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HeartHealth Exercise # 3 Forgiveness – The Blessing – Letting Go

When we cannot release ourselves into the pure love of the heart in HeartHealth exercise # 2 there is something serious holding us back. This serious blockage is usually deeply harbored hate, resentments, judgments, hurt, resulting from misunderstanding or abuse we receive in our relationships with others and or self judgments and self hate as a reflection of our relationship with ourselves. All of these feelings and attitudes create dark veils across our hearts and closes us off from the radiance of our own love light. These forces and the blame we put on others depletes our entire system and drags us down into the dark night where each thought can be an attack on our soul. Know there are often no easy answers or no quick way out of our nightmares but these HeartHealth tools and exercises offer you powerful movements, like strong heart pumps that revive the flow of feelings. Know that once you start moving your system, start moving into the stronger currents of the heart, beyond the superficial ego mind with all its blame and games, you can release your self. You can seize the moment as an opportunity to grow.

Out of love and care for ourselves we often have to really move in a powerful way to send our total love and compassion for our own hurt, and then forgive the source. This is often the only doorway to our freedom. Sometimes we are really betrayed and that is not a reflection of us but a deep cosmic challenge to reach deep into the heart to find the deepest current of our heart that can find the capacity to forgive. Some of the most beautiful beings on this planet have been betrayed. This is one of the ultimate challenges of the heart. But this can also be a very slow process as people who have been very hurt and abused and betrayed know. Some people suffer so greatly at the hands of others that this process can take a lifetime or more to find inner peace and rest. HeartHealth tries to speed up the process so we suffer less and grow faster. 

Step 1 

If you have suffered at the hands of another and are totally hurt or hating, know that you hate with your heart, hurting with your heart, and that on the opposite side of that hate or hurt is your love. We can only hate if we have loved or when we lose love or are not being loved or respected. It is the loss of love that drives us to the most intense feelings and emotions. It is you who is hurting and hating and it is you who is suffering. You are hurting yourself with these feelings much more that you can hurt another. Yes this world we have incarnated into is full of unfairness and cruelties that seem beyond all comprehension. Yet in the end we ourselves have to prove that love is the way by turning away from the darkness and into the light. We do this with our forgiveness when we have been hurt. We do this for ourselves not for the other. 

Step 2 

Realize that you can release yourself if you want. You can choose at this moment to let go. How? The miracle of forgiveness. You can use forgiveness to release yourself. This does not mean that you have to forget or that others will change. To forgive does not make what others did all right and it does not absolve others of the consequences and karma of their own actions. They are using their own consciousness as you are using yours. And if they are choosing to do something that is disturbing us or has hurt us deeply that unfortunately is their right and often there is nothing we can or could have done about it. But sooner or later we do need to free ourselves from the chain of negative feelings that bind us to others in a negative way. We can free ourselves of our hurt if we can get in touch with what has been hurt inside of us. 

We are not perfect and neither are any of the people around us and most often they have not theslightest idea of what they have done to hurt us. Or they are so blind in their arrogance of thought and we can have compassion for how many more incarnations they will have to go through before they even begin to learn their lessons. Christ also has some words that can help us free ourselves. “They know not what they do” is a great releasing thought so use it now if you hate someone to the point of total anguish. If you are hating yourself realize the same thing. You just did not know what you where doing and you promise yourself that you will learn something now so you will not repeat the same mistake. We all act out our true nature and that nature is often total ignorance or a reflection of our total cut off from the caring heart. 

Step 3 

Realize that you have come into this world for a reason, to learn about the true nature of your heart. Realize that most of the human beings around you are almost totally closed in their hearts and that hurts. People hurt each other and themselves because they are not operating or functioning in life with the heart center open. They are deprived of its deeper intelligence and loving guiding light. They cannot feel or have much compassion or care much for anything but their next thought or desire or need. Notice how you and they tend to put themselves always first. Forgive, forgive, and forgive! They cannot help themselves but you can. You can show yourself and the world that at least you can do it. You can move into the heart center and say I am love and will be love and will act from love and will fill myself up with love. The heart often finds itself by allowing itself to be hurt, over and over again until we discover what is being hurt. So forgive and bless the moment for you are using your hurt to discover the greatest miracle of life, the essence of your own love light and capacity to feel hurt. This is the nature of the heart. Feel your hurt and let it go by forgiving yourself and forgive the other. Do this now. 

Step 4 

Realize with the depth of your being that if you had to go through some traumatic experience know in the end that you will grow from it and get through it all. Though it does not feel good in the end good will come out of it. Know that your own love is made more pure by these intense experiences and moments in life. This moment and this situation and this pain is your guru, your master, it is offering you your next step in life. Learn the lesson and move on. Let go of the past and go forward. Do not wallow in self-obsession. If you feel self-pity try to control this highly negative and self-defeating attitude. Do not feel sorry for yourself. Feel your heart and move on. Go on to the next step. Do it now! 

Step 5 

Begin to imagine a positive and new future. Remember a beautiful moment from the past to get you started. Sit down and write out the best moments of your life. And begin to imagine something new. Ask your heart what it really would like for itself. What kind of new future. Imagine that future. Just be careful it is not your ego mind really hoping to go back to hell, to the negative attachment to a painful situation. Be honest with yourself. Be real with yourself.

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