Virus, 5G and Pollution Combine to Destroy Wuhan

Published on February 28, 2020

When market participants panic, they begin to cash out of everything. Then the panic moves to the supermarkets and the shelves start to be cleaned out. Those who have their heads stuck in the sand can end up with nothing and be the last standing when the music stops.

Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, warned that the spread of China’s deadly coronavirus in the United States is all but certain and said Americans’ everyday life could be dramatically affected. Disruption to everyday life will be severe due the the protocols health and medical officials already have in place. “It’s not a question of if this will happen but when this will happen and how many people in this country will have severe illnesses.”

“We’re at a decisive point,” WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a news conference in Geneva. “If you act aggressively now, you can contain this virus, you can prevent people getting sick, you can save lives.” Not sure what cloud the WHO chief is living on. They have been extremely aggressive but have not stopped anything.

Because of anticipated shortages of supplies, health care professionals and widespread implementation of social distancing techniques, it is expected that the large majority of individuals infected with the pandemic illness will be cared for in the home by family members, friends, and other members of the community – not by trained health care professionals. Bear in mind that persons who are more prone to contracting illnesses include people 65 years and older, children younger than five years old, pregnant women, and people of any age with certain chronic medical conditions.

The masks don’t work, if you want to protect yourself and your loved ones
from getting infected put some iodine around the opening to your nasal
passages and gargle frequent with iodine. Don’t forget to swallow!

Credit is freezing and supply chain disruptions are jamming the works of the world economy at a moment when everything was especially vulnerable. Hospitals, already dangerous places to be, because of antibiotic resistant infections, are going to become even more dangerous, breeding grounds for the coronavirus. Thousands of doctors and nurses have taken ill in Wuhan so its going to be better to stay at home.

Vitamin C Trials Begin For Treating Coronavirus

Brandon Smith writes, “Whatever happens in the coming months, never forget that the economic and geopolitical situation has been dire for years. The coronavirus, while a legitimate threat that must be taken seriously, is also highly beneficial to a select group of elites who now have perfect cover to move forward with an economic collapse that they have been planning for some time.”

“This has the potential for being the biggest mass casualty event in world history. At the very least it will take down the financial system as the world economy grinds to a halt with efforts to contain the virus. It has taken stock markets around the world a month to understand what my readers and I understood a month ago. The coronavirus is the ultimate black swan and all governments are accomplishing is to prove how impotent they are to solve real problems,” writes Bob Moriarty.

And yet all of this is happening on the back of unreliable tests for the coronavirus. Thousands of people around the world each and every day come down with pneumonia and other serious lung disorders caused by other viruses, bacteria, fungus, chemical and heavy metal exposure. Is the test giving positive responses to one of these other causes? California is monitoring 8,400 people and has 200 test kits, shortage of kits is going to be a great problem.

Japan’s fifth death underlines testing difficulties

Robin Harding reports from Tokyo Feb 28: Japan has recorded its fifth death from the coronavirus in a case that highlighted the long course of the disease and the difficulties of testing for it.

The patient, a man in his 70s from Wakayama prefecture, fell ill on February 1 with a cold and vomiting. On February 5 he developed a fever and was admitted to hospital, where he tested positive for the coronavirus on the 13th and began artificial ventilation. On February 21 and again on the 24th he tested negative for coronavirus using the standard polymerase chain reaction test. On the 26th, his breathing symptoms got worse, and on the 28th he died.

Wuhan Is Where It Started

Because information is controlled and censored by the Chinese Communist Party we do not know exactly what is happening in Wuhan except for the fact that it is dying. We know the pollution there is worse than terrible and that they were the first city to go online with 5G last year. And now the arrival of the coronavirus seems to have created a perfect storm of death and desperation. Obviously, the three influences acting together can destroy a persons life much easier than any one factor alone.

Wuhan City, the capital of Hubei, was expected to have 10,000 5G base stations by the end of 2019, said Song Qizhu, head of Hubei Provincial Communication Administration.  China Mobile Hubei Branch has activated 1,580 5G base stations in the city as of mid-October, achieving the 5G coverage of universities, transportation hubs and other densely populated areas, according to the branch.”

The Dangers of Untested 5G

Things were already extreme in terms of pollution in Wuhan (see below). Now combine the health destroying pollution with 5G, and its effect on oxygen utilization. There are many people who are becoming scared about whats coming next in the world without one study to say 5G is safe. 5G is coming whether we like it or not, which means that our cells are going to be blasted with increasing EMF radiation. Most of us already put up with Wi-Fi but I turn mine off at night to give my cells, and my wife and children’s cells a rest so they can better detoxify and rejuvenate, which is exactly what they are supposed to be doing at night.


The 60GHz Oxygen Absorption Band

The promotional materials from Telecom companies brag that 5G messes with oxygen molecules. Oxygen is in the air we breathe, it comes from trees. Trees make it out of carbon dioxide. It’s two oxygen molecules and they share electrons. When you hit oxygen molecules with 60 GHz millimeter wave emissions it affects the orbital properties of the electrons of the oxygen molecules. The 60 GHz range is known as the Oxygen Absorption Band. At 60GHz, 98% of electromagnetic energy is absorbed by O2. When 5G reaches the frequency band of 60 GHz, the ability for a person’s blood hemoglobin to bind with oxygen is hindered and this might explain, in part, why people in Wuhan just fall down dead in the streets, which is not a normal thing we see with viral infections.


5G uses high frequency waves and is supposed to be 100 times faster than the current cell phone service. However, the 5G waves don’t travel as far as current wireless frequencies so instead of large cell phone tower equipment spread far apart, the 5G requires small cell sites closer together.” Meaning you will need one right in front of your house.


“Firefighters in San Francisco have reported memory problems and confusion after the 5G equipment was installed outside of fire stations. The firefighters claim the symptoms stopped when they relocated to stations without equipment nearby.”

5G’s Immune problems

A 2002 Russian study that set out to explore the effects of 42 GHz frequencies determined that when healthy mice were exposed to them, they had a drastic reduction of activity with cells involved with immunity: about 50%. In other words, 42 GHz frequencies, close to the middle of the 5G spectrum, cause mice to suffer from immune system problems.

Highly Toxic Air-Pollution

China has the world’s most dangerous outdoor air pollution. The country emits about a third of all the human-made sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulates that are poured into the air around the world. The Global Burden of Disease Study, an international collaboration, estimates that 1.1 million Chinese die from the effects of this air pollution each year, roughly  a third of the global death toll.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) blames governments for inaction and says that in 2011 alone — the most recent year for which there is a reliable tally — over 400,000 Europeans died prematurely from air pollution.

The kinds of gasses that are being mixed in China have so far largely evaded the attention of air pollution researchers, toxicologists, epidemiologists, and regulators, says the American coauthor of the study, Steward Pickett of the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, New York. “The vast majority of research focuses on single contaminants. That is obviously not how pollution actually exists in the atmosphere,” he says.

The mismatch appears to have caused researchers to miss the potentially deadly consequences. “The chemistry of China’s polluted urban air is unprecedented,” Markku Kulmala, an atmospheric modeler at the University of Helsinki, wrote in the science journal Nature two years ago. “We do not know and cannot predict which harmful compounds are being formed.”

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