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Iodine Medicine

Published on March 8, 2019

Doctors and their teachers at medical school have forgotten all about iodine and its importance in health and medicine. Their stubborness, arrogance and complete ignorance of iodine creates unimaginable pain and suffering that for many ends with death from cancer. If you want someone to die from cancer do not give them iodine. That means most oncologists have a death wish for their patients wanting to maximize the chances that their treatments will not work.

I have learned a lot about iodine from Dr. David Brownstein, who recently wrote, “In medical school, I was taught that iodine deficiency was a thing of the past. It took me a short time into my holistic practice of medicine to realize that what I was taught about iodine was incorrect. In fact, I have been writing about iodine and its importance to health for nearly 15 years. When I started researching iodine in the late 1990s, I was shocked to discover that iodine deficiency was still occurring across the United States. When I began testing my patient’s iodine levels I found the vast majority—over 97%–were iodine deficient and most were severely iodine deficient.”

He tells us that “Iodine deficiency epidemic was increasing because of our increasing exposures to toxic halides fluoride and bromide. These toxic elements competitively inhibit iodine in the body. Our water supply has been contaminated with fluoride and our food supply has been adulterated with bromine in the form of brominated flour and vegetable oils. Bromide is also found in many commonly used consumer items as a fire retardant.”

Dr. Brownstein also reports about research from Texas Women’s University just released in 2019, an article titled, “A Review of Iodine Status of Women of Reproductive Age in the USA.” The report reads, “Despite the USA being considered iodine sufficient for the general population, the US dietary iodine intakes have decreased drastically since the 1970s, with iodine deficiency reemerging in vulnerable groups such as women of reproductive age. …a majority of the articles reviewed demonstrate emergent iodine deficiency in this population of women of reproductive age, indicating alarm for a public health concern needing immediate attention.”

Iodine is one of the most important medicines that exists today, more important and certainly more basic to life than everything one can find in their pharmacy except for magnesium and bicarbonate. Iodine is essential for the life of every cell and in certain glands like the thyroid, breasts, ovaries and prostate glands iodine sufficiency is necessary to protect against cancer.

Before doctors got swept away by the pharmaceutical companies and their sales people iodine was one of the most commonly prescribed medicines. Now in the age of antibiotic resistant infections, it is more important than ever to remember iodine because it kills viruses, bacteria and fungus cells that antiobitics no longer can.

The entire edifice of modern medicine is likely to collapse when antibiotcs become totally useless because then it will be impossible to walk into a hospital without literally taking your life in your hands. Doctors will no longer be able to protect their patients from infections unless they remember iodine and what they can do with it.

If one wants to prepare against this eventuality that is actually now in progress stock up on iodine. I buy a liter at a time of Lugol’s and always recommend Nascent Iodine for iodine sensitive patients and children though after one cleans their thyroid and restores it to health I switch people to the less expensive Lugol’s.

Breast cancer patients should always paint their breasts with iodine. Iodine can be taken at high dosages if enough selenium is used with it. When one gets a cold or flu one should use both iodine and selenium at high dosages if a safe selenium is used.

For those who have not supplemented with iodine before it is my strong recommendation that they start at a low dose and slowly work higher because iodine will flush out the toxins from the thyroid gland and this can case a strong detoxification reaction.

If you want to become an expert on iodine read the below links and if you have compassion for your doctors and want to rescue them from their iodine ignorance send them this newsletter.

Hi, I'm Dr. Mark Sircus, AC., OMD, DM (P), a doctor and writer of more than 23 books that have sold over 80,000 copies all over the world. I've been promoting Iodine as a safe and effective medicine for more than 10 years and my book "Iodine - Bringing Back the Universal Medicine" has been repeatedly praised by other iodine experts like Dr David Brownstein.

On my website there are hundreds of free articles, but if you need some personalized help, you can make a consultation.

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