Will Climate Madness Ever End?

Published on March 9, 2023

It’s a time of open madness, and nowhere is life more warped than around climate change, energy, and carbon dioxide issues. Psychologists are missing out on a new form of madness called carbon dioxide dementia syndrome. Making carbon dioxide an enemy when it is life’s best friend is stupid beyond belief.

The global warming scam is a central platform for undermining the rationality of Western civilization. So much of politics is set around ridiculous ideas about climate change. The climate is undoubtedly changing, and indeed, it is getting violent, as everyone in California now knows, but the difference is to the cold, wet, and snowy side, not the hot.

Things will only get worse from here, so wake up, not to new ideas about sexuality but to the threat of increasing cold, increasing energy prices, and, as we shall see at the end of this essay, growing food shortages. But, unfortunately, the woke culture is asleep to what matters. And as a result, we can see that blue cities are being plunged into lawlessness and chaos, with rampant crime, homelessness, and addiction taking over.

Politicians and government think they can get away with lying indefinitely, and they refuse to live by the laws of the land that they expect the rest of us to follow. The climate change narrative has made fools of us and has exposed the media, governments, and corporations for the arrogant hateful, deceiving bastards they are. These next few weeks will reveal that, against all global warming predictions, this winter will not go away fast, even as we roll into spring. 

Many places around the globe are much colder than we would expect at this time of year. It certainly has been a winter to remember for many across the United States–and Canada, but we have heard climate disaster stories from all over the globe. For example, instead of the no more snow according to global warming theory, in California, we see that the sheer weight of the accumulating snow has caused roofs to collapse, encased entire homes and cars, and cut off the power to tens of thousands. All-time record-breaking snow has also pounded large areas of Japan this winter season.

It Matters What Happens At The Poles

Following Vostok’s bone-chilling -65.2C (-85.4F) –an incredibly rare reading for early March– the Antarctic station chilled even further during the early hours of March 7, to a historic -68.1C (-90.6F).

This is suspected as being the coldest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica this part of the year. For reference, -64.7C (-84.5F) is the lowest temperature ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere in February (again at Vostok, Antarctica)–although some books state -65.5C (-85.9F) as being the record Feb low.

They Could Not Have Been More Wrong About There Being No More Snow

Yosemite National Park, closed due to heavy, accumulating snow, postponed its planned reopening indefinitely. The Berkeley Central Sierra Snow Laboratory near Donner Pass reported that 41.7 feet (12.7 m) had fallen since October, more than in any snow year since 1970 and second only to the 66.7 feet (20.3 m) in 1952.

Desperate mountain residents trapped by snow
beg for help; ‘We are coming,’ sheriff says.

Many residents remain trapped in their homes, with frozen pipes, collapsed roofs, and food shortages the most significant concerns. Mariam Magana and her family have been snowed in at their Crestline Airbnb for nearly a week: “Our three-day vacation turned into a horrific nightmare,” she said, explaining that their cars have been buried under 7ft of snow. Tahoe resorts like Palisades are logging a record-breaking 6.4 feet (2 m) of snow in 48 hours.

“We’re stranded,” one Crestline resident told CBS News.
“We’re imprisoned. We can’t get out.”

Snowplows that usually clear the mountain roads were ineffective, and now crews are working around the clock to reach the communities still snowed in. Residents have become increasingly outraged by the inability to plow roads, leaving them stranded and unable to get supplies.

Preparing For Unthinkable Cold

“The surface temperature of the Earth was reduced all over the Globe, especially in the countries of the Northern hemisphere,” says Professor Valentina Zharkova one of the leading experts on climate change and a widely recognized astrophysicist. “Europe and North America went into a deep freeze: alpine glaciers extended over valley farmland; sea ice crept south from the Arctic; Dunab and Thames’s rivers regularly froze during the last mini-ice age. Zharkova’s latest analysis suggests that a repeat of a Maunder Minimum-style spell of global cooling will run through solar cycles 25–27 (2020–2053).

“Similarly to the Maunder Minimum … the reduction of the solar magnetic field will cause a decrease of solar irradiance by about 0.22% for a duration of three solar cycles (25–27).” Zharkova determines that this drop in TSI (in conjunction with the “often overlooked” role solar background magnetic field plays, as well as with cloud nucleating cosmic rays) will lead to “a drop of the terrestrial temperature by up to 1.0°C.

Zharkova concludes:

“The reduction of a terrestrial temperature during the next 30 years can have important implications for different parts of the planet on growing vegetation, agriculture, food supplies, and heating needs in both Northern and Southern hemispheres. Furthermore, this global cooling during the upcoming grand solar minimum (2020–2053) can offset any signs of global warming for three decades. However, it would require inter-government efforts to tackle problems with heat and food supplies for the whole population of the Earth.”

Food Crisis Beginning To Hit Hard

Have you noticed that some European supermarkets have partially empty fruit and vegetable shelves? There are three reasons for that. First: In Almeria, southern Spain (where most of the European goods come from), it was first too warm, then too cold, resulting in massive crop failures. Second: Some major greenhouses in Holland experienced a complete crop failure because of the high energy prices (heating them would not have been worthwhile). Third: That leaves North Africa, but there were problems there too. Flooding, cold temperatures, and canceled ferries have caused significant supply problems for Moroccan fruits and veggies.

In America

Zero Hedge reports that people are waiting up to nine hours in mile-long lines for free food – some of whom say they can only afford to eat once per day, while others say they limit expensive food items such as meat for specific family members, such as growing teenage boys. “I thought, ‘Wow, the government is trying to kill us now,” said 63-year-old Danny Blair of Kentucky. Blair, who lives in a mobile home with his wife, survives on his Social Security disability check, the Washington Post reports.

In England

Brits are having a tough time of it of late, with millions cutting back on meals and being forced to switch off the heating due to soaring prices, even as temperatures plunge.

A survey of 2,000 people published this week by the Which? Consumer rights and advice organizations revealed that one in seven people (15%) are skipping meals as prices rise. This is up from one in eight (12%) skipping meals just three months ago.

UK household energy bills began to shoot up at the end of 2021 –so before the war in Ukraine– and are only set to continue firing higher as mismanagement. A fraudulent green agenda will undoubtedly push the majority of Brits into fuel poverty.

Heating costs are already intolerable: 72% are heating less, with 39% using less hot water and 19% cooking fewer meals. An 85-year-old man told Which?: “The house is cold due to the cost of heating, so I am continually wearing layer upon layer of clothes. Saving money on heating allows more money for food.”

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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