World Health Experts Have It Wrong

Published on February 13, 2020

And so do the financial markets. Denting sentiment are 15,000 new coronavirus infections in China that were calibrated using a new CT scan detection method, rather than confirmation via slower ribonucleic acid tests reporting a nearly tenfold increase in cases on Thursday morning. That brings the national total to just over 60,000 cases. While non-China deaths linked to COVID-19 still remain very low, WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned the outbreak “could still go in any direction.” A 14th American has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, hours after the Centers for Disease Control warned the spread of the disease in the U.S. was “likely.”

The World Health Organization convened outside experts on Tuesday, the 11th of February, to fast-track promising tests, drugs and vaccines to help slow the outbreak of a new virus that emerged in China that has killed more than 1,000 people and spread to two dozen other countries. More than 300 scientists were expected to dial in remotely to the two-day meeting in Geneva that began this week.

There are no licensed drugs or vaccines to treat the coronavirus according to world health experts, and the chances of them coming up with something safe and effective quickly is not possible. However, it is possible to turn to existing, well proven common emergency room and intensive care ward medicines, which are used everyday to save lives on the brink of death.

For instance there is significant decrease in median number of colony forming bacteria and fungi in the lungs of pneumonia patients when sodium bicarbonate is used compared to saline. Medical scientists have already concluded that a 8.4% solution of bicarbonate is safe inhibitory drug for respiratory bacterial, fungal, and mycobacterial growth. Slow infusions of NaHCO3 (bicarbonate) can also be used to  treat non-anion gap metabolic acidosis and some forms of increased anion gap acidosis, a common enough problem in ICU patients with serious lung infections.

Heath officials are as arrogant as they come. If they do not see the answers they do not exist. To them there is nothing in the universe that will help coronavirus victims since as they say there is no vaccine and no treatment except some sporadic reports of using dangerous antivirals and AIDS medications.

Two dozen other countries have reported 393 cases of the virus, with one death in the Philippines. WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the epidemic was “”very much an emergency” for China but also “one that holds a very grave threat for the rest of the world.” We are seeing, according to the experts, “Only the tip of the iceberg.” Yet until today markets have been partying.


Coronavirus ‘could infect 60% of global population if unchecked’ is the threatening headline. The coronavirus epidemic could spread to about two-thirds of the world’s population if it cannot be controlled, according to Hong Kong’s leading public health epidemiologist.

As we are already seeing containment measures are not working and we will see the full reality of this in the next two to three weeks. It was a matter or too little too late as the infection ‘seems’ to be spreading around the world. They are already publishing openly what I feared from the beginning. 

The Guardian, an English news source said, “If China’s lockdown has not worked, there is another unpalatable truth to face: that the coronavirus might not be possible to contain. Then the world will have to switch tracks: instead of trying to contain the virus, it will have to work to mitigate its effects.” Mitigating these effects is exactly what my book on the coronavirus will be about.


We should not be surprised though when the world health experts conclude to close down the world, crash the financial system and the economy even though the human body’s reaction to the virus can be tamed with bicarbonate and magnesium augmented with the use of other helpful medicinals like iodine, selenium, Vitamin C and D and hydrogen gas, which can be administered in ICU departments if they had the machines on hand to do so, which they don’t. Instead of admitting they are wrong about medicine, wrong about many things, in their arrogance they would take the world down and destroy life as we know it. 

Instead of useful medical advice we are hearing public health epidemiologists suggesting other “countries should consider adopting China-style containment measures.” They would rather people die than advise people to take sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or magnesium (which takes down inflammation in the lungs) or Vitamin C, which is already being used to save sepsis patients lives (See below). Instead of making these medicines widely available we will see medically induced martial law – ‘Mass Quarantine Camps and Wartime Conditions,’ which we are already seeing in China.

“A senior Chinese official has ordered Wuhan authorities to immediately round up all residents infected with the novel coronavirus and place them in isolation, quarantine camps, or designated hospitals, according to the New York Times. City investigators have also been ordered to go to each home and check the temperature of every resident, as well as conduct interviews with infected patients’ close contacts.”

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So doctors and global medical officials are suggesting we crash civilization to save it from a virus that, even without good treatments, allows 95 percent, or more, of its victims to LIVE. Globally, an estimated 4.2 million premature deaths are linked to outdoor air pollution, mainly from heart disease, stroke, lung disease, and acute respiratory infections in children, according to the World Health Organization. Compare that to the death statistics from the coronavirus. We do not read anywhere that they are prepared to close down factories and coal fired plants nor do they count these people as part of the critical cases dying from the coronavirus.

For weeks China was likely assigning coronavirus deaths to pneumonia yet they do not track back and say how many coronavirus deaths are actually due to pneumonia caused by other factors so it is still unclear what the real situation is.  

Bottom line though is the report that it appears that the number of bodies being cremated doesn’t match the government’s figure, by a large margin. Local authorities are still asking residents to stay indoors and taking drastic measures against those testing positive with the pathogen.

It Is How We Treat Viral Infections That
Makes the Difference Between Life and Death

Ten years ago hundreds of children treated at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia had a rhinovirus, not the swine flu nor regular yearly influenza bug, and federal health investigators tried to find out if it was a new strain, and if this is going on elsewhere in the country. “What began to happen in early September is we started seeing more children coming to our emergency room with significant respiratory illness,” said Dr. Susan Coffin, medical director of infection control and prevention at the hospital.

The medical industrial complex does not want to come clean about how the coronavirus or any virus should be treated to minimize death rates. Most people who die from the coronavirus and the common flu die of pneumonia or Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. If a person is in a weakened condition from another illness, a severe pneumonia can develop. People with recent viral infections, lung disease, heart disease, and swallowing problems, as well as alcoholics, drug users, and those who have suffered a stroke or seizure are at higher risk for developing pneumonia than the general population. Severe nutritional deficiencies are also a major factor.

In the absence of prompt medical intervention to stop the “cytokine storm,” the lung will suffer permanent damage or result in death. Deaths will usually result from multi-system organ failure and through suffocation via hemorrhage of the lungs. This will happen for 2 to 3 percent of infected patients if they are not treated correctly or not treated at all.

Openness Love and Compassion Too Much to Expect?

You would think, if these doctors and health officials had an ounce of sense and an ounce of caring for people they would pay attention to a brilliant and brave doctor who is saving a far greater sepsis patients than anyone else. Most flu deaths end with sepsis.

Dr. Paul Marik is using a new combination of drugs to treat sepsis

Are doctors ready to save half a million people a year who die from Sepsis? We now have a game-changer protocol for a condition that occurs in more than 1.5 million people a year in America, with a 28 percent to 50 percent fatality rate, according to the National Institutes of Health. Sepsis rates are even higher in third-world countries. Sepsis, a systematic inflammatory response to infection, is one of the most serious diseases in an ICU.

Science Daily reports, “With infectious diseases, it is often not the pathogen itself, but rather an excessive inflammatory immune response (sepsis) that contributes to the patient’s death, for instance as a result of organ damage. On intensive care units, sepsis is the second-most common cause of death worldwide. In patients with a severely compromised immune system specially, life-threatening candida fungal infections represent a high risk of sepsis.”

Dr. Paul Marik made headlines across the globe with a sepsis treatment he believes is saving lives, however he says he must “lie low” about the controversial treatment. Dr. Marik said the response by patients’ physicians has been about half and half, with some willing to try, and “the other half saying it’s complete and utter nonsense.” He is administering a common sense basic medicine approach that puts out cysteine storms with IV infusions of vitamin C, hydrocortisone and thiamine.

When we focus on Dr. Marik’s work it is impossible not to see the merits of his practice and how many lives could be saved if ICU doctors followed his lead.

Published online in December 2016 in Chest, an American College of Chest Physicians medical journal. The study showed that in 47 patients with sepsis treated in Norfolk General’s ICU in 2016, four died, an 8 percent mortality rate. Of those four, none died of sepsis but rather the conditions that led to sepsis in the first place. The previous year, 19 of the hospital’s 47 septic patients died, a 40 percent rate. Dr. Marik has treated 700 patients with the protocol, and while some have died, it’s usually been because of the underlying disease, such as cancer, that led them to a septic state.

Doctors and everyone else need to be informed of the best emergency medical interventions but unfortunately the orthodox response consists of vaccinations with chemicals that can worsen and provoke hemorrhage (squalene) and dangerous viral drugs like Tamiflu.


I fear for the world when its fate rests in the hands of doctors, the CDC and world health experts who have their own agendas. They have well rehearsed scripts for viral epidemics, which one can see in action in many movies.

One thing consistently reported about the Coronavirus is that it makes easy targets of those who are immune compromised. As Dr Gabriel Leung, an infectious disease epidemiologist and Dean of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong states, “The data so far indicates that this would include older adults, the obese and people with underlying medical conditions.” (like diabetes, heart or lung disease or cancer).

And for sure one of the main reasons people are immune compromised is that they are living on a poisoned planet; having to breathe polluted air, contaminated water and food intake compromised with too much sugar and a host of chemicals.

Will we finally start addressing the problems of the world or obsess with climate change and viruses? All evidence points to disaster. We will allow the world of mainstream reality to self-destruct. Its already built into the cake.

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