Twenty five years ago I began writing about the love of the heart, its feelings, vulnerabilities and the crucial place it needs to take in our consciousness. There are many things to eventually understand about this mysterious organ we call the heart. Many things beyond the physical manifestations of that pump organ that beats 110,000 times a day and puts out a strong electromagnetic field.

My staff has been good enough to take the exercises from my HeartHealth book and put them into a form of online mediations in a course form (free) that focus attention on this most essential organ that sits in the center of our being.
Christopher Hills, who taught me all I eventually came to understand about the heart, said to his students 35 years ago that we as a race have to learn about love as a point of survival. Seems like we did a piss poor job with all the hate, wars and insanities going on today.

This offerinig is for people who want to move away from hate and move toward the love of the heart. With all the confusion of thought and mind, with all the conflicts and stress we really do have to tune into our inner worlds and the beauty of our relationships to find things that are good. The heart is good and is the organ of truth inside of us but the gateway is guarded by our tears, the tears of the melting heart.

In a study published in Nature Neuroscience, Tali Sharot from the department of experimental psychology at University College London and her colleagues devised a clever study to test people’s dishonest tendencies while scanning their brains in an fMRI machine. They found that when people were dishonest, activity in a part of the brain called the amygdala—the hub of emotional processing and arousal—changed. The more one lies the less activated the amygdala was on the fMRI. These scientists found that with each additional lie, the arousal and conflict of telling an untruth diminishes, making it easier to lie.

Lies and infidelities close the heart, which is our capacity to feel. That is why when people cheat on their spouses their partners can feel something wrong even when nothing is being said.

The psychopath is so far beyond feeling anything about the lies he or she lives that they have no heart left at all.

From the point of the pure heart, that is not separate from itself and what it feels, we can see almost all of human life as manifesting different degrees of uncaring, rejection, and denial of feelings. At one end of the spectrum we have the pure heart that cares totally and at the other, the sociopath and psychopaths who have clearly lost all capacity to feel, all capacity for empathy. And the rest of us are somewhere in-between.

HeartHealth shows that it is quite possible to access deeper regions of the self with a simple but powerful movement down into the heart or emotional center. With HeartHealth you will be able to look at your own conflicts and situations with more clarity and grace. The improved clarity translates into more objectivity and actually a heightened sense of intelligence. HeartHealth offers us a direct pathway into the full powers of our emotional and ‘feeling’ intelligence.

The deeper we dive into the heart and open to its super intelligent ways the more balanced, coherent, and healthy our bodies, minds, and emotions become. A simple but powerful movement
into the heart center of feelings can result in:

  • Change in heart rhythm and heart beat.
  • Alleviate pressure on the spinal column.
  • Reduce mental disease.
  • Reduce Blood pressure.
  • Deepens levels of internal perception and self-understanding.
  • Make you happier.

  • Increased mental clarity and objectivity.
  • Increase Intuitive levels of perception by making us more receptive to sensitive feelings.
  • Anti-depressive effect.
  • Increases overall human intelligence.
  • Leads a person into the center where self love and understanding of others is more easily found.

  • Reduce muscle tension.
  • Help balance the endocrine system.
  • Decrease the rate of aging process. (Keep us feeling young) Reduce arterial collection of cholesterol.
  • Improve overall energy levels.
  • Increase harmony in social relationships. (Save marriages)

There is nothing like a healed, healthy, happy and loving heart. HeartHealth offers a series of techniques that bring full attention and a conscious movement into the center of our heart. These exercises will literally change how your heart will beat. They offer a change of heart.

Being out of the heart is dangerous to our health because it creates disturbances in the heart rhythms, which are essential to total health balance. Think not that it is easy to get out of ones mind and into the heart. Some people cannot do it for their thoughts just do not stop for anything. HeartHealth’s first exercise draws a straight line from the mind to heart but until those tears run down your cheeks you probably have not made it into the heart. Thats why they are called the tears of the melting heart.
The heart represents our basic capacity to feel, the head the capacity to think. Books like Emotional Intelligence highlight the recent awakening to the deep and essential intelligence of our feelings. Since it is widely recognized that the avoidance of emotional suffering is the basis of much mental and physical illness, we can safely say that anything that directly increases a persons capacity to feel and face difficult feelings and emotions will increase overall health.

HeartHealth offers secrets to bring more heart into our lives. After we get in touch with our more difficult feelings we can deliberately focus on our hearts more positive attributes, on love and care and appreciation, on beauty, nature, and compassion. When we do this our heartbeat actually shifts, its rhythm harmonizes, and our clouds of negative emotion clear.

How It Works

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I'm Mark Sircus, a doctor of natural medicine and writer of more than 23 books that have sold 80,000 copies around the world. Innovative Medicine is the name of new form of medicine I have pioneered that situates itself between the best of medical science and natural medicine.