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Confrontations with Mad Mercury Doctors

Published on October 5, 2010

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby recently wrote an opinionated piece that deserves a stiff response from me. His newsletter was titled, “Autism, The Misery and Uncertainty Continues.” He writes arrogantly, “Those who have been my subscribers any length of time know where I stand on the mercury-autism link. There isn’t one!” What I would say to him face-to-face is either you are stupid or you have sold out.

He goes on to say, “Now a new study has shown yet again that exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccines in infancy or in the womb is not associated with an increased risk for developing autism. Of course mere facts and good science don’t worry the Internet ‘experts’ who ramble on about conspiracies to hide the truth, as if every scientist and doctor in the world was a corrupted puppet of Big Pharma. They have their prejudice and are not going to let mere evidence sway them from their rigid views. The fact is, as I have said often, kids get autism who have never had any vaccinations, never mind whether with mercury or not.”

Well yes Mumby, fact is, there are many sources of mercury exposure: Mom’s dental mercury, being in heavy and even light mercury polluted areas, meaning downwind from one of thousands of coal-fired plants, public incinerators, crematoriums, cement factories, even landfills. Mercury is everywhere—the whole planet is polluted with it, so really there are no light mercury polluted areas. But some places—like the southeast, Florida, the entire east coast, and California, which is pounded from mercury pollution from China—all demonstrate heavier concentrations. You want to see a map of it?


For a map of the worst mercury polluters from USA Today:

The long awaited study (that Mumby is talking about) that has been in the works for almost a decade regarding investigation between thimerosal and autism was published September 13, 2010 in Pediatrics. This study was funded by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and conducted by several parties with an interest in protecting vaccine use: CDC staff involved in vaccine research and promotion; Abt Associates, a contract research organization whose largest clients include vaccine manufacturers and the CDC’s National Immunization Program; America’s Health Insurance Plans, the trade group for the health insurance industry; and three HMOs which receive substantial funding from vaccine manufacturers to conduct vaccine licensing research.

The good doctor goes on, “Moreover there is the problem of explaining why boys have a far higher incidence of autism than girls. That suggests genes are at least partly involved. Mercury should not selectively attack one gender or the other.”

Hey doc, you should contemplate studying a bit of chemistry from Dr. Boyd Haley, who knows more about this subject than anyone alive. Yes mercury is more toxic when mixed with other heavy metals like aluminum (also present in many vaccines) and Dr. Haley has shown how the hormone testosterone also increases mercury’s toxicity.

Then Mumby shouts, “This latest study should put the mercury theory to bed once and for all (provided Joe Mercola, Mike Adams, and writers like them get a grip on the evidence). It showed that children who developed autism spectrum disorder (ASD) actually had less exposure to vaccines with mercury than children who developed normally.” I think you should go to bed,Mumby, and stop believing in the kind of studies that get passed for evidence—studies by medical officials who are really human monsters in disguise. Your aligning yourself with them makes me sick.

Have you read Dr. Palma’s work from Texas who measured and correlated autism incidences with proximity to coal fired plants? Have you heard about the dying song birds and other species being affected by the increasing mercury pollution? Look, I understand mercury pollution is invisible, except when you break a mercury-bearing thermometer, so I can understand you overlooking it.

I take it you have become pro vaccine with attack on everyone who resists CDC and FDA assertions about the safety of injecting a heavy-duty neurological poison into babies. You seriously expect nothing to happen to these children? There is not a doctor in the world that is insane enough to inject lead into children, or would you be the first? After all it’s actually much less toxic than mercury.

Young children were more likely to end up in the hospital because of side effects from a flu vaccine than they were from the disease itself.The analysis contradicts government safety advice that the harm did not outweigh the risk and raises concerns about the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s assessment of the vaccine.More than 1000 adverse responses in children under five were reported to the TGA by June this year, including nearly 100 instances of febrile convulsions, a seizure which in a small number of cases has been associated with long-term adverse health outcomes.

Keith, I know you from many years ago unless there are two different versions of you. One of your very own readers sent me the beginning of your newsletter, which I have quoted above. They chose to spare me the rest. It’s not enjoyable crucifying you or anyone this way but when confrontation is called for, this kind of communication becomes necessary. I am disappointed in you but you are ringing the bell of health officials that are protecting their reputations and the financial integrity of the United States government, which would be overrun with lawsuits if they ever admitted the connection between injected mercury and autism.

And don’t you know, Keith, that after all these years living on this planet, injecting mercury into babies or anyone else is exactly what the SS doctors in the concentration camps would have loved to play with. They did all kinds of cruel experiments on the inmates and they were all condemned at the Nuremberg trials. I take it you are in favor of continuing the experiment with the injection of mercury and other nasty stuff into babies. Is that correct? Ever hear of the concept of organic vaccines? Well I can understand if you have not because there is no such thing. They are all nasty and all provoke in more than rare occasions reactions and even death. Do you want to be held accountable for the terrible suffering that comes from this?

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“The U.S. government, a font of imperial hubris, does not believe that any act it commits, no matter how vile, can possibly be a war crime. One million dead Iraqis, a ruined country, and four million displaced Iraqis are all justified, because the “threatened” U.S. superpower had to protect itself from nonexistent weapons of mass destruction that the U.S. government knew for a fact were not in Iraq and could not have been a threat to the U.S. if they were in Iraq,” writes Paul Craig Roberts. The U.S. government obviously feels the same about the vaccine dead and injured!

My assistant Claudia French, RN said to me, “The entire autism world is extremely upset about this recent turn of events—this study and the court decision to find autism not linked to thimerosal—andso many are saying exactly what Mumby said, although he’s the first I’ve seen to be so convinced about this. They are saying this should put an absolute END to this argument about thimerosal and praises are flowing; truly disgusting and no, I really don’t think you should tone it down. Hard to believe that after all this time, and all the exposure on the dishonesty of the drug companies, that ANYONE believes any study anymore. What’s wrong with these people?”

To answer Claudia’s question we need look no further than Dr. Paul Kings report on the “Ongoing criminal investigations in Denmark of Dr. PoulThorsen, co-author of a pivotal study dismissing the link between mercury in vaccines and autism, suggest that he may have, in conjunction with staff from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), embezzled multi-millions of dollars. Further investigations also raise the specter that CDC staff inappropriately influenced the design, conclusions, and publication of that study and others.”

Special Note:

I wrote a book called The Rising Tide of Mercury, which I never published, but its materials will be in my book,Toxicity Syndrome, which will hopefully see the light of day early next year. Researching and writing on mercury under the influence and guidance of Dr. Haley and Dr. Rashid Buttar has enlightened me to the hidden dangers of mercury toxicity. But I have had so many things on my plate these past few years I have not been able to champion the cause of parents of autism but I will in my book,Humane Pediatrics, also due out sometime early next year.

Yes it’s true, Dr. Mumby, that mercury in vaccines, or in the air or in Mom’s mouth are not the only cause of autism. Many years ago I wrote a popular document called the “Multiple Causes of Autism Spectrum Disorders” and perhaps I should publish it again because it might let you off the hook just a bit. There are many things that combine to cause autism; it is not just the mercury in vaccines. That does not make injected mercury any less dangerous or insane. Mercury is neurotoxic, or would you argue with that as well? Mercury is a poison and it does poison people and rips the guts out of people’s lives.

The sickest thing I could ever imagine in my life is the taking of a six-month-old baby and subject that being to a flu vaccine containing mercury and then do that every year of that being’s life, which is exactly what is recommended by the medical freaks at the CDC. I would challenge you personally and all at the CDC who sponsor this madness to receive that baby’s vaccine with its mercury level adjusted up to the relevant body weights.

I received so many warm and caring letters in response to Monday’s newsletter I will share them with you below. One might want to take a few deep breaths first after reading the above or even come back after a little walk. Such confrontations in life do not sit easily with our hearts but sometimes they are very necessary. Intense conflicts and confrontations with our loved ones are even harder, much harder, and we do need certain skills to get through them without getting seriously hurt.

I am not angry, though my words can be perceived so. The heart, when its truth speaks about such difficult and agonizing subjects speaks with a belly afire. The heart has nothing to do with being nice. The heart has a necessity to be truthful, which translates into being real.

What motivates me to write this doctor like this is the same passion that is still with me from the days when I wrote Cry of the Heart, which was my first vaccine book. I wrote it in eight weeks, seven years ago when my third child was born, and I titled the book as such because every day I worked on the book I talked to autism parents and parents of children who died in their arms after receiving multiple vaccinations. Those days touched deeply on my soul and even changed it; that book eventually evolved into The Terror of Pediatric Medicine, which has been offered as a free e-book on my site for almost five years.



Through your kindness, i strated receiving your BULLETINS afews months ago.

Initially i did not understand who you, what you do and how do it.

But having read a lot of the atricles you write , i have come to love and appreciate you and your work and wish to make some comments.

1.You are very confident and passionate about what you write about.

2. you are very consistent, persistent and all your comments remain in the perspectives and context of the subject matter you are dealing with. are not intimidated by the BIG BOYS within and outside the Alternative health care fraternity.

4. You English literature and writing style is very inspirational and stimulating and no matter how many pages you write, it is still intersting and meaningful.

5.You do not attempt to recruit, impress ,fantise or patronise anyone whatsoever i.e Being a master ,Guru or such other Gimicks common in the present day world of Alternative health care.

6.Likewise you do not judge or critise individuas but you go for the BIG CATS the pahameceutical corporations and their cllaborators.

Thank you so much, i hope to put some of your very useful infomation into action here in kenya, where poverty is the main disease

Isaiah soy-young


Hello Mark,

Your words have touched my heart and in your letter that you sent out is the description of the real person that you are. You may not realize in your lifetime the lives that you have affected, the people that you have helped, the good that you have done, the eyes that you have opened and the hearts that you have touched.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you not only for what you have taught me but thank you on behalf of those that did not have the opportunity to thank you personally for your great contributions to humanity. Please continue to expose the truth so that the masses may see how they have been manipulated and fooled in the name of medicine for profit.

Peter Lorince – Omaha, Nebraska USA


Oh, Dr. Mark,

You are a beloved family member in my home. I could write thousands of words for how you have improved our lives with your humanitarian and basic concepts of health prevention and cures. How easily you see and express that which is so obviously wrong and truly insane!

Your Natural Allopathic is a perfect creation, and so fundamental to truth for all.

I appreciate the love you so freely give from “the heart”. And it is SO much from the heart.

Love, Laney


I have followed this man more than four years and read every newsletter, many through tears. His spirit shows through every word. If you cannot feel it I suggest you get a tune up. What a privilege to have access to the writings of Dr. Sircus. When I first heard of him I wanted to move near him and I don’t even like to travel across the state line.



Thank you Dr. Mark!

You are a Godsend, for sure. Please don’t ever change.


Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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