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Toxic People Toxic World

Published on May 13, 2010


In the ancient world cleansing was a ritual practice. We knew that to purify was to honor the temple of our body. Whether it was our daily prayers, a bath in sacred smoke, or a wild dance of ecstasy, we knew the power of wiping the slate clean to begin anew. We have lost that good habit and it shows. Some 41 percent of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives.

The President’s Cancefccr Panel has released a landmark 200-page report in the beginning of May of 2010 calling on Americans to rethink the way we confront cancer, including much more rigorous regulation of chemicals. Traditionally, we reduce cancer risks through regular doctor visits, screenings such as mammograms and other dangerous cancer causing tests like CAT scans. CT scans deliver far more radiation than has been believed, and may contribute to 29,000 new cancers each year, along with 14,500 deaths. A patient could get as much radiation from one CT scan as 74 mammograms or 442 chest X-rays.

The President’s Cancer Panel suggests organic food. This report emerges not from the fringe but from the mission control of mainstream scientific and medical thinking, which is finally seeing the forest from the trees. In particular, the report warns about exposures to chemicals during pregnancy, when risk of damage seems to be greatest. Noting that 300 contaminants have been detected in umbilical cord blood of newborn babies, the study warns that: “to a disturbing extent, babies are born ‘pre-polluted.”

Yet the medical authorities are still adamantly opposed to the chelating of heavy metals and naturopathic principles of detoxification and healing. As more and more natural disasters take place upon our earth, we become aware of our own disasters taking place within, of the inner pollution that occupies our cells, hearts and minds.
Monsanto of course does not believe in organic food and in this 2010 growing season plans to unleash its latest Frankenfood experiment on the American and Canadian public, a new version of genetically mutated corn with eight abnormal gene traits called Genuity SmartStax corn.

The Dose Makes the Poison?

For generations, physicians were taught that “the dose makes the poison,” a “fact” first espoused by the Swiss alchemist Paracelsus (1493-1541). Indeed, many current physicians insist that this holds true for modern pharmaceutical drugs: i.e., the dosage determines whether a medicine is toxic or a cure. I argued quite extensively against this conceptual construct in my book Natural Allopathic Medicine in my chapter Beyond Paracelsus.

Now Dr. Pete Myers — founder, CEO and chief scientist at Environmental Health Sciences (EHS), a Charlottesville, Va., public-health advocacy group — is arguing that Paracelsus’ determination is all wrong when it comes to hormone disrupters, such as bisphenol A (BPA). These endocrine disrupters are unbelievably widespread (90 percent of Americans carry traces of BPA in their body). Myers believes that even tiny doses of these chemicals “may well explain the mysterious rash of modern ailments — attention-deficit disorders, thyroid problems, obesity, precocious puberty in girls, hormonally influenced cancers that have gone from rare to commonplace.”

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The FDA finally released its report on Bisphenol A. The FDA now admits that BPA—the endocrine-disrupting, heart disease–causing ingredient in plastic food packaging and can linings—isn’t entirely safe (contradicting the agency’s statement from 2008 that it was), particularly for infants and children.


The news offered by Dr. Palmer from the University of Texas and a Harvard Research team is that the mercury in the air is having its direct effect on our children, playing its part in the devastating epidemic of neurological disorders including autism. It is not just the fish, the vaccines or the dental amalgam that are saturating our bodies with mercury. Americans and people around the world are going to have to wake up to the fact that mercury is in the air they breathe, in the soil they plant in, and in the water they drink.

There are many things we can do to clean our bodies of the vast array of chemicals that are attacking our immune and other bodily systems. Even healthy people need to act preventatively with occasional detoxification techniques like one day fasts or even retreats into nature for this purpose.  In the past few years more and more people are feeling the need to physically purify their minds and bodies of the toxic buildups and stress that modern life is engendering.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

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