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Mercury Madness Continues

Published on October 31, 2009

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Many doctors are afraid that Swine Flu vaccines will actually be more deadly than the swine flu itself and will not give the injections to their kids. Doctors do not notice that they are harming and even killing infants with their childhood immunization programs because they don’t even bother to look. It is hard to understand how some very intelligent people, fully educated to the dangers of vaccines, can still not come out clearly against them.

Dr. Jürgen Seefeldt, a specialist in internal medicine from Paderborn Germany got it right sending an open letter to the Dr Susanne Stöcker, an official from the German drug regulator, the Paul Ehrlich Institute, pointing out the reason why her statement in the media that the “swine flu” jab was not risky was an “infamous lie”. Seefeldt systematically lists the dangers of squalene and mercury citing relevant scientific literature. He also notes that these toxic ingredients are not necessary for making a vaccine. “You should desist in future in the interest of the rest of the population from making false statements of this kind and to put your efforts and energy into making swine flu vaccines without squalene and mercury,” he writes.[1] And now the entire country is outraged because special vaccines without squalene and mercury were prepared and offered to government employees and the military.

How stupid some people can be is amazing but
we should consider ourselves lucky that even at the
highest levels the lords in their limos fumble the football.

I bet most people do not know that nothing will uncross the sulfur bonds in an insulin molecule faster than mercury – hopelessly bending it out of shape distorting its function. Mercury will also, with time, clog up the insulin receptor sites as will other heavy metals and toxic chemicals.

And I would bet a million that you will not see the World Health Organization or the CDC, FDA or anyone else in authority informing the public that mercury contamination is not only a cause of influenza but also makes its symptoms worse. Yea sure, but injected mercury is safe and maybe even good for you! Let’s give it to pregnant women and babies first!

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that of the 36 children who died from H1N1 from April to August, six had no chronic health conditions. But all of them had a co-occurring bacterial infection. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola the most common co-occurring infection that causes flu-related deaths is staphylococcus aureus. Mercury contamination provides a floor where these infections can flourish thus mercury must be held responsible for some of these influenza deaths. The threat of death becomes especially more likely in the event of receiving one or more mercury containing vaccines.

Certainly no one in official medicine is bragging that most of the swine flu and regular influenza vaccines contain thimerosal – a criminal chemical compound (by any sane intelligent standard), which was developed by Eli Lilly, a company, as far as I am concerned, liked to hurt babies and their parents by injecting a neurological poison into them that they know was not safe. People are shouting all over the place but the ordered vaccines when available will be given. And they are being declared safe no matter what the truth is and that’s it. Or is it? Read this site and get your spirits up for a popular rebellion is stirring it seems over the swine flu shots.

Like it or not lie or truth it does not matter to certain people who are of the lie and for the lie meaning they have sold their souls to money, greed and power sacrificing truth as well as their capacity of empathy and compassion in the process. Certainly I have not heard from anyone that the World Health Organization and medical officials in general are of and for the people. They are all of and for the pharmaceutical companies and the medical industrial complex.

Big Pharma and its Global State, or is it
the Global State and its handmaiden Big
Pharma? They are not separable any longer.
– Rima E. Laibow, MD
– Coined Nutricide to describe Codex

If they say its safe it must be true right? Now we have always had extremely nasty people since the beginning of time but today they have moved into the center of society and are greatly respected and trusted. We vote for them, if they wear suits, no matter how compromised and untrustworthy they are. And worse we flock to doctors offices as long as they wear white coats and have certificates on their walls.

President Obama has declared the swine flu outbreak a national
emergency and the government is rushing out as many vaccines
as possible even though they contain thimerosal a
mercury containing vaccine preservative
that officials insist is safe.

And now we hear that California is suspending the ban on mercury in vaccines, so that pregnant woman will be able to receive the mercury containing H151 vaccine. Aren’t these women lucky? They join Missouri in doing this.[2] One can only wonder why years ago they did not declare a national emergency to stop rapists from raping and killing women and children. I imagine that they feel they stand a better chance protecting people from a virus that they in all likelihood fabricated themselves in such an inept way it hardly poses a threat thus the greater and growing fear of the vaccines.

It’s sad. If we stop long enough to take a look at the entire autism situation and the general nightmare in pediatric medicine we can really cry with despair. And now all the brave people who have been fighting against the medical authorities are getting their work trashed as the official medical world tramples their truths as well as their pain by insisting that, “The original studies that raised questions about the thimerosal-autism link have since been discredited and ten convincing studies have been published in leading medical journals indicating there is no link between vaccines and autism.”[3]

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We as a race do not have the capacity for compassion necessary to deal with what is going on in our world today nor the courage to confront our institutions with their criminal behavior. Vaccines are the holy religion of modern medicine with the great majority of the public feeling obligated to take them. To the priests of this faith it does not matter how many innocent children get hurt they go on preaching and practicing their dirty medicine but there are brave men standing in their way armed to the teeth with medical truth.
Must see video by Dr. Gary Null speaking at the NY Assembly

Financial Heads Up:

Anyone who bought stocks in mid-1929
and held onto them saw most of his or her
adult life pass by before getting back to even.

– Richard M. Salsman

A lot of real money is going to be lost because in reality it is actually lost already but people do not want to see that yet. When we wake up one morning to find our money gone, pensions broken, stocks worthless and even our federally insured deposits backed by funny money one should not be surprised. The money has been stolen leaving only shadows of value and wealth. A great part of the money that many people are counting on is actually ghost money. What is ghost money? It’s money that one is counting in ones imagination that really is not backed by reality. What goes for reality today is a grossly manipulated version that is destined to one day come down like a stack of cards.

We presently see the evidence of what I am saying in the FDIC, which probably does not have even close to a penny for every dollar it insures. We also see it in the increasing news of problems with pensions as state, city and town budgets collapse along with declining tax collection. But the public will not wake up and the press will not come clean until the stock market collapses and then all hell will break loose. It’s the end of the recession (technically) but are we on the verge of a Humpty Dumpy great fall? Will the fall happen in October or when? Step up to the table and throw your dice and bet on your life, which is the level that things are coming down to.

My advice to my beloved readers is to be preparing for the worst, accept and use worst case scenario planning; take what is happening to heart and soul loading one’s self up with courage and faith that we will shine when other lights go out. The light that animates us from the inside is not going anywhere no matter how dark it’s going to get on the outside. Preparation is the watch word of the day and we can do that more readily on the inside than on the out but preparations need to be made, if possible, on all levels including the social. There is nothing like a little group consciousness to help when things get rough.

When one approaches life planning through worst case planning then there is only the upside of that to deal with. Psychologically when one accepts the worst we reach a shifting point as most often there is plenty of headroom to experience, enjoy and celebrate. All our efforts become kind of like gravy because everything we do in a positive direction lifts us off the worst case scenario making our situation better than what we have envisioned and accepted. This is good preparation and a worthy mental and spiritual exercise.

This morning I was listening to and learning how to play the opening introduction notes to George Harrison’s While My Guitar Gently Weeps and I wept a little at the greatness of the man and his music and all those like him who have tried to move the heart of millions with beauty. It is a time for us to feel our souls and whatever it takes to reach down to that level is useful and necessary for the head winds of outright lies and deception is staggering today. It is time to remember John Kennedy and Martin Luther King and especially Mahatma Gandhi and others of like kind before we face the rising tide of selfish power hungry leaders  who would not know the truth if it fell on them.

[3] ibid

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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