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It's Wrong To Make Money Selling Stuff That Hurts People

Published on January 21, 2011


This is what sorry looks like for people who do not know.

Yes it’s wrong but that does not stop people from doing it anyway. From the stupendously rich to the simple clerk in a retail store—people sell stuff all the time that causes harm to the users. We find this principle operating blatantly just about everywhere but nowhere more so than in the world of medicine where they are supposed to be helping not hurting men, women and children. It really is a monstrous thing to pretend to be helping when you are actually hurting. One could easily write a book listing examples of this with cell phones and wireless transmission at the top of the list.

Oh heck I am going to die someday anyway so might as well have fun with every modern convenience.

In today’s New York Times, for example, we have an editorial about vaccines that says, “It also doesn’t help that, thanks to the Internet, a bottomless archive of misinformation, including Dr. Wakefield’s debunked work, is just a few keystrokes away. All of which means the public health community must work even harder to spread the positive news about vaccines.”

As usual, the Times only publishes skewered vaccine information that leans further than the Tower of Pisa in Italy. Historian Michael Wilrich cannot help himself from deliberately smearing all the information on the Internet and cannot help himself within the framework of a sentence spouting the usual hypnotic propaganda that casts childhood vaccination as a positive helpful thing when we know for a fact that it hurts and even kills children. I dare the New York Times or any medical doctor or governmental health official to deny this fact that is easily available by looking at the history of the Federal Vaccine Court or in the governmental VARS database.

The only thing that is up for debate is the actual numbers and the full extent of harm.

Wilrich tells us that public confidence in vaccines collapsed in the fall of 1901 when newspapers linked the deaths of nine schoolchildren in Camden, N.J. to a commercial vaccine allegedly tainted with tetanus. In St. Louis, 13 more schoolchildren died of tetanus after treatment with the diphtheria antitoxin. It was decades before many Americans were willing to submit to public vaccination campaigns again.

The Tembenis family believed in vaccination, trusted that they were protecting their son – and now visit his gravesite.

And now again public confidence is collapsing and Wilrich announces this by telling us publically that roughly one in five Americans believes that vaccines cause autism, which they have good reason to believe. Of course Wilrich says they believe this despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary but this guy is an historian, not a doctor, health professional or chemist. I wonder if he was paid by anyone to repeat the mantra, “life-saving, but never risk-free, technology,” in reference to vaccines.

In my soon-to-be-released book Humane Pediatrics I have two chapters on the multiple causes of autism and one can easily fall into a bottomless pit trying to pin autism to a single cause. There are causes, like mercury toxicity, that have been shown to increase autism and other developmental problems in children and it would not matter if the source of this toxicity came from vaccines, from being downhill from smokestack omissions from coal-fired electrical plants, public incinerators or crematoriums, or from dental mercury amalgam given to pregnant women.

Using mercury in medicine and dentistry has always been an insanely stupid idea that is also cruel and inhumane. One can see my original chapter on multiple causes in my free e-book The Terror of Pediatric Medicine on our IMVA publications site.

Special Note: I have been formally invited by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and director of Natural News, to begin publishing my articles to his large audience. It’s a huge step for me and my IMVA Medical News Publications that now reach into many subjects that ultimately will affect our health and state of wellbeing.

Many subjects, like global cooling for instance, will affect us dramatically. In Chinese medicine cold is considered a major cause of disease so it helps to understand that and how to treat it simply with Moxa. Moxa should now be part of everyone’s survival kit if one lives anywhere north of Miami! This is actually no joke because some people, such as Floridians, are actually more sensitive to cold and can be hurt by sudden changes in temperature compared to folks in Maine whose bodies and clothing are better designed to withstand extreme cold.

Moxa comes in several forms but it offers a perfect and inexpensive response to cold conditions. It simply is the use of heat and the simplest application form is in this cigar like tubes that you light up and hold over the acupuncture points. The heat is very penetrating and makes all the difference if the internal environment of the body is cold. When flu is caused by cold and damp conditions this treatment is ideal.

Natural News readers are well versed in nutritional issues and it’s a sad day coming when it will be much more difficult to afford the food we and our families need to eat. Thus I am constantly writing on financial, economic, food supply and price issues. My readers are accustomed to me constantly reminding them to stock up on superfoods and use them not only for their health but also as survival foods. Mike Adams and I share a long history and love affair with spirulina, which was brought to the world by my mentor Christopher Hills over 30 years ago. I now gobble it up, and so do my teenagers, in the form of a great tasting formula called Rejuvenate. I love it because it is so easy to eat a lot of it.

It is a full time job these days to keep up with all the news that can have an impact on our lives. I will be publishing a constant stream and will be getting into subjects that others tread very lightly on. For instance last week there was a report in a major British news outlet that in Greenland, in the Arctic Circle, that the sun came back over the horizon two days early. That’s no small occurrence, is not something easy to make up, is not being reported as expected in the mainstream press, and only wild and crazy theories like global warming are being blamed for the event.


Truth is an extremely important thing in life, health and medicine. It is also one of the fundamentals of love—or rays of love as I called it in a poem I wrote many years ago. Both Mike Adams and I have tried through the years to communicate as much truth as possible, for if taken in and incorporated, it can only lead to better health and wellness of being.

In my book HeartHealth I define the heart as the vulnerability of being. I also define the heart, our center of being and feelings (not emotions), as the truth and that means that our hearts cannot stand or stomach lies very well. So stark is this truth that in the final analysis we cannot be in our hearts, we cannot remain in our soul beings when we live a lie. Infidelities are like this and they have much more to do with the abandonment of truth and the shutdown of open and honest communications than with sex.

It is my opinion that we will need truth now more than ever to withstand all the changes and crises we are going to have to confront in the next two years as we countdown to December of 2012, the moment of a predicted fundamental change of unpredictable proportion. It’s not a joke that both American and Russian governments are spending fortunes on building underground shelters, military complexes and even cities. What are they preparing for? Well I think the sun coming up two days early has something to say about this and you can count on me to say a lot more about this in the days to come.

You can count on me to be a voice in the virtual wilderness as long as the Internet functions and as long as I have life and breath. It seems like the powers that be are so fatalistic at this point knowing something that is hidden from the rest of us, that they leave people like Mike and me alone, but the witch-hunt against all natural medicine is certainly underway.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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