“The next big wave ofnon-pharmaceuticalmedical breakthroughsare here.”


The main purpose of the group is to learn to set up an innovative ICU (Intensive treatment center) in your home and then practice the principles of Natural Allopathic protocol on yourself or a loved one. Implicit is learning how to treat one’s cancer naturally and safely using the strongest natural substances and healing practices known to mankind.


During the process we will study the natural medicinals that make up the cancer protocol

 we will be using.

What is included ?

  • Dr. Sircus latest work on cancer, Conquering Cancer, will be delivered daily to the group in a course like form meaning with text and vídeo
  • Access to all Dr. Sircus’s ebooks.
  • 30 minutes private consultation and group participation with him for 3 months.
  • First Consultations Video Class – Learn the 12 diagnostic points that will take you from feeling completely lost and frustrated to actually knowing with some sense of security what is going on inside you and your loved ones
  • Home therapy Group – A 30 daily email program focusing on how to maximize your breathing, which is one of the most difficult things to change.
  • Heart Health Meditation, 7 meditation exercises that offers you a direct pathway into the full powers of your emotional and ‘feeling’ intelligence. Getting in touch with one’s vulnerability is important to empower the immune system.
  • Permanent group support in your Facebook private group, which means you can make friends and continue to receive support on all levels from your group.

What is required? 

Passion for


Costs involved in

treating the cancer

budget would be approximately four to six thousand dollars though somewhat less and much more can be expended

Fee to join

the group

  How does this program work?

a – You subscribe to the program and fill up an intake form, detailing your specific health situation;

b – After subscription you will immediately get access to “First Consultations Video Class,” so you can start right away to deepen your learning of Dr Sircus’ approach;

c – Each person will get a 30 minute private consultation with Dr Sircus, which will be scheduled in the appropriate time for each patient. In this consultation Dr. Sircus will respond to your specific case and tailor an individual course of treatment based on your specific health condition and financial situation

d – After subscription you will be enrolled in the group Dr. Sircus will be facilitating.

e – You will be given full access to Dr. Sircus’s library of ebooks

f – Access to Home Therapy 30 day breathing retraining course 

g – Access to Heart Health Meditation Exercises

h – The private group on Facebook will be structured at the beginning as a course. Dr Sircus will release text and video from his upcoming cancer course, “Conquering Cancer”.

 i – This is a 3 month program.

Instance 1

What you will get when you join the group

  • Private 30 min consultation with Dr. Sircus – $125 value

  • Access to all of Dr.’ library of ebooks – $387 value
  • First consultation Video Class –  $49,90 value
  • Home Therapy – 30 days Breathing Retraining – $39 value
  • Three months of supervision from Dr. Sircus –  $1200 value
  • 10 % Discount on many of the supplements needed. $100 to 200 values.
  • Discount on Hydrogen/Oxygen Inhalers 500 to 1,000 dollars

Total: $2500 

but you will pay just $999 

Permanent group support in Facebook private group

Heart Health Meditation Series 

All Dr Sircus knowledge on natural medicinals and best practices on detox, nutrition, remineralization, fasting, Enzyme Therapy, meditation, anti aging, transdermal

 and oral treatments!

Total: Hard to estimate the value here but you will pay just $ 999


Who is this group for?

Cancer patients themselves and their family members who are helping with treatment

What is the purpose of the group?

To learn how to treat cancer safely and inexpensively with natural means, following Dr. Sircus’ protocol (Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol)

Guide people through implementing an intensive care treatment center at home using only natural and safe substances

Sun Light



Carbon Dioxide








Vitamin A, B, C and D


Exercises with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)

PEMF – Pulse Magnetic Therapy

LED Intense Light Therapy (Near infrared)

Dr. Boyd Haley’s chelator Emeramide

Breathing Retraining




Medical Marijuana

Kitogenic and Budwig Diets, Intermittent Fasting

Pure Water

What are the ebooks ?

1 – Hydrogen Medicine

2 – Sodium Bicarbonate

3 – Treatment Essentials

4 – Compendium Surviving Cancer

5 – Iodine

6 – Selenium Medicine

7 – Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy

8 – Medical Marijuana

9 – Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

10 – Water Based Medicine

11- Compendium Cancer

12 – Natural Oncology

13 – Treatment Essentials

14 – New Paradigms in Diabetic Care

15 – Magnesium – The Ultimate Heart Medicine

16 – Fukushima

17 – Love and Sex Medicine

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