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Whooping Cough Vaccine Is Failing

Published on May 11, 2012


Washington State is facing the worst whopping-cough epidemic in 70 years where more than 1,100 cases of whooping cough have already been diagnosed this year. It seems the vaccine against whooping cough is not as effective as public health officials would like us to believe.

Whooping cough took the life of a 9-week-old girl from Idaho this week so the media and medical officials are getting more concerned, though they defensively blame the increase in problems on parents refusing vaccination. “Pertussis is a very contagious disease. It’s a very debilitating, life-threatening disease also for little ones who can’t fight it off,” Portneuf Medical Center Infection Preventionist Joyce Olson said.

Worldwide, the disease infects 30-50 million people a year and kills about 300,000—mostly children in the developing world. Whooping cough provokes a profound fear in parents whose hearts are terrorized by the violent coughing fits as their children choke and gasp for air while making a whooping sound.

Adults and older children still get whooping cough, but they may not make the characteristic “whooping” noise when coughing and are often not diagnosed. It is babies, however, who are most at risk from the disease, as they can develop serious and sometimes fatal complications, such as pneumonia, seizures and brain damage.[1]

Whooping cough is a highly contagious bacterial disease of the nose, throat and lungs that causes long bursts of coughing. Whooping cough is caused by the bacterium “Bordetella Pertussis.”

Last year almost 35,000 cases of the disease were reported in Australia alone, the highest number since records began in 1991 and twice as many as recorded in 2008. (And this number doesn’t include the many cases in the community that are not reported.)

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), prior to the introduction of the pertussis vaccine, there were an average of 175,000 cases of whooping cough each year. This dropped off to fewer than 3,000 cases per year in the 1980s; however, in the U.S. alone, a total of 17,000 cases of pertussis were reported in 2009.

Whooping cough commonly affects infants and young children and until recently was thought to be prevented by immunization with the pertussis vaccine. Outbreaks of whooping cough were first described in the 16th century and now they are being described again despite all the children that are vaccinated today.

Whooping cough often starts like a cold, but turns into a cough that can last for longer than three months. You can catch whooping cough at any age, but like many diseases it is particularly bad for the very young and the very old. During a whooping cough outbreak in California in 2010, immunized children between eight and 12 years old were more likely to catch the bacterial disease than kids of other ages.

“We have a real belief that the durability (of the vaccine) is not what was imagined,” said Dr. David Witt, an infectious disease specialist at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Rafael, California, and senior author of the study.[2] In September 2010, the California Department of Health reported 4,017 cases of confirmed, suspected, and probable whopping cough, the largest number of cases since 1955.

Dr. Witt admitted that he had expected to see the illnesses center around unvaccinated kids, knowing they are more vulnerable to the disease. “We started dissecting the data. What was very surprising was the majority of cases were in fully vaccinated children. That’s what started catching our attention.”

What this means is that whooping cough vaccines cause an increase in the risk of being infected with whooping cough. That is the only conclusion we can come to when we see that more vaccinated children are coming down with the infection. Vaccines are not the truth of life or medicine and are administered by ignorant doctors who actually believe the absolute crap their medical superiors and medical officials say. The title of my book the Terror of Pediatric Medicine (free eBook) says it all in terms of the childhood vaccination program.

Whooping cough is everywhere and expanding again despite the vaccine. Why exactly that is no one is saying but some biological tipping point seems to be in the air with both radiation and chemical toxicities reaching ever higher and the bacteria mutating. Mainstream doctors are becoming totally lost amongst the tall lies and have no idea that intensifying toxicity is running smack into our increasing nutritional deficiencies.

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Natural Allopathic Medicine

Modern medicine is not having luck in dealing with infectious diseases, which are threatening to get out of control across a broad spectrum of pathogens that have gained resistance to antibiotics. Dr. Marc Lipsitch of the Harvard School of Public Health said, “It may be some time before we really enter the predicted “post antibiotic era” in which common infections are frequently untreatable.”

Doctors may give courses of antibiotics when whooping cough patients first get sick thinking it makes them less contagious. If a person already has whooping cough, antibiotics don’t make much difference to how bad they feel with the illness or how long the whooping cough lasts.

My recommendations for treatment of whooping cough would not include antibiotics that in the end only weaken patients further. Instead, I recommend nebulized sodium bicarbonate, which, when combined with glutathione, offers one of the finest, safest and least expensive ways of treating the lungs, and iodine, that nutritional mineral medicine used for over 150 years that also, when nebulized, offers anti-pathogen firepower without equal because of its ability to take down viruses, bacteria and stubborn fungi.

Iodine is by far the best antibiotic, antiviral and antiseptic of all time. – Dr. David Derry

Mainstream doctors have no idea that treatments with high oral dosages of iodine will also have a strong effect against pathogens. My Natural Allopathic Protocol leads doctors to utilize a three-pronged attack against infections including whooping cough. Like moving in three different Panzer divisions to face the enemy head on, we employ iodine, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and magnesium chloride in a non-pharmaceutical frontal assault on infections. These three can be backed up strongly with either IV administration of vitamin C or through the use of oral supplementation preferably with a whole-food form of C rather than ascorbic acid, which does not contain the full C complex.

Dr. Raul Vergini, a French Surgeon, uses magnesium chloride to fight infectious diseases. “Magnesium chloride has a unique healing power on acute viral and bacterial diseases. It cured polio and diphtheria and that was the main subject of my magnesium book. A few grams of magnesium chloride every few hours will clear nearly all acute illnesses, which can be beaten in a few hours.”

When children are very sick and we want to increase the effectiveness of magnesium administration, I strongly recommend Transdermal Magnesium Therapy and what I call magnesium massages. Magnesium massages will do wonders for anyone with respiratory distress. Magnesium and baking soda medicinal baths are also helpful as is the administration of organic sulfur, another name for high-grade MSM.

Regarding iodine dosage, one can take it up very high especially when infections become threatening. Some doctors use 50-100 mg of iodine in treating cancer. Dosages vary widely depending on the type of iodine used. One hundred years ago, doctors used iodine as an oral medicine all the time, I have heard stories where up to a gram was used safely. Personally I have tested very high dosages over and over again on my children and on myself with no ill effect.

Because nutritional deficiencies are behind so many medical difficulties and problems it is best to cover all the bases in this regard. For this I recommend spirulina and chlorella and super food formulas like Rejuvenate.

Other Issues

Barbara Loe Fisher said in 2010, “This summer, inaccurate and misleading information about B. pertussis whooping cough and the pertussis vaccine is being put out there by medical doctors, who should know better. Media campaigns designed to create fear about infectious disease are nothing new. This one appears to have three goals: first, to emphasize pertussis risks while ignoring vaccine risks; second, to place blame for whooping cough cases and deaths on the unvaccinated; and, third, to attack religious and conscientious belief exemptions, which serve as informed consent protections in U.S. vaccine laws.”

Children who get the whooping cough vaccine normally get it combined with diphtheria and tetanus vaccines. Dr. Mendelsohn said about the tetanus side of this triple vaccine. “You have every right to closely question me on the tetanus vaccine, since that was the last vaccine I abandoned. It wasn’t hard for me to give up vaccines for whooping cough, measles, and rubella because of their disabling and sometimes deadly side effects. The mumps vaccine, a high-risk, low-benefit product, struck me and plenty of other doctors as silly from the moment it was introduced. Arguments for the diphtheria vaccine were vitiated by epidemics during the past 15 years that showed the same death rate and the same severity of illness in those who were vaccinated vs. those who were not vaccinated. As for smallpox, even the government finally gave up that vaccine in 1970, and I gave up on the polio vaccine when Jonas Salk showed that the best way to catch polio in the United States was to be near a child who recently had taken the Sabin vaccine. But the tetanus vaccine exercised a hold on me for a much longer time.”

“As you point out, I gave up belief in this vaccine in stages. For a while, I still held onto the notion that farm families and people who work around stables should continue to take tetanus shots. But in spite of my early indoctrination with fear of ‘rusty nails,’ in recent years, I have developed a greater fear of the hypodermic needle,” continued Mendelsohn.

[2] Unexpectedly Limited Durability of Immunity Following Acellular Pertussis Vaccination in Pre-Adolescents in a North American Outbreak; David J. Witt, MD et al; Clin Infect Dis. (2012) doi: 10.1093/cid/cis287 First published online: March 15, 2012;

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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