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Wisdom & Warning

Published on July 6, 2011

Something astounding is going on and the elders in the Arctic Circle are telling us that even the position of the earth relative to the sun and stars has changed. NASA certainly is saying nothing about this but these elders are anything but idiots about their domain in the far north. It serves us to listen to these natives who live close to the earth, sun, moon and stars.

Many dramatic events are coming about and the day in January when the sun came up two days early in Greenland we should have taken more notice. World scientists could not come up with a reasonable explanation so none was provided but they did reject the idea that the earth’s orbit changed in any way. Since then we’ve seen a staggering number of signs indicating major changes are unfolding.

Something has provoked a profound alteration to conditions on our planet driving the atmosphere and earth into convulsion. The weather continues to be beyond worst-case-scenario expectations of weathermen everywhere. Epic floods, massive wildfires, drought and the deadliest tornado season in 60 years are ravaging the United States, with scientists warning that even more extreme weather is on the way. From all points on the compass come reports of natural disasters. Life is getting extremely uncomfortable for earth’s populations as record heat, cold, rain and drought conditions are recorded.

Many of us are seduced by childish happy talk. Who wants to hear
that we are advancing not toward a paradise of happy consumption
and personal prosperity but toward disaster? Dying civilizations
often prefer hope, even absurd hope, to truth. It makes life easier
to bear. It lets them turn away from the hard choices ahead.
– Chris Hedges

Earthquakes are shaking the four corners of the globe while volcanoes blow their tops one after another. Sinkholes are swallowing houses and beaches while all over the world the ground opens up giant crevices like the one below.

The earth’s magnetic shield is weakening and is in the process of having its magnetic field reverse with magnetic north moving at 40 kilometers a year south toward Siberia.

Ozone holes also have become more prevalent and we can see what that is doing to the whales already. Painful sunburns are usually associated with people, but many whales are now acutely sunburned, with cases escalating in recent years, according to new research. The study, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, is the first to demonstrate that sun damage to whale skin is on the rise and is likely tied to increasing levels of ultraviolet radiation resulting from the thinning ozone layer. “The thing is, whales do not have hair, fur or feathers that could offer some protection, and they are forced to surface in order to breathe,” co-author Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse told Discovery News.

It is more dangerous on the surface of our planet than at any moment in recorded history.

Scotland’s sunniest city experienced a freak hailstorm at the end of June.

A severe hailstorm left many Kansas wheat fields in ruins but the big news from the Midwest is the flooding of the Missouri river and the threat of damage to two nuclear plants if the water levels go only a few feet higher. If one of the upriver dams goes, the United States of America is in for some big trouble.

Rushing floodwater is up around the walls of Fort Calhoun’s reactor building, turbine hall, and other auxiliary buildings onsite. Gunter warned that if Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station’s back-up generators fail, “the final line of defense in terms of running vital reactor cooling systems would be direct current (DC) emergency batteries. At most U.S. atomic reactors, such batteries have only four hours of life.” After four hours, a core meltdown would begin. The plant has lost power for cooling twice.

A huge swarm of jellyfish today clogged up the coal-fired Orot Rabin plant in Hadera, Israel, a day after the Torness nuclear facility in Scotland was closed in a similar incident. Hadera ran into trouble when jellyfish blocked its seawater supply, which it uses for cooling purposes, forcing officials to use diggers to remove them. A new report warned changing conditions in the world’s oceans are causing an explosion in jellyfish populations.

Sask. flooding prompts 150-km closure of Trans-Canada

A large portion of the Trans-Canada Highway in eastern Saskatchewan is closed due to flooding.

Despite heavy rains and flooding in the north, there is little relief for the Deep South, according to U.S. climatologists. The “drought monitor” report from a consortium of national climate experts said that over the last week, the worst level of drought, called “exceptional drought,” expanded to cover more than 70 percent of Texas. And 91 percent of the Lone Star State suffers from either exceptional drought or the second-worst category, “extreme drought.”

Texas Disaster

Texas Drought Natural Disaster

Drought and wildfires have lead to the decision by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to declare the entire state of Texas a natural disaster. In Los Alamos, New Mexico the wildfires encroached upon the site of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the nuclear laboratory where the first atomic bomb was developed. The fire stopped only meters from approximately 18 million cubic feet of radioactive and chemical solid wastes that were not in protective casks or bunkers.

A massive dust storm 50 miles wide in some spots descended on the Phoenix area on Tuesday night, drastically reducing visibility and delaying flights as strong winds toppled trees and caused power outages for thousands of residents in the valley. The wall of dust towered over skyscrapers downtown.

Above, a woman looks at volcanic ash on the shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake in Bariloche, Argentina on 12 June 2011 after the eruption of the Chilean Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano. Airborne ash from the volcano in Chile’s Puyehue-Cordon Caulle chain, which erupted on June 4, spewed an ash cloud that caused air traffic chaos around the world. Experts say fine ash particles could continue to affect air travel for months. Auckland-based climate change scientist Jim Salinger has claimed that if sulfur dioxide (SO2) in the plumes mixes with water, it could cause some climate cooling in the next two months. “It is like putting a curtain around the hemisphere—the curtain reflects the sunlight and cools the air below the ash.”

Who is Going to Pay?

The tornadoes and floods that pummeled much of the South and Midwest have also dealt a serious blow to struggling state budgets, potentially forcing new cuts to education and other services to offset hundreds of millions of dollars in disaster aid. “The disaster could not have come at a much worse time from a budget standpoint,” said David Perry, Alabama’s finance director. The budget lawmakers adopted included “relatively steep cuts for many state agencies, and the tornado outbreak only adds to our budget pressure going forward.”

Who is going to pay for repairs to crumbling infrastructure in the United States and elsewhere around the first world? No one! Who is going to pay when things go wrong at nuclear reactors? Or when people get dislocated, who is going to pay for the food of refugees? The world is fast running out of money just at the moment when natural disasters are rising, threatening millions of people.

The moment is coming when there simply will not be the resources to maintain civilization. We have already seen, with Katrina and its impact on New Orleans, what happens when disasters overwhelm governmental response.

Governments will not be able to cope with much more. Financial collapse in the face of disasters of Nature will bring our contemporary civilization to the brink of anarchy and there is little we can do but prepare our families. The world as we know it is coming to an end. And what will follow will not be pleasant or easy.


It is a good moment to return to the above video and listen again to the elders at the top of the world. They are telling us that the position of our precious earth has changed but that does not address why it changed. Scientists are telling us that the huge mega quakes in Japan, Chile and New Zealand actually have thrown the inclination of the planet off by a few inches.

Natural disasters that are already occurring are apocalyptic to those who suffer through them. Let’s face it—we are up against something stupendous that will send most of us scrambling—too late—into preparation mode. All of humankind is threatened by simultaneous apocalyptic horsemen riding tough on dark stallions.

There has never been a better time to tune to love and to our fellow human beings to build strong bonds in which to increase our chances of survival. Together we stand divided we fall will take on new meaning to people who don’t even say hello to their neighbors.

Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize–winning author and former international correspondent for the New York Times writes, “What we are seeing is the beginning of a catastrophic breakdown of globalization. The world as we know it is coming to an end. Most of us are reacting to the great unraveling by pretending it is not happening but events will implode right in our faces whether we like it or not. The deadly convergence of environmental and economic catastrophe is not coincidental. Corporations turn everything, from human beings to the natural world, into commodities they ruthlessly exploit until exhaustion or death. The race of doom is now between environmental collapse and global economic collapse. Which will get us first? Or will they get us at the same time?”

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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