Vaccine Experts are not Experts

Published on June 19, 2022

This is a terrible essay about terrible people doing terrible things. I do not believe there are words terrible enough to do justice to a person who injects a six-month-old baby with experimental COVID genetic injections. I do not think that the Nazi concentration doctors, the worst of the worst, would reach that low. But the American government is all set this week to go after infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with the most dangerous vaccines ever created.

Vaccine Experts are not Experts. They are terrorists, pharmaceutical terrorists. The FDA`s Vaccine Advisory Panel Are Baby Butchers. They are the meanest, ugliest humans ever to walk this Earth. They are an example of why modern civilization needs to go down so far into a collapse that people in organizations like the FDA will not be able to function.

Can you imagine a world where the FDA’s vaccine board will vote repeatedly to terrorize the public, including the children, with one dangerous vaccine after another until the end of time? These twenty-one doctors are the enemies of modern medicine, destroying trust and peoples’ lives with experimental vaccines that should never have been approved for emergency use.

Dr. Paul Alexander writes, “I warn again, these injections will kill normal healthy children. They are not properly safety tested. I warn again. Moving to inject our 6-month to 4-years children with a gene delivery platform is very dangerous. Reckless. There is no sound justification for this.”

This week they will start a slaughter of children. In the beginning, only a few will die, but the long-term effects of babies getting COVID shots will sustain my use of the word slaughter. It was always terrifying for anyone to read about the Aztecs who would lead long lines of captives up to the top of their pyramids to rip their hearts out or cut their necks open. The blood would run down the temple steps in a mass slaughter ritual.

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Who would believe modern people capable of such atrocity? The doctors at the FDA who just voted to inject children are guilty of being medical beasts. There has already been a slaughtering by injecting pregnant women with COVID shots. A genocide of fetuses. These doctors are good at deceiving. They deceive themselves by thinking they are doing good when they are the worst instruments of evil.

The FDA vaccine panel just voted to inject babies with COVID vaccines they do not need. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) vaccine advisory panel unanimously voted 21-0 to recommend Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines for infants and young children, stating the totality of the evidence available shows the benefits of the vaccines outweigh the risks of use. Of course, they are lying because there is no benefit, and the risks are high enough to call it premeditated murder.

The Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) ignored pleas from experts, the vaccine injured and a congressman representing 17 other lawmakers to halt authorization until questions about the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines for the nation’s youngest children could be properly addressed. They did not listen to anyone or anything that might suggest that they are butcher men with a taste for the young.

According to Dr. David Gortler, “Epidemiological evidence shows infants, children and adolescents never needed COVID-19 vaccines and certainly do not need them now. According to the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), 4 million doses must be administered to children 5 to 11 years old to prevent a single ICU admission. Assuming two doses per child, that means 2 million children must risk potentially serious side effects to prevent a single child from requiring intensive care due to COVID-19.”

“I know that the death rate from COVID and young children may not be extremely high,” said Dr. Jay Portnoy, professor of pediatrics at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. Portnoy said there are “so many parents who are absolutely desperate to get this vaccine” and he thinks the committee “owes it to them to give them the choice.” I would seriously doubt the sanity of any parent desperate to take the risk of injecting their precious baby with an experimental vaccine.  

Several committee members, including Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, raised concerns about Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for kids and the minimal protection will provide after two doses. High risk little to no gain. Offit said he still supports authorizing a three-dose regimen for the youngest age groups but expects four doses may be needed. One should know that Offit is on record in a time way before COVID saying that vaccination is an aggressive act.


Pediatricians are probably the most arrogant of all doctors for they have to be to hide the fact from themselves that they are hurting their young patients with both vaccines and antibiotics, which are replaceable by safe Iodine. This doctor, pictured above recently came out of the closet saying, “I have been encountering cases of vaccine injury for over 40 years. In June it was a happy, healthy nearly 5-year-old whose parents were required to put her on a catch-up schedule, in order to get her into kindergarten. She won’t be going to kinder. She’s in a wheel-chair, brain-damaged. Her life was ruined. Then came a friend’s father who died after a flu vaccine, and last week a 4-year-old boy, made autistic by a catch-up schedule.”

Pharmaceutical terrorism and medical madness are alive and well in this crazy world of ours and is part of the backbone of our modern civilization. A careful study of pharmaceutical terrorism entails taking a trip into the darkest places that exist in humanity and it is no accident that when we make the journey, we find ourselves in places where doctors and scientists work together as they did in Nazi Germany. This subject takes us to the bottom cellars of hell, into the deepest and darkest places, and into a type of person that defiles the very nature of beauty, and love, a place where all human heart is lost. The Nazi doctors offer us a view of monsters that have remained invisible, dressed as they are eternally in three-piece suits or white lab coats with smiles pasted on their faces as they go about doing their dirty medical work.

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Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
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