the risk of conditions such as endothelial dysfunction, hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias,[i] and sudden death from cardiac arrest.

Magnesium deficiency contributes to an exaggerated response to immune
stress, and oxidative stress is the consequence of the inflammatory response.
Dr. A. Mazur et al.[ii]

Chernow et al in a study of postoperative ICU patients found that the death rate was reduced from 41% to 13% for patients without hypomagnesemia (low magnesium levels). Other post heart surgery studies showed that patients with hypomagnesemia experienced more rhythm disorders. Time on the ventilator was longer,[iii] and morbidity was higher than for patients with normal magnesium levels.

Another study showed that a greater than 10% reduction of serum and intracellular magnesium concentrations was associated with a higher rate of postoperative ventricular arrhythmias. The administration of magnesium decreases the frequency of postoperative rhythm disorders[iv] after cardiac surgery. Magnesium has proven its value as an adjuvant in postoperative analgesia. Patients receiving Mg required less morphine, had less discomfort, and slept better during the first 48 hours than those receiving morphine alone.

Magnesium Modulates Cellular Events Involved in Inflammation.

There are many factors that trigger inflammation. They are found in both our internal and external environments and include excessive levels of the hormone insulin (insulin resistance), emotional stress, environmental toxins (heavy metals), free-radical damage, viral, bacterial, fungal other pathogenic infections, obesity, overconsumption of hydrogenated oils, periodontal disease, radiation exposure, smoking, spirochetes such as the Borrelia that causes Lyme disease, and certain pharmacological drugs. Problems with insulin metabolism are a major contributor to cardiovascular disease. It results in the inability to properly store magnesium, causing blood vessels to constrict, elevated blood pressure, and coronary arterial spasm, all of which can result in a heart attack. Now, thanks to a large group of people we must add spike proteins to the list of major causes of inflammation, not only in the heart but the entire vascular system.

Inflammatory reactions in the body are a valuable predictor of impending heart attack. Dr. Robert Genko, editor of the American Academy of Periodontal Journal, claims that persons with gingival disease (which is an inflammatory disorder) are 27 times more likely to suffer a heart attack than are persons with healthy gums. An American Heart Association paper disclosed that 85% of heart attack victims had gum disease compared to 29% of healthy similar patients. So, if you have gingival disease watch out when getting a genetic vaccine. However, even the healthiest people should avoid having their genetic makeup fooled around with.

When magnesium levels fall researchers note a profound increase of
inflammatory cytokines present, along with increased levels of histamine.

Magnesium deficiency causes and underpins chronic inflammatory build ups. Inflammation and systemic stress are central attributes of many pathological conditions. Magnesium is effective across a wide range of pathologies.

Researchers recognize a silent kind of inflammation. This type of internal inflammation has an insidious nature and is the culprit behind diabetes and heart disease. The chronic and continuous low-level stress that silent inflammation places on the body’s defense systems often results in an immune-system breakdown. Magnesium deficiency is a parallel silent insult happening at the core of our physiology. Magnesium deficiencies feed the fires of inflammation and pain.

Epidemiologic studies have shown an inverse relationship between magnesium in the drinking water and cardiovascular mortality.[vi] This association between magnesium in drinking water and ischemic heart disease was reconfirmed in a major review of the literature done by epidemiologists at Johns Hopkins University.[vii] Since most heart disease is marked by various levels of inflammation these studies were all highlighting the hidden relationship between inflammation and magnesium deficiency.

Increases in extracellular magnesium concentration cause a decrease in the inflammatory response while reduction in the extracellular magnesium results in inflammation. Magnesium literally puts the chill on inflammation.[viii]

Heart palpitations, “flutters” or racing heart, otherwise called
arrhythmias, usually clear up quite dramatically on 500 milligrams of magnesium citrate (or aspartate) once or twice daily or faster if given intravenously.
Dr. H. Ray Evers

Magnesium and Cell Stress

The involvement of free radicals in tissue injury induced by magnesium deficiency[ix] causes an accumulation of oxidative products in heart, liver, kidney, skeletal muscle tissues and in red blood cells.[x] Magnesium has a fibrinolytic action, prolongs clotting time, delays peak thrombin time, slows down platelet clumping, and appears to reduce fibrinogen levels, all of which may prevent the development or extension of an infarct. In addition, the vasodilator action opens collateral circulation and reduces myocardial damage.


I am not suggesting that only magnesium should be used for COVID vaccine victims. A heart and blood protection protocol should be employed with the most powerful helpmates being bicarbonates and chlorine dioxide. Iodine would obviously be helpful for a myriad of reasons and so would hydrogen gas.

When it comes to medicine and everything to do with COVID the time is already here when the very act of thinking for ourselves is not just outlawed but unthinkable. The public health response to COVID has shunted us down the road to a nightmare in medicine, to a holocaust of suffering and death.

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[ix] Magnesium deficiency (MgD) has been associated with production of reactive oxygen species, cytokines, and eicosanoids, as well as vascular compromise in vivo. Although MgD-induced inflammatory change occurs during “chronic” MgD in vivo, acute MgD may also affect the vasculature and consequently, predispose endothelial cells (EC) to perturbations associated with chronic MgD. As oxyradical production is a significant component of chronic MgD, we examined the effect of acute MgD on EC oxidant production in vitro. In addition we determined EC; pH, mitochondrial function, lysosomal integrity and general cellular antioxidant capacity. Decreasing Mg2+ (< or = 250microM) significantly increased EC oxidant production relative to control Mg2+ (1000microM). MgD-induced oxidant production, occurring within 30min, was attenuated by EC treatment with oxyradical scavengers and inhibitors of eicosanoid biosynthesis. Coincident with increased oxidant production were reductions in intracellular glutathione (GSH) and corresponding EC alkalinization. These data suggest that acute MgD is sufficient for induction of EC oxidant production, the extent of which may determine, at least in part, the extent of EC dysfunction/injury associated with chronic MgD. Effect of acute magnesium deficiency (MgD) on aortic endothelial cell (EC) oxidant production.Wiles ME, Wagner TL, Weglicki WB. The George Washington University Medical Center, Division of Experimental Medicine, Washington, D.C., USA.  Life Sci. 1997;60(3):221-36.

[x]  Martin, Hélène. Richert, Lysiane. Berthelot, Alain Magnesium Deficiency Induces Apoptosis in Primary Cultures of Rat Hepatocytes.* Laboratoire de Physiologie, et Laboratoire de Biologie Cellulaire, UFR des Sciences Médicales et Pharmaceutiques, Besançon, France. 2003 The American Society for Nutritional Sciences J. Nutr. 133:2505-2511, August 2003


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