What is the Measles?

Published on April 29, 2019

There is more chance of dying from the MMR vaccine than from the Measles. You would think that tens of thousands must be infected and dying from measles with all the hysteria in the news. No one has died from the Measles so far and no one needs to if proper care is given. The last person that died from the Measles in the United States died in 2015 and yet New Yorkers are facing jail time for skipping the Measles vaccine.

New York City declared a public health emergency on the ninth of April in response to the measles outbreak in ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn and ordered mandatory vaccinations for residents in four zip codes. Those who refuse will have to pay a thousand dollar fine. Better to pay  than get the vaccine because the chance of your child dying is greater from the vaccine than from the disease itself. However, up to 10 percent of the 695 confirmed measles cases in the current outbreak occurred in people who received one or two doses of the vaccine, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. MMR is a dangerous vaccine that does not work to well.

A search of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) found 415 deaths from the MMR (or MMRV) vaccine since 1989. In other words, approximately 13 US children die per year from the measles vaccine. And, keep in mind that experts think that only 1% of adverse vaccine reactions are reported. And, there are other adverse effects from the measles vaccine. Seizure occurs five times more often in vaccination from measles than from measles infection. Febrile seizures can increase the risk for epilepsy. Other risks of the MMR vaccine include coma, lowered consciousness and permanent brain damage as well as autism.

More than 1,000 students and staff members at two Los Angeles universities were quarantined on campus or sent home this week in one of the most sweeping efforts yet by public health authorities to contain the spread of measles in the U.S., where cases have reached a 25-year high but still no deaths reported making us wonder what all the fuss is about. The flu is supposed to kill lots of people but we do not see mandatory vaccine programs and  quarantines for influenza outbreaks.


A good reference to help us put the present Measles epidemic into context comes from Dr. David Brownstein, who tells us to recall the Brady Bunch from TV, who all became infected. Marcia Brady stated, “If you have to get sick, sure can’t beat the measles.”

Brownstein wrote, “I do not recall newspaper headlines blaring about the Bradys serious illness. I don’t think the health department was on the episode investigating how the Brady’s became ill. Furthermore, I don’t remember Congress investigating why all the Bradys became ill. Nor do I have any memory of state legislatures trying to take parental rights away because the Bradys developed measles. Here’s what I remember about the Brady’s measles show: That was in a different era when measles was considered a rite of passage for nearly all children. In fact, children who naturally developed measles and recovered had lifetime immunity from future measles infections. Additionally, girls who recovered from measles would pass on immunity to their babies which would protect their children at the most vulnerable time in their lives.”


Very few children have died over the last 60 years yet unvaccinated people under age 18 are banned from public places in Rockland County, New York. Measles had ceased to be a deadly disease before the vaccine was introduced. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) creates the conditions for hysteria when it comes to viruses and the vaccines used to prevent them. “The headlines today might make you think that measles is as deadly as Ebola. That is absurd,” writes Brownstein.

According to Dr. Nathan Boonstra, “There were about 400-500 deaths reported annually in the US during the decade prior to vaccination. Measles, like chickenpox, was contracted by nearly every child before adulthood, making the annual incidence of the disease similar to the birth rate, around 3-4 million cases per year. Now, if we use 400 deaths per year and 4 million cases of measles per year just to make the math easy, that’s one death per ten thousand cases of measles. Way less than the oft cited one per one thousand deaths.

Looking carefully at the death rate from Measles before the advent of the vaccine we have to be realistic about causes of death. Does not matter what disease, when 3-4 million children get sick some of them are going to die, have complications due to so many different factors that it is hard to pin the blame on the Measles.

Deaths from Measles was already flat-lining during the 15 years preceding the introduction of the vaccine.

An outbreak of measles occurred in a high school with a documented vaccination level of 98 per cent. Nineteen (70 per cent) of the cases were students who had histories of measles vaccination at 12 months of age or older and are therefore considered vaccine failures.

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As the measles outbreak that started at Disneyland in 2015 grew to at least 70 cases medical experts  expressed concern about the five patients who contracted measles despite being fully vaccinated.

The head of the National Reference Institute for Measles at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Prof. Dr. Annette Mankertz, has admitted that the “measles virus” contains typical cell’s natural components (ribosomes, the protein factories of the cell). Since the vaccination against measles contains “whole measles virus,” this vaccine contains our cell’s own structures. This explains why vaccination against measles causes frequent and more severe allergies and autoimmune reactions than other types of vaccination. It could explain as well why some children have slid right into autism after being vaccinated with the MMR. All claims by the medical establishment that this is not true are betrayed by the fact that the vaccine court in the USA has paid out for autism caused by vaccine cases.

Is Measles Really Caused by a Virus


In November 2011, biologist Stefan Lanka bravely challenged the scientific community to offer real empirical and definitive proof that the measles virus actually exists. He was so certain that belief in the existence of this virus – a widespread and entrenched belief simply taken for granted – was without foundation that he offered a prize of 100,000 euros to anyone who could offer laboratory proof of identification and a measurement of the diameter of the virus.

Someone took him up on the challenge and eventually lost the case. It was the only time in modern history that Measles has been put to anything close to objective scrutiny. The final decision was in 2016. Judges at the German Federal Supreme Court confirmed, through careful examination of all the evidence available, that the measles virus does not exist, vindicating those who have said that no study has ever proven the existence of the virus. You will not hear the CDC commenting on the Supreme Courts findings. The entire medical establishment has ignored the ruling as if it never happened.

Most people and doctors of course believe it to be a virus and they have been doing that for as long as any of us have been alive but just believing and saying it is a virus does not make it one. And just because they have a vaccine (MMR) for Measles does not make it a virus either. People who get the vaccine can still come down with the disease. So what is it?


The headline reads, “Unhealthy diets now kill more people than tobacco and high blood pressure, a recent study found.”Poor diet is associated with 1 in 5 deaths worldwide, according to a new, large study. One does not find the New York mayor fining people on the streets for eating hot-dogs nor should they do so to parents who do not want to vaccinate their children. Why does the CDC ignore this issue and just obsess with viruses and vaccines?

In reality modern medicine understands less about viruses than they lead us to believe. The recent spread of a strange polio type disease is a case in point. They just cannot get their heads around it so the mysterious paralysis that is striking children is going unsolved by the medical establishment.

The AIDS epidemic is another example. There was more than enough controversy about retro viruses that were also never shown to exist. What is clear about this entire issue, the dishonesty of medicine, which can clearly be seen in its refusal to acknowledge the toxic base for disease, the emotional stress base for disease, nor etiologies based on low oxygen and high acid conditions.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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