“We Are Not Helpless” Obama Says

Published on August 6, 2019

Tragedy strikes again, and again within twenty-four hours, and it will continue to strike until something changes at the heart of society and modern civilization. “We are not helpless here,” Obama said in a statement posted on Twitter. “And until all of us stand up and insist on holding public officials accountable for changing our gun laws, these tragedies will keep happening.” Obama said the El Paso shooting followed a “dangerous trend” of violence motivated by racist ideologies.

He must be kidding? One of the shooters killed his sister, was that motivated by racist ideologies? The above picture is a spectator shouting at Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and we can imagine the frustrations and pain of Americans who are feeling more and more fearful of going anywhere or sending their children even to their schools. None of this matters to superficial politicians who use everything for their political gain and to support lunatic ideas that have no place in reality. 

Obama of course did not mention the mental condition of these mass shooters or the pharmaceutical medication they have been taking. Trump did. Do something is the cry of the day and something should be done, no doubt about it, or we will continue to have mass shootings; and thousands dying of pharmaceutical terrorism. Over hundred thousand people a year die from properly prescribed medicines but not a word is said. No political capital can be gained by any party or politician to go up against big Pharma.

No doubt that more sane gun laws should be passed. I imagine that the gun rights people are afraid that the government will take advantage so they resist. The constitutional right to arms does not have to include automatic weapons, tanks, mortars and cruise missiles though perhaps all are needed to refrain a power mad government, as all governments tend to get.

“These tragedies will keep happening,” Obama said and he is absolutely correct. Both he and I are sure of it and even if gun laws are changed these tragedies will continue. The American way of life guarantees it. Even the radical Muslims cannot keep up with these frequent mass shootings it seems but no one is counting the terrorism Islamic madmen have against Christians and Jews.

Hate crimes are rising because hate is rising. Just look at how hateful the vast majority of Democrats are for a sitting president. If they can hate why can’t everyone hate and tear society apart in the process? Such wonderful role models the Democrats are for the world.

Western civilization is sick and it shows. In Europe they are more civilized but for some reason they still cannot help but participate in the destruction of other societies like they did in Libya. They also are falling all over themselves in self-destruction as they invite hordes of Muslims into the EU, men, woman and children who have no intention or even religious freedom to integrate into their hosts societies.

Craziness rules the day and things are just getting started. Liberals and progressives have fallen to mental illness thinking that their ideas alone will stem the tide. Any look at the west coast of America, and the homeless situation there, tells us that delusion is dangerous and cruel.

One should note that we are still in the good times and look at how things are down the block from the richest men in America. Now that we are at the edge of a huge downdraft in finance, economics and climate we can expect the worst for the future and this is incredibly sad and tragic for our children. 

Insanity is what is a foot and we will continue to see that expressed in suicide rates, depression, mass shootings and if we are unlucky in a nuclear war. Nothing is stopping the madness and perhaps nothing should for there should be a way of ending the lies/weapons of mass insanity unleashed daily on the world’s populations.

Massive poisoning of human populations must be added to our unlucky list or woes but politicians do not want to talk about that either. Millions die around the world from breathing the air in urban centers but they count for nothing. No need to get hysterical about them or pass any serious laws that make it a crime to release poison into the environment or into any child or adults body, like doctors love to do. We are a civilization based on poison and its the same with modern medicine. 

Humanity is inviting its own extinction, we do not need the fraud of man-made global warming to do it. That is the biggest joke of modern civilization; but is not a joke to the elite of the world who have tried to use a bet against Nature, which they are loosing, to create a world system of domination and control.

Meanwhile if we look at Chicago we see that killing in mass is happening all the time. As deadly mass shootings devastated communities in Texas and Ohio Chicago experienced yet another bloody weekend – suffering the kind of violence that has come to be treated by the nation as almost routine in this city. Seven people were killed and 46 wounded here, including in two multiple shootings on the west side.

Sane gun laws make sense but alone will not turn the tide of human violence and the deceiving nature of the press and society as a whole. When we read, which we rarely do, about another rape or victim of child sexual abuse, do we ever hear cries to do something about it like castrating men who just cannot control themselves? If its fair to take guns away from people it is certainly fair to take the penises away from men when they destroy other peoples lives with them.

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What we really need now is honesty and integrity in society and that is something we are not going to get. We need sane humane medicine and that is something we simply are not going to get. We cannot seem to get it right about anything including the realities of CO2, the most necessary gas on the planet.

Obama had no problem killing many people around the world using drones and the might of the United States military to do so. He is a slick character, Hillary not. Both will probably be implicated in being on the wrong side of Russia-gate, which will probably be seen as treason against the best interests of the country from a legal perspective.

We are not helpless he says, and maybe he is right. We can get the truth even as our civilization burns itself to the ground. We should at least have the satisfaction for our souls sake of how and why our leaders and the elite who stand behind them have trashed just about everything that really matters in life. 

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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