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Treatment Essentials Third Edition

Published on December 1, 2014

This is the third edition of Treatment Essentials, I have added another fifteen chapters so now the book is over five hundred pages. This book will give you a practical understanding of Natural Allopathic Medicine, and how to use it for a number of common conditions. The reader is introduced to a protocol that is universal, meaning it can be applied in all health and medical situations.

In my Transdermal Magnesium Therapy book I start out with the words, “The book that you hold in your hands could save your life. It certainly contains information that can extend your physical existence and save you and your loved ones from a considerable amount of pain.” The same is true for this book.

Treatment Essentials is for doctors and patients, especially patients who do not want to see a doctor and want to treat themselves or patients who have seen a doctor but do not care to follow their treatment plans.

One of the key ways the protocol in this book is different from other approaches in the world of medicine and natural healthcare is our use of emergency and intensive-care-ward medicines (non-pharmaceutical types) that hold the potential to save lives in a heartbeat. One can apply these lifesaving medicinals around the clock at home orally, transdermally (topically), and via nebulization, enemas, feeding tubes, baths and even intravenous methods if a nurse is available.

These substances address and resolve the most basic issues in our physiology for they are not pharmaceutical substances but rather concentrated nutritional medicinals like magnesium salts, sodium bicarbonate, and iodine. These substances all heal through fulfillment of nutritional law, which is much more intelligent and rational than pharmaceutically based medicine, so much of which is tainted with improper and fraudulent research. This book offers a coherent medical approach that is simple to learn, implement and practice, though it does take due diligence on the patient’s part.

I start the book with the following words. “If this information is coming to you in a moment of dire medical need, take a deep breath and give a sigh of relief. This protocol is a natural emergency protocol (and your emergency in this case could be cancer) that utilizes the strongest medicines that can be used many times a day at high enough doses to safely effect strong changes in a person’s medical situation, even if they are at or near death’s door. This is strong medicine and this book teaches you how to practice it no matter who you are.”

The Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol is not being offered as an alternative to regular medicine but as a replacement for a large part of it. Basic science at this point sustains the assertion that all doctors need to incorporate into their practices some if not most parts of my protocol because it deals with medical and health fundamentals common to everyone. That implies a much-needed revolution in medicine, for we desperately need access to a medicine based on truth as well as on love and compassion.

Natural Allopathic Medicine is a new medical paradigm that will enable us to better take care of ourselves, our families or our patients. Learning comes in the first days and weeks of practicing each of the components of the protocol. Once you embark upon the learning process and start gradually implementing the protocol, you will be amazed how simple it really is.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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Hydrogen Medicine eBook Cover


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