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White House to Suicide the Earth?

Published on July 28, 2023

Insane people do insane things. They come up with insane ideas to spread their insanity like a plague. Since these are the kind of people who are navigating civilization, we can expect the worst. Most of the world is bankrupt and the best politicians can do is spend money they do not have so the world’s debt has reached over 300 trillion dollars. And worse, we have the American braindead government trifling with nuclear war and wanting to spend trillions more to fight climate change.

An unfortunate number of Americans still
get their news from corporate media.

The entire barrage of climate articles one cannot easily avoid seeing are full of garbage. Yes, it is summer, and because of massive changes in the jet stream certain places are exceptionally hot, but that is nothing new if you look back over the last hundred years. Official figures from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show a decline in U.S. heatwaves stretching back 75 years. Despite what they say our planet is getting colder.


While the media tricks the dumb and the gullible into believing the world is on fire –with poverty-inducing CO2 reductions their only savior Antarctica is shivering through an extreme bout of cold, even by South Pole standards. This is the first temperature below -83ºC anywhere on Earth since 2017. The Antarctic continent continues to cool, and the data are very clear on that, yet ice is taking a proverbial beating this season for other reasons other than warming temperatures.

Not for a trillion dollars will they admit the earth is getting colder. The point is that it is insane to even think of cooling a cooling planet. Europe is cold too but will the press report on that?


While the media focuses on a tiny slither of southern Europe, blowing the summer warmth and wildfires there out of all proportions to forward their warped anti-CO2 agenda, much of the continent has been shivering this July. Literally shivering, with summer frosts and record lows noted across eastern nations–in particular.

GFS 2-meter Temperature Anomaly image

The town of Port Nolloth in S. Africa posted a minimum of 1.8C (35.2F) yesterday, which is just 0.1C from the domestic port’s all-time record low.

Also, CO2 happens to be our best friend. Plants think the same. And it just so happens that carbon dioxide is probably the best, fast-acting medicine that almost alone can make cancer cells helpless because of the amount of oxygen released when it is administered properly.

One must be blind not to see the massive insanity that now inhabits the White House, government institutions, politicians in general, the elite, and the entire medical-industrial complex. And the press cheers from loudspeakers supporting evil (censorship and misinformation) every step of the way. This is the age of the apocalypse and the arrogant idiots at the top of the food chain have been laying the groundwork for the destruction of civilization for decades because they profit from it.

Truth, ultimate truth, whatever it may be,
is tough meat. It is unending and ever becoming,
it’s a living process of discovery that never stops.

We older folk need to have compassion for the young who see, hear, and feel doom on the horizon and that is one of the primary reasons suicide rates keep going up. My 27-year-old son is visiting me, and he told me that one of his friends pulled the plug on their lives each year for the last four years. One of my younger sons also had a friend who suicided himself.

The golden age of civilization, its height, is over, and a new dark age approaches faster than we can imagine. We of advanced age have had it good but the young see only bad things coming from every angle imaginable. At the same time, modern psychology is playing with its belly button with no clue, and not a word spoken out against the increasing insanity. It is a miracle already that we have not destroyed our once pristine planet with nuclear weapons. However, we are doing a great job destroying the earth with nasty chemicals, heavy metals like mercury, and enough plastic to eventually suffocate all life.

“Operations underway I mean things like mRNA vaccines stealthily deleting kin, friends, and public figures from the scene… decriminalizing crime… undermining the oil industry by a thousand cuts… liquidating small businesses… making little children insane over sex… flooding the land with illegal immigrants… devaluing the currency… queering elections — all these things are done on purpose, by the way. And if you complain about any of it, here comes the FBI or the IRS knocking on your door,” writes James Howard Kunstler.

How deep does the rabbit hole go? “We are now being told that producing food is bad for the planet. To “save” the planet, globalists insist, many farms must be shut down across the globe. Under the guise of reducing “methane emissions,” thirteen nations have signed a pledge to engineer global famine by gutting agricultural production and shutting down farms. The depopulation agenda is no longer even a secret. They are bragging about it,” according to Mike Adams.

Though we can talk all day about all the different shades of insanity being sported by the “woke” crowd Bill Gates and now the White House staff is thinking of suiciding the planet directly with new plans to cool our cooling planet. The White House has opened the door to an audacious plan to block sunlight from hitting the surface of the Earth in a bid to halt global warming when there is no warming but only cooling happening due to many factors.

The New York Post Reports on the Heating Hysteria

There might be ‘near’ record heat in some places but in others, it’s record cold. For instance, there is a record cold in Argentina where all-time cold records are falling. On Monday (July 17), historical monthly low-temperature records are being slain: the readings of -22.5C (-8.5F) at Perito Moreno Aero and the -11.2C (11.8F) at San Antonio Oeste are new record lows for the month of July — in books dating back to 1961.

For every place they scream in the news about record heat, there are more places where we have record cold including in the entire upper atmosphere around the planet. As reported by, mid-July is seeing brutal Arctic air descend into the northern regions of Krasnoyarsk Territory in Russia, which is intensifying and expanding. Temperatures some 10C below the norm are widespread, and records are falling.

Meanwhile, on July 14, the JASE2007 AWS in Antarctica reached a new 2023 world low of -80.5C (-112.9F). Back in March, the Antarctic continent suffered its coldest-ever reading so early into a year. Little risk of Antarctica melting anytime soon and the same goes for Greenland, yet dozens of absolutely insane House Democrats put forward legislation last week that claims the sea level will rise as much as 30 feet by the year 2100 if the government does not act to counter climate change.

The New York Post poured cold water on heat wave fearmongering. “A heat wave this week in the Northern Hemisphere has set off the ‘climate crisis’ cabal telling us that the end is nigh unless we hand over our car keys to Al Gore and John Kerry,” reads the opening lines of a recent New York Post article.

The dutiful MSM is busy milking the summer of 2023 for all it’s worth, but many, including the NY Post, aren’t buying it: “A closer look at the data,” they write, “shows that most of these headlines are false or grossly misleading.”

For the most part, temperatures this month are falling short of records set many decades ago, long before the climate emergency is said to have commenced. However, in many places across the globe record cold, real record cold is being reported.

Dimming the Earth

Dr. Joseph Mercola reported that U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently interviewed Dane Wigington, founder of, about climate engineering and its hidden role in climate change. The White House, packed with the most demented people in America is considering a plan to block sunlight from hitting the surface of the earth in a bid to halt global warming, a process known as solar radiation modification (SRM).

A supercomputer called Derecho is analyzing the effects of solar geoengineering to help climate scientists decide whether SRM will be a good idea or not. However, according to Dane Wigington, founder of, geoengineering projects of various kinds are already having severe impacts on weather patterns, our ability to grow food, biodiversity, and human health. According to him intentional geoengineering — including solar dimming — has been going on for more than 70 years. Wigington also produced the documentary “The Dimming.”

Global warming isn’t science, it is a criminal act, the biggest scam in the history of mankind. Moreover, this evil is compounded by the fact that the exact opposite climatic reality is looming. The COLD TIMES are returning, which, unlike fruitful times of warmth, have ALWAYS delivered untold suffering to humanity via crop losses, famine, and the collapse of empires.

They have twisted everything they can to fit their repulsive climate narrative scaring the young with doom. Earth’s climate is cyclic, never linear — the COLD TIMES are returning as decided by the Sun not buy pseudo climate scientists with their toy computer models.

Our planet has not been this hot in 125,000 years. That is a bold face lie! So, they go on to say, “So why are we not screaming “enough”? Why aren’t we identifying the culprits — coal, oil, and gas companies — and demanding they stop producing fuels that are literally killing us?” Do they have any idea how many people would die if we stopped using coal, oil, and gas?

Elimination of CO2 is a Suicide Pact

Dr. William Happer, an American physicist, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Physics at Princeton University, and former director of Energy Research in the US Department of Energy under the Bush administration said:

Carbon dioxide is what drives life on Earth. The growth of plants depends on carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide in the air diffuses into the leaves of plants through little holes, and the plants combine this with water, it requires energy. This energy comes from sunlight. So, the combination of carbon dioxide, the so-called pollutant, water, and sunlight is what makes life. You know, that’s what we live on. And carbon dioxide at the present time is much lower [in] concentration than has prevailed over most of geological history. [During] most of geological history, it’s clear from proxy records, CO2 levels have been two or three times greater than they are now. We probably don’t have enough fossil fuels around to restore those levels where plants evolve and where they function best.

But even the relatively small increases we’ve had – from maybe 280, 300 parts per million 200 years ago to a little over 400 today – that’s not a big increase. It’s 35%, maybe. But it has caused greening all around the Earth. You can see that from satellites looking down over the last two or three decades. Earth is getting greener. Especially arid regions are getting greener. You know, the edges of the great deserts of the Earth are shrinking. They’re not growing, they are shrinking.

A Stagnant Jet Stream Is Fueling Intense Heat
Worldwide. Could Climate Change Be to Blame?

That’s a headline and yes, it’s true but for more years than I remember solar minimums (cooling climate change) have always been thought to create highly wavy jet streams.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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